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The Outsiders - Final Project

You will be required to complete one of the projects listed below.
Be sure to review the requirements for each of the following
assignments. If there are any questions regarding these projects,
please see Ms. Swicegood.
Your options:
1. Chapter 13: Write a thirteenth chapter to the novel from the
point of view of a character other than Ponyboy (i.e. Sodapop,
Darry, Cherry). Be sure to follow correct paragraph format and
stay true to the tone of the story. Your written work must be a
minimum of two typed pages (12-pt. font, double spaced) in
2. The Outsiders Trivia Board Game: Create a board game
that challenges the players understanding of the novel. Your
board game must include a minimum of 20 trivia questions, along
with board, player pieces, and a clear description of the rules of
the game. You may wish to refer to other trivia/board games for
3. Identity Essay: Describe how Ponyboys personal identity
changed from the beginning of the book to the end. How does
Ponyboy view himself differently? How does he view the Greasers
and Socs differently? What events from the novel led him to
change his mind? Your essay must be a minimum of two typed
pages (12-pt. font, double spaced) in length.
4. The Outsiders Playlist: Create a playlist or mix of songs that
reflects the themes and events of book. Each playlist must have
10 songs, including songs for one (1) Greaser theme, one (1)

Soc theme, three (3) characters, three (3) specific events,

and one(1) of the themes - Love, Good & Evil, and Prejudice,
and one (1) free choice that relates to the novel. For each song
chosen, choose a line of the lyrics to explain the song, as well as a
link to the song on Youtube. In two-three sentences, explain why
you chose each song and how it connects to the book. Songs
should be school appropriate.
5. Eulogy: Write a eulogy (a meaningful piece of writing that
praises and remembers someone who just died) for Johnny or
Dally from Ponyboys point of view that he would be reading at
their funeral. Include specific moments of the text that reflect on
Johnnys past, character traits, and his friendship with the gang
members. Your eulogy must be a minimum of two typed pages
(12-pt. font, double spaced) in length.
6. 6 Word Memoir: Write 6 Word Memoirs for 5 characters in the
novel. Explain the significance and purpose of each memoir in 2-3
sentences. Cite specific evidence from the text, including quotes
and events, that helped you develop the memoirs.
7. Comic Book: Choose a chapter from The Outsiders to turn into
a comic book with 8-12 different frames that summarize the
chapter. First, be sure to write a paragraph long summary of the
chapter in complete sentence. You may hand draw the cartoons
or complete it it digitally. Make sure to include speech bubbles,
though bubbles, captions, as well as quotations or dialogue taken
directly from the text.