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1305 N. Martin Avenue

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Tucson, AZ 85721-0203
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December 1, 2015

Letter of Recommendation: Patience Bekoe

Dear: Nurse Recruiter

Patience Bekoe has worked under my supervision since August 26, 2015 as a
Nursing Student in the 4th semester Preceptor ship at the University of Arizona,
College of Nursing. Patience has had her clinical at Health South Tucson, Arizona on
a Medical /Surgical Unit. She has taken on assignments for this unit 2-6 patients at
times including managing and care of her patients. During her rotation, she also
helped with other patients on the floor assisting Nurses with Medications and daily
care. Patience also had a day that included a Leadership Shadowing of a Clinical
Nurse Leader. Not only did her fellow students, but other staff members commented
on her excellence when caring for her patients.
I was very impressed with Patience ability to complete all work assigned to her in a
timely and professional manner. In addition, Patience was very precise and thorough
with all her work.
I highly recommend Patience for whatever position she may decide to endeavor.
She is a type of person that anyone would enjoy to work be side.

Respectfully yours,

Darlene Lacroix
Clinical Instructor
University of Arizona, College of Nurses
Phone: (520)626-0414