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Career Profile
Prospect for Success Paper # 2

Submitted to
Dr. Daryl L. Kerr
Department of Management
Belk College of Business
UNC Charlotte

Submitted by
Erin Rogers
BUSN 1101-002
November 23, 2015

Inquiry PFS Paper # 2

Choosing a career in business can be challenging due to the many choices that are
available. However, picking a major to complete and focusing on what options are available can
lead to success in the future. I plan to graduate with a B.S. in accounting and with this I hope to
get a career as a public accountant. There are a various number of skills and strategies that are
required in order to be successful in this career.
Being an accountant comes along with duties and responsibilities. They must prepare,
examine and analyze financial records. They assess these records for accuracy and make sure
that all requirements are met. They also provide tax and auditing services. Accountants work as
consultants and report to management regarding their finances. They plan and help other
individuals and businesses reach their goals by developing and maintaining budgets.
Since others rely heavily on accountants for financial services, being organized and detail
oriented is crucial. An accountant must be able to communicate and have strong interpersonal
skills as well. Presenting financial information in writing or verbally in a professional matter is
mandatory for everyones understanding. As always, an accountant must have a high standard of
integrity and must follow all guidelines and laws in order to carry out their job in the proper way.
Additionally, it is important for an accountant to have technological abilities. Knowing
and understanding basic computer skills involving Microsoft programs like Excel is required.
Other programs including ATX Total Accounting Office, Intuit Quickbooks, and CPAClient
Checkbook are also being used in this career today. Accounting firms are looking for people with
this knowledge so it is important that accounts keep up to date with this type of technology.
Completing the tasks listed above will most often be done in an office setting. It was
reported in 2012 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that one in five accountants work more than

40 hours per week. This can be extended up to 55 to 80 hours during busy times including the
end of the budget year and tax season. Although working in a cubicle is the typical work space,
some individuals work part time from home. Traveling to different locations and branches may
also be required to complete certain tasks.
In order to become an accountant certain qualifications and training are necessary. Most
jobs prefer individuals who have graduated college with a bachelors degree in accounting.
However, to become a CPA you must pass the Uniform CPA Exam. In order to even sit for it 150
hours needs to be completed. A masters degree is not required but completing the extra hours
may involve taking graduate courses. The AICPA also calls for a certain amount of work
experience. They state that a CPA must have one year of experience in the public practice of
accountancy, four years of experience in the field of accounting, four years of experience in
teaching accounting at a college or four years of experience in self employed accounting. Once
these qualifications are met, being hired as a CPA is possible.
Currently, the median salary for a public accountant is $63,550. However, this number
can range from $39,930 to $111,510 depending on experience and dedication. According to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for accountants is expected to grow 13% by 2022 and
1.32% per year, which is the average for all occupations. This would mean that there will be an
increase of 166,700 jobs by the year 2020.
The overall outlook for a career in accounting is positive. It seems there will be jobs
available in the future due to improved economic growth that is projected and also because of the
demand for individuals with specific technological skills. Throughout the next four years here at
UNC Charlotte, I hope to gain and master the skills needed to become a successful pubic

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