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Florida International University

Christoph Ingram
LEI 4711
PID: 4287816

Recreation Therapy Treatment Program and One session

It is highly possible for individuals of all ages to get depressed. A person can get
depressed through situations like losing their job, their home, going through a heart breaking
divorce, getting an carrier ending injury, finding out they are positive for HIV or even dropping
out of school. These stressors can cause an individual to become depressed because they end up
feeling discouraged, hopeless, worthless, unmotivated and suicidal. They just loose interest in
life overall. When these symptoms last more than two weeks and starts to interfere with regular
daily activities such as eating, sleeping and communicating with others. It shows that this is more
than just a feeling of sadness, this is a major depressive disorder ("Depression," 2015).

Rational and Purpose of Treatment Program

Leisure activities like playing cards, drawing, coloring, watching television, exercise
gives the mind a break from negative thoughts and promotes mental health. Activities such as

exercise, yoga, outdoor recreation are all found to improve mood which is great for depression.
Scientist observed that Leisure activities are needed because they improve social skills, selfconfidence, concentration, mental health, and relieves stress which is a leading factor of
depression and improve an individuals over all wellbeing and quality of life ("Let's Talk:
Depression and Leisure," 2014).

Staff Requirements
When working with the depressed population, it is very important to monitor them
throughout activity participation because they are often suicidal. Staff are required to have at
least one Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) and another assistant present
during activities. This assistant can be an intern or a tech to help monitor clients during
participation in activities to prevent them from being a danger to themselves or other clients.

Entrance Criteria
This Treatment Program will focus entirely on the depressed population. Patients who
experience daily depressed mood, has high stress levels in their life, suicidal and un interested in
life are referred to this program because they would benefit from leisure activities the most.
Upon treatment individuals must be diagnosed with any form of depression. It can be minor,
intermediate or major depression, our treatment program will focus on them all.

Exit Criteria
Depressed individuals normally act anti-social, UN interested and look very blank. In
order to get discharged, clients must show the opposite of these actions. They must be socially
active with others, intrinsically motivated to participate in activities and show happy moods
which include laughter and smiling.

Safety Considerations: Client and Environmental Risks & Facility/

Equipment Required
The one session that will be focused on is the arts and crafts session which will take place
in an indoor facility (room). The equipments that will be used include paper, crayons, markers,
water paint, paint brushes, glue and puzzles. Before participating staff will make sure there are
no dangers for the clients. In this room there will be no wet floors, chairs and tables will be
bolted down to the floor and there will be no objects present in activity that can take an
individuals life like scissors or knifes. Upon participation staff will go over the rules for the
activity to prevent accidents and promote safety. Then staff will make sure that participants are
monitored thoroughly during activity because they are a threat to themselves and others while in
there depressed state of mind. Staff will do this by interacting with the clients verbally and show
interest in the activity they are participating in. If left alone patients that are depressed can try to
take their own life or the life of other patients because of the way the feel. Clients that are being
inappropriate will be excused from the session.

Outcome Criteria
Patients will learn to value life, handle stress positively, build self-confidence, and get
intrinsically motivated to live a healthy leisure life style. Patients will also learn to use leisure
time to be creative instead of being depressed and uninterested.

Session (Name/Title) : Arts and Crafts for Depression

Session Description: The Arts and Crafts program will meet one day out the week preferably
Monday for a total 60 minute session. There will be a 10minute discussion about activity
benefits at the end of the activity that will last 50 minutes. There will be two staff members
and a maximum of ten clients per session. We will be using an indoor facility.
Session Objectives: Patients will learn to value life, handle stress positively, build selfconfidence, and get intrinsically motivated to live a healthy leisure life style. Patients will also
learn to use leisure time to be creative instead of being depressed and uninterested.
Session Life skills: There will be no specific skill requirements. Patients will get an
opportunity to be creative and express themselves through arts and crafts.
Session Time: As already mentioned above the session will last total of 60 minutes. Including
the 10 minute discussion and the 50 minute activity.
Session Materials: Paper, colored pencils, water paint, paint brushes, crayons, glue, markers
anything material necessary for the clients art work of choice.
Session Process: Explain rules to clients, give clients materials of choice and allow them to do
what they want. After discuss benefits of arts and crafts and why it is important for the
individuals with depression.
Session Content: The patients will be allowed to use the arts and crafts materials to their own
satisfaction. This freedom to express themselves will keep them interested in the program. It
would not be a good idea to make a structured arts and crafts activity because some clients will
not benefit if they do not feel in the mood to participate.


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