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Moin Afzal

67 Moncrieffe Street, Walsall, West Midlands, WS1 2LA

Mobile Contact Number : 07947373862
Email :
Professional Profile
As a second year IT student at the University of Derby, I have acquired key skills and expertise that
will equip me to deal with the fast changing, ever evolving world of IT. These skills such as SAS
datasets and Balsamic Web Design, along with my fantastic, highly motivated attitude will allow me
to succeed in any task that I am given. My future aspirations are to work within the IT/Business

Key Skills Gained

Throughout my academic and personal life, there have been many experiences and lessons that
have led me to pick up invaluable skills that I can take into the world of professional work such as
meeting college and university deadlines with close attention to detail and time management. I
have closely worked with all Microsoft Office Applications and therefore I am very confident in using
Microsoft Office for any task. I also have learnt how to compare two sets of data by using SAS
datasets in a module during the first year of university. My work and volunteer work commitments
demand me to always be punctual and be on time and from this I have forced a habit to complete
tasks on time and always do them to the best of my ability.

Education and Qualifications

University of Derby
Modules Studied

BSc Information Technology


Introduction to Data Analysis

ClientSide Web Development
Understanding people in Organizations

Birmingham Metropolitan College Access to Higher Education:

Teaching Professions
Modules Studied

Blue Coat Academy


Expected 2:1

Interpersonal Skills
English Literature

8 GCSEs A* - C including English

and Maths


Voluntary Work
Project Touchdown (Charity)
Project TouchDown is a charity that I have been volunteering since the beginning. I was involved in
going out with other volunteers to go and help the less fortunate by providing and handing out
meals. I also was involved in the digital marketing and social media side of the charity by promoting
and generating business interest towards the project on all fronts of social media sites and email
such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Employment History

Produce Colleague

I am currently working part time at my local ASDA store on the produce department. My role
includes working as part of a team, replenishing stock quickly and efficiently and date checking.
We deal with many customer enquiries and therefore we are trained to deliver the best of customer
service and show the utmost respect to every individual. Relating this to my academic studies it will
assist me in dealing with the fast changing computing and business world.

During my spare time I enjoy playing football which improves teamwork and communication skills.
Playing cricket for my local club during the summer and playing with my friends in an indoor cricket
league during the winter allows me to develop competitiveness and strategic thinking which is vital
in terms of the computing industry. I enjoy going out with my friends occasionally for various
activities such as playing snooker, going to the cinema and exploring new places and cities that I
have never visited before.


References are available on request