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HOPPER March 29, 2010

Volume 1
Issue 27

Mrs. Hough’s Kindergarten Newsletter

yyyImportant Datesyyy Snack Schedule
œ April 1 – Book Orders Due Monday – Steven
(SeeSaw April; Click!) Tuesday – Mary Beth
œ March 31 – Volunteer Luncheon Wednesday – Karlyn
Thursday – Snack Closet
œ April 5-9 – No School (Spring Break) Friday – Snack Closet
We will have a sight word test on the words
listed below on Friday, April 2nd. Your child
should be able to quickly read these words by Homework
sight without sounding them out. Please make œ School-Home Links: Recognizes Some
flashcards to practice these words every night if Words by Sight – Part 1; Part 2
your child is not yet able to do so. œ Handwriting: Write about anything.
œ Math: Count Orally Using a Hundred
œ Sight Word List œ Chart; Count by 10s
œ big œ Decodable Book: Hop In!
œ it
œ can
œ two
œ said

This Week
Theme: Neighborhood Helpers (Week 2)
Skills: Sound Isolation; Sound Matching
Letters: Yy; Zz We will have a sight word test
(sight word review: lists 1 – 4)
Math on Wednesday, March 31st.
Count by 2s; Problem Solving Strategy: Find a
œ We will have a quiz (mid
chapter review)
on Thursday, April 1 .

*Science and Social Studies are

integrated in reading and math concepts
Please contact me via phone or Maicey
e-mail if you have any questions.
(352) 466-0990