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LP5 Advocacy Summary and Project

Scoring Guide
Scoring Standard
You must achieve a 2 rating on each of the criterion to demonstrate competence.
Work receiving a 0 or 1 will be returned, for student to revise and resubmit. If revised within one
week of due date, no points will be deducted for resubmission.
Rating Scale:
4-Excellent Quality - Work meets expectations for criterion fully and effectively. Work exceeds
requirements of criterion with high level of accuracy, creativity, or attention to detail.
3- Above Average Quality - Work meets expectations for criterion fully and effectively. Work shows
understanding of concepts and attainment of competencies.
2- Average Quality - Work is satisfactory. Work shows adequate understanding of concepts and meets
requirements, but some revision may be recommended.
1- Minimal Quality - Work is unsatisfactory, showing only minimal understanding of concepts. Major
revisions are needed.
0- Unacceptable - Work is unsatisfactory, showing no evidence of understanding of concepts. Criteria are
either missing or incorrectly applied. Work must be revised.
Scoring Guide Criteria
Summary includes an overview of what the organization is and
who its members or supporters are

Summary includes a description of the purpose and goals of the


Summary includes a description of the main activities of the

Summary includes a conclusion with your reactions and opinion of
the organization, and a description of your personal view of what it
means to be an advocate
Advocacy project includes an appropriate explanation of the
purpose of the activity

Advocacy project includes appropriate steps to take to complete it

Advocacy project includes who you will enlist in the activity
Advocacy project includes who your target audience is
Advocacy project includes appropriate goal
Paper is neat and well organized, and applies standard rules of
language structure including grammar, spelling and punctuation.
Scoring guide and self-assessment is included with submission of
assessment. (Copy and paste this scoring guide or save it and
type in this document. Highlight, bold, or type in the number you
think you have earned in the next column).

No 0 Yes 1 2

No 0 Yes 1 2

Document is saved with the students name as indicated in syllabus

and correctly submitted to the grade book through the learning
Assessment was submitted on time. Additional points may be
deducted for late work as indicated in the syllabus.
Extra credit reflection on carrying out advocacy project
Total Points and Comments if necessary:

No 0 Yes 1 2

No 0 Yes 1 2

10 points


When I was given the chance to choose to do an advocacy project the first thing that came to
my mind was Cerebral Palsy Inc. I currently am working as a preschool teacher in the daycare
there and I love it. I would not give it up for all the money in the world. Every day I get to work
with both mainstream children and children with special needs in one classroom integrating all of
each set of childrens skills and assets. Through working with the children there I have become
even more passionate about special needs children than I already was which I did not think was
even possible. Cerebral Palsy Inc. is more than just where I work; it is a great place that has
many things to offer.
Cerebral Palsy Inc. is a non-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer board made
up for 27 members of the local community. Each of the board members has a varying
background which helps to cover all aspects of the organizations needs. The organization is run
with the help and support from everyday people like you and me who are willing to volunteer
time or donate money. They have support from local companies and individuals who help and
make the organization what it is today.
All of the money raised by Cerebral Palsy Inc. is kept local and helps hundreds of people
each day. The mission of this organization is to provide services for the people of Northeast
Wisconsin to promote community involvement, inclusion, and to enhance the quality of life of
persons affected by temporary or permanent physical. Sensory, and/or speech needs or
conditions as stated by Cerebral Palsy Inc.
With such a big mission statement one would think that it would be hard to cover all of the
before mentioned topics. Some of the things mentioned were so broad that it could mean
anything and at Cerebral Palsy Inc. that is just how they run. They have many different programs
and are able to cater each program to fit each individuals needs as each person is different and is
an individual. They are able to break down their mission and fulfill it by providing seven
different programs for the public. They offer Childrens Services which is a birth-to-2 program
and pediatric therapy services, Adult Occupational Therapy which helps promote independent
living skills, Common Paths Early Education & Care which is and inclusive child care program,
Adult Day Services which is for adults over 18, who are no longer working within the school
system and are provided age appropriate skills. There is also Outreach Services which provides
support services for people needing assistance outside of the programs offered at the CP Center,
Assistive Technology Services which works with adaptive computer access services and
augmentative communication, and lastly the Aquatic Center where they offer individual and
group exercise, swim instruction and personal training which is all open to the public with no
membership needed. If for some reason they are not able to help they will also find you
somebody who can.
Personally for me after learning about the CP Center and all it has to offer it really made me
want to work there. Now after working there for almost a year it really has made such a huge
impact on my life that I will forever carry with me. I feel like the organization does its very best
to meet the needs of each individual that walks through their doors and gives 100% every day. I
also believe that not only does the organization do that but also the people who are working
within it. I personally know many people who work there and I see every day many of them go
above and beyond taking personal time to research something, or taking time stop in and visit to
check in on somebody. The people who work there really care and love their jobs. I would
recommend Cerebral Palsy Inc. to anybody and everybody that had any type of related need. Its
more than just a place to go for therapy; its a family of people who are.

To me advocacy means to be passionate about something enough to want to do better for that
cause. It means to care about something enough that you take time out of your schedule to help
better that one thing be it raise money, raise awareness, volunteer, or donate money . It means
caring enough to do something about it and get involved. I believe that the CP Center is a great
place to take time out of your day to get involved. I know its been worth all of the time I have
put in and much more.
For my advocacy project I want to better educate people on what the CP Center does and
show them firsthand how much progress is able to be made if they are given the right set of tools
and situations. I have never really advocated for anything before but this time I figure why not. I
need to start somewhere. I am going to show a video that was made for a portion of the CP
Centers annual telethon to a group of people and answer any questions they may have about the
CP Center. I will explain the video and about the child named Zac in the video. In order to make
this happen I will need to get the video from the CP Center and bring it to the designated group
of people. I will need to enlist my boss and the head of the telethon to help me get the video. I
will be using our class as the group of people. I want to target people who have a deep caring for
children be it a parent, a teacher, colleagues or just an average person. My goal is to help raise
awareness of what the CP Center is and does and how much they help change peoples lives on a
daily basis.

*Information used for this project was found at