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Whats the main idea or

underlying value in the

text? (6)

Theres a difference between your speaking and singing voice is that when you
speak, it comes from your mouth and it doesnt require a lot of breathe, whereas
when you sing, your voice comes from your head. It takes much more support from
breathing and if you do it correctly youll feel a vibration or tingle above your

What are the different

vocal ranges of singing?

There are four main types of voice classifications in singing. Soprano, alto (which
are for the girls), tenor and bass (which are for the guys).

What is a common
misconception about
singing? (53)

A common misconception about singing is that the mouth is the primary source of
singing, when its not. The mouth is used for tone adjustment but not the originator
of the tone. Singing is all about breathe control.

Why is this material

important? (68)

The right way for you to breathe is from your diaphragm. Avoid raising and
lowering your sternum (chest). This material is important so you could sing to your
full potential. Not singing correctly could cause you to harm your voice.

What does basic vocal

theory mean? (89)

Basic vocal theory is information that we should know when we sing. There are
seven basic pitches in a musical scale (A-G). Higher pitched voices are written on
the treble clef whereas lower voices are on the bass clef. Basic rhythmic notes are
whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes. Time
signature tells you how many beats are in a measure.

What does this specific

part of the book mean to
you? (151)

This chapter is about establishing a daily practice routine. This part is important to
me because since Im a singer, I need to practice everyday so I could improve my

Has anything in the text

changed your way of
thinking? (chapters 17-20)

Chapters 17-20 are about the different types of singing there is out there. Before, I
would stick to singing songs that I liked, but now, since I have read all this
information about singing these types of music, Im considering singing to some of

How can this information

help you? (228)

These are some DOs and DONTs that you should consider if you want to take care
of your voice. Some examples are dont drink and tea or coffee that contains
caffeine but do have a balanced diet low in sugar and dairy products.

What are the benefits for

entering vocal contests
and talent competitions?

Talent competitions and vocal contests are a good way to get noticed. It could lead
you to becoming famous or just more known to people. Whether youre doing it to
get more noticed, you could also join just to have fun.

What might be a good title

for this portion of the text?

This portion of the text are different types of opportunities that you could take if you
want to persue singing. A good title for this par is Singing Suggestions