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1. How does the life of an animal in the zoo differ from his own habitat?
2. How does living in a place which is not the animals habitat affect it?
3. What is the best aspect of zoos?
4. Do animals in some way show their natural behavior in the zoo? Explain
5. What good points do people who support zoos say about them?
6. What comparison does the writer make between animals habitats in zoos
and in the wild?
7. According to the writer, where do animals learn survival techniques?
8. Why is it not a good idea to keep big cats in zoos?
9. Mention at least three advantages of zoos?
10. Explain the title of the article. Zoos: Joys or Jails?
11. What advantages do animals have if they are raised and protected in their
natural hbitats?
12. What could happen to an animal that has been kept in zoo If it is released
in its natural habitat?
13. Why is it necessary to create laws to prohibit the use of animals in