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Prepared for
The Dallas Chamber of Commerce
Dallas, Texas

Prepared by
Waqas Admani
George Onifade
Hableta Petros
Tuba Qazi
Najm Saqib

February 24, 2015

Background ..

Introduction ..

Findings .......

Victim by gender . 4
Victim by ethnicity 4
Method of killing .. 5
Proposal ...

Conclusion 8
Authorization Request .. 9
References .... 10

Victim by gender .. .. 5
Method of killing . 6
Summary of Projected Cost.... 7
Ticket Price ... 8



Domestic violence is a significant social issue in our society today. Up until recently
domestic violence was just another name for spousal abuse and its main victims were
women. Now if we look at the statistics and the facts, domestic violence is no longer
limited to spousal abuse of women. By definition domestic violence is a pattern of
behavior used to gain power and control over an intimate partner. Domestic violence can
happen to anyone regardless of gender, age, education, religion, disability status, or
sexual orientation (Hopes Door, About).
It is a form of violence that takes place at home, between husband and wife; parents and
children; parents and grandparents, etc. The main victims of domestic violence are
women followed by children. A male being a victim of domestic violence is very
uncommon but possible. The fact of the matter is that this issue is very hard to expose is
because domestic violence occurs within the solitary walls of homes where victims could
be scared to speak out or are otherwise forced to keep quiet.
Many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Non-Profitable Organizations have
been established to help the victims of domestic violence. Dallas Fort-Worth is home to
many such organizations. These organizations raise funds by getting in collaboration with
successful businesses that are willing to help the NGO, and conduct joint events
commonly known as Fundraiser Events. The money collected by these events goes
towards the aid of the victims of domestic violence.

As stated on Nordstrom is one of Americas best companies and is
also very well known for its community services. According to the director of charitable
giving at Nordstrom, Terry Baldwin Giving back to the communities where we live and
work is part of who we are as a company"(Nordstrom, Company). We believe that the
underprivileged people of our community deserve all the aid that the privileged people
can provide them. Dallas metropolis is one of the fastest growing metropolises of
America. But, on the other side, it is also amongst the top listed cities that report the
largest number of domestic violences in America. Dallas is home to around 5 Nordstrom
outlets and as a successful business residing. Being a part of this great city, we feel that it
is our responsibility to give back to Dallas as much as we can through our community
Nordstrom is proudly collaborating with Hopes Door to raise funds that will help the
organization to provide aid to the victims. Hopes Door is a shelter and counseling center
in Dallas that offers different types of services to individuals and families who have been
victims of domestic violence and helps in spreading awareness that enhance the

community's capacity to respond. Effective since 1986, Hopes Door responds to over
1,900 crisis hotline calls, shelters more than 400 women and children, and provides
shelter for over 50 families (Hope's Door, Mission).

The result of this proposal is to request the financial funds to help the domestic violence
victims by fundraising for their emergency needs related to the crime, medical expenses,
counseling needs and urgent needs. The research findings presented here divided into
three categories: (a) victims by ethnicity, (b) victims by gender, and (c) method of killing.
Victims by Ethnicity
It is obvious that there are several signs of an abusive relationship between couples.
According to Genesis Womens Shelter & Support; The Dallas Police Department
receives 20,000 calls regarding domestic violence each year yet, there are fewer than 150
safe shelter beds available each night. This is an equal opportunity epidemic, plaguing
homes in all segments of the Metroplex-it knows no racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, or
educational boundaries (Genesis Womens, What). In 2013, the Dallas Police
Department Family Violence Unit reported 13,007 family violence calls consequential in
1,215 aggravated assaults, 23 homicides, 10,812 informed crimes, 91 sexual assault
felonies, 180 violations of protective orders, and 5782 arrests. (The Family Place,
Numbers) The community we live in sometimes offer homeless housing and other public
resources to certain callers, this amount only exemplifies victims who are looking for
domestic violence associated residential services. The statistics from Dallas Police
Department show that the domestic violence victims were similar in 2014 compare to
2013. But the domestic violence killings are down to 16 thus far from a total of 23 from
the previous year. The majority domestic violence are happening black (17%), white
(10%), Hispanic (10%) and Asian (2%) victims.
Victims by Gender
It is extremely painful conditions that domestic violence has been a nationwide and a
global crises. According to a United Nations Childrens Fund (UNICEF) study, Women
worldwide continue to suffer, with estimates varying from 20% to 50% from country to
country (Kapoor, Sushma, Domestic). Every year, nations around the world host more
than 1,000 events associated with the March 8th International Womens Day. Womens
rights sponsor groups, schools, hospitals, banks, charities, and individuals all have
something in common against domestic violence. 2014 was a fatal year for many families
in North Texas.
As reported by The National Domistic Violence Hotline, One in ten men in the US

have experienced rape, physical violence and/or stalking by a partner and report a related
impact on their function. More than 39 people in Dallas, Collin, Denton, and Rockwall
counties died because of familial relationships. Husbands killed wives, ex-girlfriends
killed ex-boyfriends, and sons killed mothers (Mervosh, Sarah and Jennings,Diane. 39
lives). Also one in ten (10%) calls made to aware law enforcement agency about
domestic violence is placed by a teenager in the home. One of every three (30%) harmed
children becomes a grownup abuser or victim. The figure below shows victims by
gender in 2014.
Figure 1

