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Chapter Reflection
Name: Jacqueline Lucas
Chapter Number: 4

There are several students with exceptionalities who need to be taught in different ways. In
this chapter it talks about several uses of technologies to be able to solve these types of
problems. There are many problems that work with writing or reading that are able to help
diverse learners. They now offer such programs on cell phones which make it easier but diverse
programs tend to be more on the expensive side. They offer low tech adaptions that can be
installed in every day apps. With the use of technology, it can be challenging as well.
Implementing technology to diverse students can be very challenging. Teachers also have to go
through training to be able imply these technologies in the classroom. This is very time
consuming. Over all this chapter talks about types of technologies for diverse students and how
there are so many assisting devices for every student if they have exceptionalities or not.

Key Chapter Points

Point One. Students with special needs are students who have disabilities
Point Two. Exceptionalities refer to students who need special instruction to be able to reach their
true potential
Point Three. (TAG) stands for talented and gifted students.
Point Four. Programs such as Talking spell-checker, Text-to-speech, and talking word processing
programs are those of which help the visually impaired
Point five. Assistant technology and concept mapping software
Point six. Scan/ read systems and low-tech adoptions
Point seven. Assistive computer devices
Point eight. Visually impaired students can use a screen magnification in order to learn
Point nine. (CAST) stands for center for applied special technology
Point ten. Differentiated instruction that benefits TAGS students
Point eleven. Scaffolding
Point twelve. Switching with scanning technologies may help students who do not have enough
of the motor control
Point thirteen. Text-to-speech software
Point fourteen.
Point fifteen.

Major Topics Covered

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Topic 1: Technology Solutions for Students with Special needs
Topic 2: Technology Supports for Special Needs in Content Areas
Topic 3: Technology to Enable Computer Use for Students with Special Needs
Topic 4: Technology for Students with Special Needs Opportunities and challenges
Topic 5: Technology solutions for gifted and culturally diverse students
Topic 6: Technology for culturally and linguistically diverse students opportunities and challenges
Topic7: universal design and technology solutions for all learners
Topic 8: Culturally and linguistically diverse students

Over all I feel very thankful for having these types of technologies. I feel grateful that
there are so many technology devices there are for diverse students. It shows how much more
technology has grown over the years. I am very thankful for this. I have a friend who is diverse
and with the help of these technologies, it has helped him a lot and he is also very thankful for

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