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Subject Area

Jason Unger



Class Title

Lesson Title

Unit Title


Learning mitosis through

analogy and modeling

Cell Growth and


Grade Levels
Majority 9th, less
10th, few 11th and

Total Minutes
103 min


Aliso Niguel High School significant student racial demographics are 60% white, 16% Hispanic or Latino, and
12% Asian.

In the second period Biology class, there are three ELs and four SSNs.

Seating arrangement in this class is 31 students arranged in eight table-units, seven with four students and
one with three students.
CCSS Math, CCSS ELA & Literacy History/Social
Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, NGSS, and
English Language Development Standards (ELD)
Content Standards
1.A.1. Exchanging information and ideas with others
through oral collaborative discussions on a range of social
and academic topics
HS-LS1-4. Use a model to illustrate the role of cellular
1.B.5. Listening actively to spoken English in a range of
division (mitosis) and differentiation in producing and
social and academic contexts
maintaining complex organisms.
2.B.3. Using verbs and verb phrases
2.B.4. Using nouns and noun phrases
2.C.6. Connecting ideas
2.C.7. Condensing ideas
Lesson Objective(s)
Students will see the teachers model of mitosis, replicate
SWBAT explain the process of mitosis. Students will
it on their own as best they can (followed by another view
answer the question, If cells are the basic unit of life,
of the teachers model), and create a model by going
how do they meet the reproductive requirement?
outside the classroom and physically replicating a cell
dividing by mitosis.
Purpose/Focus of
Feedback Strategy
How Informs Teaching
Engage students by
Build a conundrum by
Prepares students for the
announcing that part of
creating the question, If
lesson and gives the
todays lesson will be
cells are the basic unit of Have students do a quick teacher some feedback
spent outside making a
life, how do they meet
write from the question.
about prior knowledge
physical model of a cell
the reproductive
from listening to some
that is dividing by
Accompany the
presentation with
drawings that will give
students a visual
Give students mitosis
reference and will remain
You get to see from
Roam around the
model that they will
on the board to assist
students physical
classroom while students
recreate. Take them
students in recreating
reaction during the
work on recreating the
outside to act out
the scenario on their
modeling exercise
analogy on their own.
cellular mitosis and
own. Give them an
outside how confident
Assist any students in
physically create the
outside activity to look
they feel about the
need of help.
forward to and harness
some of their extra
energy for learning while
creating a model for
Provide the teacher with
Show students the
Read the responses and
Keeps the lesson open to
feedback for further
prompt, I think todays
modify the lesson if
customization and better
improvement of activity,
lesson was ____________.
necessary to customize it application to meet the
get to know individuals
The highlight was
for learners needs and
needs of individuals.
better, and give a 3-2-1
_____________. The part I

to embed what they


didnt like was

____________. It would
have been better had we
________. 3 things I found
out. 2 things I found
interesting. 1 question I
still have.

Instructional Strategies
Pre-write, analogy and modeling, and 3-2-1 exit slip
Lesson Introduction/Anticipatory Set
Teacher Does

Engages students by telling them today they will

learn with an analogy to sports and spend time
outside acting out the stages of mitosis.

Engages students with a quick write question, If

cells are the basic unit of life, how do they meet
the reproductive requirement?

Asks students who likes to play sports. Inform

20 min
them that the analogy will be related to soccer.

Passes out the Mitosis analogy worksheet so that

students can begin taking notes while they watch
the Bozeman science video phases of mitosis
( 11 min). The teacher explains that they do not
need to finish the guided notes during the video,
only get them started.
Lesson Body
Teacher Does

Teacher begins the Prezi soccer team of twins

a mitosis analogy. It starts with a description of
the actual processes taking place when the cell
progresses through interphase, prophase,
metaphase, anaphase, telophase, and
cytokinesis. The teacher then begins the analogy
between a cell undergoing mitotic division and a
soccer team that recruits the twins of the players
to create a second identical but independent
team. While going through the Prezi slides, the
teacher draws the steps of the analogy to give
students a visual reference. The illustrations are
left on the board to give students a visual they
can refer to.

