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Kimberly Mauss

KIN 425-41
Dr. Casten
Spring 2015
Micro Teaching Assignment
For the Micro Teaching assignment, I worked with Ms. Gutierrezs class
at Academia Moderna on April 13. The class is a group of third grade
students. Since many of the students (like most adults I know) needed to
practice working together, their lesson focus was on cooperative learning.
To be prepared for this lesson, I contacted the teacher in advance and
studied our lesson plan book to find skill appropriate teamwork activities.
The activities I had the students use were from level 2, week 20 (cooperative
activities). Beanbags and hula-hoops were scattered around the fitness area
for the Attached and All Aboard activities. The whys or reasons for this
lesson were pretty straightforward. The goal was to make students work with
one another in order to find success. Regardless of whom they like and dont
like or why they feel that way, the students were encouraged to want to
overcome the challenges posed to them.
As the lesson progressed, I observed the students from various angles
by walking around the area. Most of the students did not have trouble
performing the activities, but I did notice some were hesitant to work with
others. I joined them in the Human spelling portion to make sure they knew
to ask each other for help trying to spell words rather than struggling by

themselves. Because the students knew what was expected from them, they
worked hard to get along and avoid fights.
I believe I was encouraging and energetic while instructing the
students. I offered words of encouragement to those who tried and
succeeded. For those who struggled, I also offered support like participating
in the activity with them or showing them one way to be involved in the
games. The students who were showing high levels of skill were encouraged
by me to be helpers and reach out to the rest of their classmates. I believe I
taught the students to be responsible for learning by making them
responsible for finding success through teamwork. No one child or small
group was able to win, but instead the class needed to get a team win.
With the focus of this lesson being on cooperative work, I felt it was
less about the quality of movements. I chose to have the class work on a
variety of activities to keep them all engaged and participating. I cant say
that I really brought closure to my lesson, but that is largely because the
class wasnt over (since this was only micro teaching). I did have the
students do a chant combining excitement for physical education with their
favorite activity from the day. They wanted to say We love PE, we love
. (Fill in the blank with either Attached at the hip, All
Aboard, or Human Spelling Bee.
My evaluation of the activities used was very positive. They were not
only age appropriate, but also skill appropriate for the entire class. The
games encouraged participation for everyone and helped the students to

achieve the objective of success through cooperative work. There were no

discipline problems during my time with this class.