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For Cut-off date 31st October 2015

Reasons for the Delay

1. Periodic Sandstorm,
2. Concrete aggregates temperature issues,
3. Delayed CTC approval in the initial phase,
4. Prolonged CTC approval cycle,
5. Delays in approval from Client for engineering deliverables like process
calculations, etc.
6. Subcontractor (LEAD) employees strike,
7. Security strike & cascading effect of it,
8. Failure of sand approval for concrete mix,
9. Ramadan working hours & cascading effect of it,
10.Slashed working hours,
11.Lack of adequate Efficiency of the man-power,
12.Lack of adequate manpower,
13.Lack of effective supervision,
14.Delayed material clearance at port.
Remedial/ Mitigation action practiced/ being practiced
1. Mitigation measures are being practiced for concrete works,
2. Concrete works are being done in two shifts starting at 03:00 hrs. in the
3. Measures are being practiced to bring down the temperature of the
4. Manpower is being reinforced,
5. Optimization of available resources,
6. Skilled manpower is being deployed on site,
7. Site works are ongoing on weekends to catch-up the planned progress,
8. Resetting the priorities is ongoing,
9. Periodic orientations/ training are being conducted for site manpower,
10.Mitigation measures are being worked out.
Main Points/ Outline
1. The Overhead Power-line activities are being driven by the Road Construction
activity which is foreseen to be accomplished only by next year i.e. 2016.
2. The priority well-head sequence has been altered by Client and Kahlouche
has replaced earlier choice.
3. Project schedule re-baselining would negate the variances at the wellhead &
Overhead power-line area for Out-Side-Battery-Limit work scope.

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