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Lauren Reuter

12721 Dresden Ct., Fort Myers, FL 33912 + 1 (239) 297-1987 v

SUMMARY: Experienced entry - level professional in modern and contemporary curatorial practice and art historical academic research, with practical experience in exhibition planning and organization, secretarial and administrative tasks, editing and publication, and curatorial experience at a major art institution. Interested in part - or full - time internship in order to build professional skillset before pursuing further education at the doctoral level.


Adaptability & Interpersonal Skills : Five months of international research and learning experiences in Europe (Spain, France). Work experience in non - profit and academi c settings.

Fundraising : Experience organizing and assisting fundraising events, benefits, and seeking in - kind donations.

Problem Solving & Research: Competent in data collection, management, and research design.

Language Skills : English (native fluency), German (native fluency), and Fr ench (business conversational).

Written C ommunications : Experienced co py editor on an academic publication , a doctoral dissertation , and a catalogue essay . Competent in non - technical and technical writing.

Technology : Microsoft Office Programs, Adobe Creative Suite, website design (Weebly, CSS and HTML trained ) , M icrosoft Windows, and Mac Operating System.

WORK EXPERIENCE The Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, Fort Myers, FL, USA

Intern to the Director Project: Academic research for the exhibition “ RAUSCHENBERG & ALBERS: Box vs. Square ,” reporting to the director and curator.

10/2015 - Present

Exhibition Research & Writing : Conducting extensi ve artist and artwork research , both print and web - based , on Robert Rauschenberg and Josef Albers to be used in catalogue publications and exhibition materials, presented to the Director in weekly meetings .

The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC, USA

Curatorial Intern under the Senior Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Program : Three - month curatorial internship within the Modern and Contemporary Art department, reporting to the Senior Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art .

05/2014 - 08/2014

Exhibition Planning : Trained in maquette making and the use of design models for exhibition conceptualization and space organization.

Lauren Reuter v (239)297-1987 v v

Exhibition Installation : Assisted in the hanging of artworks and wall texts for Vesna Pavlovic:

Illuminated Archive (May 22 - September 28, 2014) and in the transportation and installa tion of art objects for the audio - visual performance Pedro Lasch: Abstract Nationalism / National Abstraction: Anthems for Four Voices as a part of International Forum Weekend (October 27, 2014) .

Collection and Acquisition : Catalogued and assisted in the transportation of acquired artwork s . Researched German Neo - Expressionism in order to author acquisition briefs and create the quarterly acquisition presentation for the Board of Trustees.

Event Coordination : Volunteered for after - hours events for t he special events coordinator, setting up and greeting museum visitors.


Outreach : Independent artist meetings and gallery visits, representing the curator and the museum. Interviewed visual artist Pedro Lasch, transcribing and editing a six - part interview entitled Pedro Lasch’s Abstract Nationalism/National Abstraction , p ublished between October 1 - October 21, 2014 in a six - part series on The Phillip’s Collection’s blog, “Experiment Station.” o 6/pedro - laschs - abstract - national ismnational - abstraction - part - 1/


Logistics and Office Management : Arranged national and international travel accommodations for the curator and visiting artists . A ssisted in the interdepartmental coordination of after - hours g allery visits.


Research and Deliverables : Undertook an extensive literature review ( sca nning and organizing 75+ texts) and wro te the syllabus for a graduate seminar on curatorial theory and practice for the Phillips Collection’s Center for the Study of Modern Art and the Department of Fine Art and Art History at George Washington University. Conducted artist and artwork Internet research for the Intersections exhibition series of contemporary art projects , presented to the Senior Curator in PowerPoint format.

Curatorial Intern under Assistant Curator Project: Part - time, voluntary curatorial assistant working in research, organiza tion, and planning for the exhibition, “Gauguin, Picasso, and Masterworks from Swiss Collections: Staechelin / Im Obersteg , ” as well as permanent gallery spaces of the Phillips Collection .


Data Management & Cataloguing : Created a paper filing system for exhibition materials , an electronic catalogue of 60 digital images, and an exhibitio n checklist of 60 art objects on l oan.


