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It was an ordinary day and I was playing one of my most best and

favorite video game ever, it was... Pokemon! It was Pokemon Soul Silver.
Soulsilver And Pokemon Heart Gold were the first pokemon games for the
DS. They are also the remake of Pokemon Silver and Gold.
I got on and played a little and finally I was versus the Gym Leader.
WHAT YOU BEAT ALL MY POKEMON!,I roared so loud. I didnt even
beat one pokemon of his pokemon. All I have now is a weak pokemon that
was level 9 and he had level 20 gangar and other ghost type pokemon, I
trembled. I knew I was going to loose but no, the pokemon I had to use was
Togepi and he destroyed them all!!! Togepi had just 1 shot them all!!!
YEAH, I BEAT YOU!!!, I boomed with laughter and also yelled. I could not
believe that I had just one with a pokemon that cant even fight. Then when
I exited the gym Togepi just evolved into Togetic now he could fight and
now his levels were in the 20s and was my strongest pokemon at that time!
Finally he evolved!, I beemed.
Then I decided to go to Lake of Rage. In the Lake of Rage I found
lots of Magikarps and sometimes I found some Gyarados. SHINY
GYROSE, OH MY GOD, I holored. The Gayredose was huge and red!
This was my strongest pokemon at that time. I through all my pokeballs and
on my last one I caught him.YES, I proudly yelled.
After a long time of playing I found some guys that told me to go to
some islands. So I went, I found lots of islands in the game so I went to all
the islands. It took me 40 minutes! I had to go in all of them because they
didnt tell me where to go they just said Whirl Islands. Finally I found the
islands,I spoke exhausted. I went in the cave on the island that was kold
Whirl Island. OH MY GOD !!!,I yelled. Lugia and his guardians were there
and they let me battle him. I had just remembered professor Oak gave me
a master ball, with that I could catch any pokemon ever lived. Lugia was
one of my favorite pokemon ever. I was super excited to catch it! He was
tough, so I just threw my master ball at it and caught it. I finally had Lugia, I
was proud to have him. He was also my most strongest pokemon, my first
legendary in that game, he was my first water and psychic pokemon and
was super high level, he was level 45!
An hour more of playing pokemon I got to Kanto! Kanto is a region I
haven't gone to. When I got there I saw Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venasaur and a

lot more pokemon i've never seen! The thing I most proud about was the
pokemon I got after. I finally got to Victory Road. Victory Road is a place
you have to go when you beat 8 gym leaders Victory Road will lead to the
Elite Four. Elite Four is a group off the four strongest pokemon trainers and
the captain is the strongest and you need to beat but first you have to beat
the four and then him/her can become the champion once you beat the
champion. Well I was on my way the the Elite Four I ran into a Rapidash
not an ordinary Rapidash a shiny Rapidash! I wanted to catch it so badly. It
was blue and purple fire on its back. Rapidash is also a horse. I throw so
many ultra balls and finally I caught it.Yes shiny Rapidash!, I hollered.
After that I finally reached the Elite Four! I decided to battle them so I
did. In a couple of minutes I was creamed. Now I knew they were hard.