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Education Department

Date: 1/25/2016
Teacher: Mr. Moran
Classes: Business Education- Keyboarding,
Microsoft Applications, Marketing

Grade: Business Education Elective

Duration: 10-1.5 hour class periods

To present students with a hands-on education lesson to develop a marketing advertising
concept for a 30 to 60 second Super Bowl Commercial in order to show proficiency in
marketing concepts, in addition to showing proficiency in using technology and computer
applications that are utilized in todays business industry.
Essential Question(s):
1. What will be the Target Market for this commercial? -Age, Gender, Race,
Socioeconomic status, and other pertinent demographics (Ex. Family man, soccer
mom, bachelor, etc.)
2. What is the goal of the commercial?- Drive sales, spark interest, get people to go
to the companys website, gain market share, maintain market share, etc.
3. What is the focus of the commercial- On the company or on a product or service.
4. Will the commercial be a Brand Message or new slogan or marketing campaign?
Also, is this a continuation of previous commercials? (Does it build off of older
ads. Think E-Trade baby)
5. What emotional response do you want from your commercial? Is it to be comical
or tug at the heart?
6. Will there be a call to action in your commercial?
7. How could your commercial be used after the Super Bowl? Is this a one time ad
or and ad that can be used again and again. Can it be used on the web or on radio
as well? Is this part of an ad campaign.
Assessment Evidence:
1) All students will participate in creating a group marketing packet, which will be
outlined in the assignment handouts, for their proposed advertising campaign.
2) All students will participate in a group classroom presentation explaining their
campaign to the class.
X Collect and Grade In-Class Check X Check for Completion X Rubric Checklist Peer/Self-Assessment
Journal/Learning Log Portfolio Constructed Response Quiz Test Lesson Reflection
Exit Slip X Presentation Informal Assessment Performance Assessment

PA Standards:
15.9.12.B, 15.9.12.B, 15.9.12.C, 15.9.12.E, 15.9.12.F, 15.9.12.G, 15.9.12.H, 15.9.12.I,
15.9.12.L, 15.3.12.I, 15.3.12.G, 15.4.12.G
Computer Lab
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Introduction: There will be three individual classes, Entrepreneurship, Keyboarding, and
Microsoft Applications, going on during this time period. The Entrepreneurship class will

Education Department

participate in a PowerPoint Lecture on LLCs. The keyboarding and Microsoft

Applications class will continue with their textbook assignments.
Engagement: The instructor will present several famous Super Bowl Commercials via
YouTube Clips to highlight to the students the various elements that go into commercial
advertising campaigns. The instructor will then explain the assignment, assign students
to groups and initiate the brainstorming session for the groups.
Differentiated Instruction
Tiered Assignments Flexible Grouping X Learning Groups Curriculum Compacting
X Varying Questions X Independent Projects _____________________________
Learning Modalities
X Visual XAuditory Tactile/Kinesthetic
X Adapting the skill level Adapt the number of items Adapt the materials Learning Strategy
X Increase Personal Assistance X Audio/Visual/Digital Access ________________________
IEP - 504 ELL- Goals/Accommodations:
N/A No IEPs identified for students.

Learning Activities and Strategies:

This assignment will foster a greater understanding of marketing concepts and computer
programming applications. Students will be engaged by group assignments and through
presenting their work in front of their peers. Each group will be evaluated individually
using a rubric, and groups will also compete against each other for a class award.
Literacy Strategies Text: Literary Informational
Before: Purpose X Prior Knowledge Preview Vocabulary/Concepts Predict Anticipation Guide
During: Chunking Self-monitoring

X Clarifying/Guiding questions Text notations Post-it


After: Summarize XRespond to questions Journaling


General: Reading Road-Map SQ3R




Organizers Mnemonic





Instructor will provide in class constructive feedback to each group following the
completion of the presentations. Instructor will use teaching points from presentation
skills and marketing concepts.
Students will work in groups to complete a Commercial Concept Packet, and create and
present their campaign to the class.
Key Words: N/A
Business Articles, Commercials, YouTube Videos, Company Websites, Microsoft Office
Help, Microsoft Office Textbook, , Mktg 7 Textbook.
Next Lesson: Go Venture Software.