Research : Microfilm primary document research in the archives of the Phillip’s Collection, analyzing early twentieth century correspondences between Duncan Phillips and other major early modern collectors. Extensive literature research in a scope ranging from earl y mo dern collectors in Switzerland and the United States to provenance records of specific exhibition artworks, using online databases ( JStor ; Francis , Art & Architecture Complete ; Oxford Art Online ), The Phillips Collection library, and the National Galle ry of Art library, all of which was compiled and organized into a written report for the D irector of the museum .


Exhibition Design : Produc ed artwork maquettes and aided the Assistant Curator in design development, selecting abstract paintings from the permanent collection and positioning them on gallery space models.

Lauren Reuter v (239)297-1987 v v


Exhibition Concept Development : Compiled an exhibition checklist pulled from the collection’s photographic artworks, involving the select ion of thirty works that were organized thematically and formally presented to the Assistant Curator, for recommendation for a traveling photographic exhibition.

v Copy - editing : Read, edited, and f ormatted a German - language publication for inclusion in the English exhibition catalogue, inserting footnotes, translating sections, standardizing with other exhibition materials, and fact - checking references.

Duke University, Durham, NC, USA

05/2013 - 05/2015

Independent Researcher for Dr. Gennifer Weisenfeld

08/2014 - 01/2015

(Professor of Art, Art History, & Visual Studies) Independent Senior Research Project: Four - month independent curatorial and research project in Japan ese contemporary art, with a focus on the contemporary visual cultur e surrounding the depiction of Japanese girlhood.

Research : Extensive litera ture review in Japanese contemporary cultural movements, trends, and various important areas of mass media including: kawaii , Lolita subculture, manga, otaku , as well as contempora ry artist research and sociologic al research concerning Japanese girl culture and girlhood.

Research Assistant for Dr. Kristine Stiles

( France Family Professor of Art, Art History, & Visual Studies)

Project : Publication of “ Performance Art . In Oxford Bibliographies in Art History . Ed.Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann. New York: Oxford University Press.” - 9780199920105/obo - 9780199920105 -


05/2013 - 08/2014


Data Collection : Managed systematic search of over 250 publications on the genealogy of global performance art, including exhibition catalogues, academic journals, monographs, and anthologies, using the Duke University library and online research databases, including JSt or , Francis , and Art & Architecture Complete .


Research Design : Assisted in conceptualizing the structure and content of the publication through weekly one - on - one meetings with Dr. Stiles, involving knowledge of subject areas including: post - 1945 proto - perf ormance, body art, feminist performance, intermedia, expanded cinema, social intervention and activism, and major artistic movements such as Situationist International, Happenings, Viennese Actionism, and Fluxus.


Written Communication & Copy Editing : Co - au thored and formatted book - length (35,000+ word) annotat ed bibliography for publication. Corrected omissio ns, errors, and inconsistencies in spelling, punctuation, and syntax. Created a bibliographical style specific to the project ( rooted in the Chicago St yle).

Project: Publication of “ Destruction in Art . In Oxford Bibliographies in Art History . Ed. Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann. New York: Oxford University Press.” Book - length essay / annotated bibliography.

Lauren Reuter v (239)297-1987 v v


Data Collection & Copy Editing : Extracted annotations and references from a doctorial dissertation in order to compile a preliminary annotated bibliography , alphabetized and formatted according to Ox ford University Press standards

Editorial Assist ant for Dr. Jasmina Tumbas

( Assistant Professor of Performance Studies at SUNY Buffalo ) Project: Assisting in the completion of the doctoral dissertation, “A Matter of Decision: Experimental Art

in Hungary and Yugoslavia, 1968 - 1989.”


v Copy Editing : Read final chapter drafts t o detect and mark for correction any grammatical,

typographical, or compositional errors. Scanned, formatted, and organized images into an endnote catalogue. Compiled and formatted annotated bibliography .

VOLUNTEER WORK School for Borderline Intelligence, Barcelona, Spain

Volunteer Teaching Assistant Program: Provided extra assistance to students with special needs in two English classes in a non - profit evening school for adults and youth with borderline intellectual functioning .

07/2013 - 12/2013


Education and Training : Selected and used appropriate training/instructional methods and procedures for students with special needs, monitoring student performance to take corrective action. Tutored and assisted students individually and in small groups to help them master assignments and to reinforce learning concepts presented by teachers. Supervised learning games and other recreational activities to promote mental and social development.