The teacher has them flip over their note sheet

75 min
and work on recreating the analogy that was just
presented to them as best they can. Walks
around the room to observe and answer
questions as the students work.

Teacher takes the students outside to a nearby

area that keeps them within a confined space to
model a cell. Students are cast to play the roles
of centrioles, spindle fibers, and chromosomes.
The teacher guides them through the activity
with descriptions of what stage of the cycle is
being replicated, and describing what duty each
different role has in that round.

Finishes the activity and returns to the

Lesson Closure
Teacher Does
8 min
Teacher concludes the lesson with a quick write
to the prompt, I think todays lesson was
____________. The highlight was _____________. The
part I didnt like was ____________. It would have
been better had we ________. 3 things I found out.
2 things I found interesting. 1 question I still

Student Does
Students will likely look forward to going outside
to for part of class and will begin the lesson
looking forward to that part.
Students respond to the quick write prompt to
get an idea what the application is of the
knowledge they will learn. They hold onto the
paper they used for the quick write to finish with
an exit slip.
Those who play sports can relate this to personal
Students get an introduction to mitosis with a
video to provide visual aid. They begin the
guided notes side of the Mitosis analogy
worksheet as they watch.
Student Does

Students continue with the notes side of the

Mitosis analogy worksheet while they watch first
part of the Prezi that describes what is happening
during interphase, mitosis, and cytokinesis. When
they have completed their notes, they now have
the analogy between these processes and a
soccer team of twins presented to them.
Now it is the students turn to recreate the
analogy they have been presented. They are
encouraged to work together with partners of
their choice.
Students actively participate by playing the roles
they have been assigned. They will have a
personal experience with the topic by carrying it
out themselves with physical activity. This
modeling activity will give them the ability to
reflect back on the event and review the topic
from a model and personal experience.
Students return to the classroom to conclude the

Student Does
Students give honest feedback to the teacher
and know that their opinions matter. They put all
of their newly acquired knowledge together for
one activity to finish off the lesson that allows
them to personalize their response.

Instructional Materials, Equipment, and Multimedia
Mitosis analogy worksheet
Bozeman science video, phases of mitosis
Prezi soccer team of twinsa mitosis analogy
Co-Teaching Strategies
English Learners

Striving Readers

Students with Special

Advanced Students
The Bozeman science video
Students with physical
Advanced students can be
provides visuals link the
Little reading is required.
limitations could observe
challenged to develop their
meanings of words to the
All of the components of
and take notes on the
own models for mitosis with
visual memory. Written text the model will be illustrated modeling activity that
something other than a
in the Prezi is accompanied
to assist striving readers.
others participate in
sports team.
by illustrations.
This lesson uses a scientific model to represent a phenomenon. The model used appropriately represents a process
rather than an individual thing. The process of mitotic cell division may not be particularly context rich, but the
scenario created with the soccer team of twins model is very specific and context rich. A pictorial aspect will be
provided by drawing out the stages of the model that students can replicate and refer to when recreating the model on
their own. Cellular division is not unobservable. Elapsed-time videos make it possible for students to observe the
phenomenon. Therefore, this modeling practice does not entirely satisfy the fourth quality of modeling. It does,
however, meet the fifth quality; the model is revisable and can be applied to meiosis with revision. Instead of handing
students a model designed by the teacher, it would be an excellent project to have students develop their own model
after being familiarized with the model of mitosis.
The lesson needs to progress in the following order: 1) Introduce with the phenomenon, which will be autosomal cell
reproduction, 2) Give them the question that will be asked, If cells are the basic unit of life, how do they meet the
reproductive requirement, 3) Tell the students that we will be using an analogy model, and expand this model to apply
to meiosis in future lessons. Use it to its maximum capability.