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Michaela Kleppinger
Professor Reilly
Introduction to ELL
16 November 2015
SIOP Lesson Reflection
On Monday November 16th Megan Molitoris, Laura Bopp, and I taught our SIOP Lesson
on literary terms, our objectives for the lesson were for the student to be able to: define the
literary devices (simile, metaphor, imagery, and personification), identify these literary devices in
Echosmiths song bright and a Kahoot quiz, and construct a short paragraph using each of the
literary devices.
I believe we achieved our lessons objectives. Tara was able to accomplish each of the
tasks we gave her. She found all the literary devices in the song and only needed a little bit of
assistance determining if a few examples were either metaphor or imagery. Otherwise, she found
all of them on her own. She also did a really great job completing the quiz. Additionally, her
paragraph based on Ariel from The Little Mermaid went above and beyond our expectations,
especially in reference to her sentence using imagery.
I do feel like we challenged Taras vocabulary because you could see a progression of
mastery over the course of the thirty minute lesson. At the beginning of the lesson we asked her
if she has learned any of these literary terms in school yet and she had replied that she had not.
She had some trouble with imagery during the PowerPoint and finding examples of it in the
song, but when it came time to actually use it she did really well. Therefore, she was challenged
because she had to work with terms she had never learned before in a variety of different and
increasingly complicated ways. The work was not easy, but it was not impossible eitherit was
an appropriate challenge.

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As far as the difficulty of the lesson goes, after teaching the lesson, I did not see a part
that was either too difficult or too easy. Each activity involved thought but was not too much for
the student to handle; they all seemed appropriate. The activities began simpler and increased in
difficultly as the lesson progressed coinciding with Taras increased understanding of the
The only complication was that the PowerPoint did not take as long to present as we had
anticipated. Additionally, there was some confusion about what we should have been doing while
she was writing her fairytale. We did not want to distract her so we could not really talk, but the
three of us standing around did not seem like a good idea either. Other than those items, the
lesson went quite well and exactly how we had planned it to.
If we were to do this lesson again I would definitely add more examples for each literary
device before having the students find them in the song. I would also give them a handout of
some kind or add an additional slide at the end of the PowerPoint listing the four literary devices.
While Tara did a great job finding them, another student may have difficultly without the words
in front of them and after only seeing one or two examples.
If I were to repeat this lesson with an ELL student that had a basic understanding of
English and lacked foundational content knowledge, the main change I would made would be to
add more examplesespecially visual examples. I would just want to completely immerse the
student in the material. I would also slow down the lesson and provide more time for various
types of formative assessment to ensure the students understanding. Additionally, because I
would draw out the beginning on the lesson more, I would probably leave the fairytale prompt
for another day and perhaps even simplify it a bit. That being said, for the most part the lesson
would not be a whole lot different than the one we taught.