Establishing and Maintaining Interpersonal Relationships : Provided personal care and emotional support for special need students, developing fulfilling, constructive, and cooperative working relationships.


Language Skills : Learned basic Catalan, strengthening active listening skills. Clarified advanced English language structure and content with the teacher.

C.A.R.E.S, Fort Myers, FL, USA

Intern to the Executive Director and Founder

Mission: C.A.R.E.S. (Community Awareness in Recognizing and Education on Suicide) is a nonprofit organization u ndertaking public and mental health outreach in Southwest Florida.

01/2012 - 05/2012


Non - profit Management : Studied the basic operations of a nonprofit, including: m eeting with partners and donors; volunteer correspondence; event planning ; and interdepartmental coordination.


Photographer : Served as the organization’s photographer for board meetings and philanthropic events, using professional photographic equipment (D - SLR) and editing software ( Adobe Photoshop ) to shoot and edit thousands o f images used in promotional materials.


Website Development : Designed a comprehensive, multipage website using Weebly software and Adobe Creative Suite , providing a suitable, cost - effective communications platform for the organization.

Lauren Reuter v (239)297-1987 v v


Staff Training : Trai ned the Exec utive Director in the operation and long - term management of the website and Weebly software, ensuring the website’s continuity following internship completion.

v Research & Copy - Editing : Compiled and formatted a several - hundred page manual on Sou thwest Florida resources, including mental health practitioners, rehabilitation facilities, and local charitable organizations, using Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word.

The Ladybug Project, Inc., USA

Photography, Outreach, and Fundraising Intern Mission: A 501(c)3 organization that advances education and healthcare initiatives in the African countries of Equatorial Guinea and Madagascar.

06/2010 - 05/2012


Fundraising & Event Planning : Organized a 24 - piece photography exhibit in Los Angeles (August 2011) entitled “Africa”. Raised ~$1000 and was attended by 50 people.


Exhibition Development : Created 24 - piece documentary photography exhibition, selecting from more than 1,500 images. Hand - matted, mounted, and framed artwork for auction with pric e points ranging from $50 to $150.


Event Management : Volunteered to set - up and assist in the management of a large benefit (May 2012) attended by over 120 people. Responsibilities included framing and hanging over 50 pieces of donated artwork for auction, managing raffle sales, assisting in the silent bidding process, and closing out the auction.


Grant Writing : Trained in writing small grants and securing in - kind donations for events.

Bachelor of the Arts in Art History Duke University, Durham, NC, USA


08/2011 - 05/2015


Focus : Contemporary a rt - specifically conceptual, performance, and mix - media art


Selected Coursework :


Art History : Japanese Art, 1600 - Present; Global Art Since 1945; The Museum in Perspective: A Social History of Collection & Display; The History of the Art Market; Curating Global Art (in the Duke University Graduate School of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies); Art of the United States


Visual Arts : Sculpture; Painting; Digital Photography; Fundamentals of Web - b ased Multimedia Communications (Web Design)

Undergraduate Studies in Spanish and Catalan Culture 08/2013 - 12/2013 University of New Haven, CEA Global Education, Barcelona, Spain

Research Focus : C ontemporary visual, architectural, and museological pract ice in Barcelona.

Distinction Project : Cumulative exhibition project to create a viable plan for a temporary modern and contemporary art exhibition, covering its conception, planning, and the mediation and interpretation of material culture.

French Immersion Studies Accord Language School, Paris, France


Lauren Reuter v (239)297-1987 v v

Focus : Intensive French language studies

Coursework : 40 hours of formal language study along with cultural immersion experiences.


Leadership Recognition from the Duke Center for Leaders hip Development & Social Action


( Nominated by Assistant Dean of Students for mental health outreach accomplishments) Mary Duke Biddle Museum Studies Summer Internship Grant ($3,000)


Invitee, Arts Entrepreneurship Dinner with Duke University Vice - Provost of the Arts



“Performance Art.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Art History . Ed.Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann. New York:

Oxford University Press.” -

97801999201 05/obo - 9780199920105 - 0047.xml


Duke University Art Show (2012). Th ree photographs exhibited.


Duke University Art Show (2011). Three photographs exhibited .


Lauren Reuter v (239)297-1987 v v