Victim by Gender

Women 40%


Method of Killing
The daily news exhibited that domestic violence against women and men was moderately
high. Approximately three-fourths of women were casualties of psychological violence,
and more than half of the women underwent different forms of physical and sexual
violence in the past years (Safe Horizon, Domestic). The world wakes up each day to a
horrifying story that comes from all over the nation such as gang-rape, assault, beating,
and so on. Although men are physically tougher than a woman that doesnt automatically
make it easier to escape the violence of the relationship. The charity organizations create
awareness to avoid the traditional norms in the community by integrating health
extension programs and donations to prevent domestic violence. Men can be hit, kicked,
punched, pushed, or bitten by women abusers. Women can practice weapons, such as
knives, guns, or any object that can be used to assault. The figure below shows
percentage of killing.

Figure 2





Strangulation/ Suffocation



The daily news exhibited that domestic violence against women and men was moderately
high. Almost 8 out of every 10 women had domestic violence by their partner or else.
Approximately three fourth of women were casualty of psychological violence as well as
more than half of the women had unlike forms of physical and sexual violence in the past
years. Numerous charity organizations help create awareness on the issue of domestic
violence. However, it is still a major part of the crimes in the city. Therefore, we as a
board member we would like to arrange an event (a fashion show) to shed light on this
issue at a larger scale in the Dallas area which we detailed in our proposal.

The Nordstrom fashion show will be a runway inspired event, with current trends from
top fashion showscoupled with complimentary beauty consultations with pro stylists,
exclusive gifts and samples. It will be an empowering event, focusing on fashion and
awareness to stand up against domestic violence.
This fashion show will be modeled after other famous Nordstrom fashion show, like the
Nordstrom Designer Preview fashion show at Smith Cove Event Center, Seattle. That
event helped raised funds for The Seattle Art Museum and incorporated elements of the
Museum into the show. This particular event will open with speeches from survivors of
domestic violence. These survivors are victims that have benefited from the intervention

and prevention services offered by Hopes Door. The will share their stories and enlighten
our guests on various ways the guests can help create awareness.
The location of the event will be at the Omni Dallas Hotel. This location was chosen for
its centralized location. It provides easy access for our guests who will come from in and
out of the town. The Omni Dallas Hotel is located at Downtown Dallas, and has hosted
other fund-raising fashion events like the House of DIFFA 2014 (Dallas Magazine). The
table below shows a summary of projected cost to secure this location, and manage the
Figure 3

Omni Dallas Hotel (7 pm 10 pm)

Edible Arrangements
Set Decoration
Gift Packs
Models x20
Support Crew
Transportation and Miscellaneous
Website design and AD
Special Guest accommodation
Transport Rental

$10,000 ($500 per model)


The event will feature models showing off the latest fashion designs by our trusted and
celebrated designers that we have collaborated with at previous events. The aim is to
grace our guests with a run-way fashion show experience, and use the power of fashion to
bring about a change in the way we look at victims of domestic violence. These victims
need our attention, and we as fashion enthusiast possess the power to bring about a
change going on.
We project to accommodate 250 guests. Our target crowd will be local and national
celebrities, socialites, business professionals, and fashion enthusiasts. Tickets for the
event will be the main source of funds raise; full proceeds will be donated the Hopes
Door Shelter and Counseling Center. The table below shows ticket price.

Figure 4

VIP (Front Row seats)


x 25 Seats


Regular (Mid-Section seats)


x 100 Seats


General Audience


x 125


Projected Total


All cost and totals are a projection and have a tendency to change slightly. Coupled with
hired staff and crew for the event, we anticipate having 20 volunteers who have pledged
to support the event by helping with various tasks to make it a memorable show. All
vendors for the show have been contacted, and we have received invoices for their
required services. This event is scheduled for the 3rd of October 2015. This date for
specifically picked for October, which is domestic violence awareness month.

The number of domestic violence cases is alarmingly high especially in the city of Dallas,
as we can see from the statistics mentioned previously. We really would like to help the
victims and do our best to create awareness on this important issue. We have an excellent
charity organization in the form of Hopes Door, which will help us reach to victims
directly. We have done extensive research on this issue and have made a proposal and
budget; now all we need is funding. We are in the process of arranging a fashion show
and want it to be a successful event. Our main aim is this noble cause. There are several
welfare organizations in the city helping the poor. However, we feel that domestic
violence victims are frequently neglected due to the lack of awareness.
There is nothing worse than being beaten or abused by your loved ones. It not only
causes physical damages by the assaults, but also leaves a huge impact on a person
emotionally, which can change his or her life forever. Nothing in the world can justify
harming your loved ones, and we feel that if there were one thing that really needs to be
eradicated from this earth, it would be domestic violence. We are doing our best to help
the victims and Hopes Door is working day and night to help the domestic violence
victims. The issue of domestic violence is getting extremely serious by the day and needs
our immediate attention. In order to help the victims we seek your help. As the number of
victims in Dallas is quite high, our proposal might go in vain without your help and


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