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Edgar Allan Poe Literary Analysis

You are going to compare 3 similar literary elements that Edgar Allan Poe
used throughout his works.
You will need to discuss the similarities between the narrators in his works,
as well as 2 OTHER ELEMENTS of your choice from your chart. Make sure
you choose elements that have some similarities that you can discuss and
analyze using examples.

The introduction will be at least 5 sentences of discussion about Poes life and the type of
subject matter that he included in his stories and poems.
You will conclude your introduction with your THESIS STATEMENT, which is the topic
sentence of your paper that states your claim. You may use this thesis:
Thesis: Edgar Allan Poe has incorporated a variety of similar elements in his
stories and poems. *Alternate: Edgar Allan Poe has incorporated a variety of similar
elements in his stories and poems that have been influenced by his dark past.

Body- 3 paragraphs
You will have a total of 3 body paragraphs. Each paragraph will focus on one element
that you feel is consistently portrayed throughout Poes works. The trend that you
discuss only has to be present in 2 of the stories, but may be present in 3 or all 4 of
For example, if you want to discuss how some of the narrators in Poes stories are
grieving over the loss of a loved one, you will only discuss the narrators from The
Raven and Annabel Lee.
*You may combine 2 elements into one paragraph if you feel they are closely related or dependent
on each other, such as mood and setting.

Each paragraph will contain a TOPIC SENTENCE that tells your reader what the paragraph
will be about.
Example topic: The narrators in Poes stories and poems are similar in various
1. After your topic sentence in each paragraph, you will need to discuss TWO
GENERAL SIMILARITIES about each element that you notice throughout his
works. For example, in a paragraph in which you are analyzing the narrators, you
may choose to discuss how some narrators are grieving the loss of a loved one, and
also how some narrators are driven to commit a murder.
2. For each of these similarities, you will need to:
Describe your analysis of the element in your own words.
Give a quote as evidence for support.
Explain your quote and how it supports your claim.

3. Tie in your observations with what you know about Poes life as you
conclude the paragraph.

Your conclusion will have at least 4 SENTENCES that sum up your analysis and summarize
what you stated in your body paragraphs. Nothing new should be introduced, and you must
RESTATE YOUR THESIS. Remember to tie in what you know about Poes life and how it
contributed to his writing style.
*Do not reference yourself in any part of your paper!

Total Points: 100 points

Due Date: __________________________________________