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Jessica Howard Tucker

ED 427Senior Practicum
Kindergarten: Mrs. Hazard

Lesson Plan
My Five Senses Read Aloud
C.C. & State Standard(s):
K.LA.2.1.4 Use picture clues and context to aid comprehension.
Students will correctly answer comprehension questions about the read-aloud story. Student will
identify the main idea of the book.
Student Friendly Objective(s): I can tell what a story is about and what the key ideas are.
Assessment: Informal Oral Assessmentduring the lesson we will take pauses so that students
will have opportunities to answer comprehension questions and identify the parts of each story.
Most, if not all, students will be given opportunities to respond to a variety of questions.
Book: My Five Senses by Aliki
Key Vocabulary:
Sensessight, hear, touch, smell, and taste
Main idea
Anticipatory Set: Introduction to the book. Boys and girls, this book is called My Five Senses.
What do you think we will learn about in this book? What are our senses? Do you remember?
Recall Prior Knowledge: Students will recall what they have already learned this week about
their five senses and the things that they can learn from each. Students will also make
connections to their experiences using their senses throughout the lesson.
Input/Modeling: I will read the book aloud to the students. Pausing throughout the story to ask
comprehension questions about what is happening in the story or key/main ideas for the students
to know and understand about the story. We will also act out actions for each senseeyes,
sniffing, touching, hearing, tasting.
Compare and Contrast Questions: How are the senses of touch and taste different? How are
your sense of hearing and smell different? How are the senses alike?
Comprehension Questions: What details did you learn about your senses? How can you use
more than one sense at a time?
Check for Understanding/Guided Practice: What was the story about? How did the boy uses
his sense of sight, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting in the story?
Closure: We will discuss briefly how we use our senses and what we use them for. Reviewing
what the five senses are and how we can use themreviewing senses actions.
Independent Practice: Not Applicable.
Differentiated Instruction/Accommodations: Questions may be simplified or re-worded to
help struggling students better comprehend the story and main ideas. Students who lack
comprehension will also be give more opportunity to participate to encourage students to
participate more activity and listen more carefully. Review throughout the story will also allow
the students to better comprehend the story and main idea/concepts.