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Lily Kalczewski

Teacher: Mrs. Drake
Grade: Second
Subject: Math

Date: Thursday October 22,

Time: 1:30

Title: Fact Families

Essential Question: What are fact families and how are the numbers
in a fact family related?
Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship
between addition and subtraction.
Work with addition and subtraction equations.
Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to
identify the relationship
between the fact families
using addition and

Students will complete their own fact
families using the numbers on a
domino and then write out the four
possible equations on their candy


Number pieces
Candy corn paper
Math workbook

Prior Knowledge: Students should know how to do basic addition and

subtraction problems.
Lesson Beginning:
The teacher will call the students to the carpet by their groups. The
teacher will read the Fact Family poem to the class, and then go over
the fact family poster board. The teacher will explain what a fact family
is and demonstrate two examples for the students.

Instructional Plan:
Then the teacher will give out the number pieces to each student.
There should be six groups of three students. A set of three number
pieces represents one fact family. The teacher will write a +/- and =
sign on the board. After that she will call a fact family of students up in
front of the classroom and ask them to arrange themselves so the
students can see all the possible combinations of the fact family. For
example, (4, 5, 9 can be 4+5=9 or 9-5=4).
The teacher will then have the students go back to their seats. In the
spirit of Halloween, the students will be given candy corn papers and a
domino. They will cut out the candy corn. In the top section of the
candy corn, the students will write out their fact family. Their fact
family will be dependent on their domino. For example, if the domino
has two dots on the left side, and three dots on the right side, the fact
family is 5, 3, and 2 (biggest number goes at the top of the triangle).
The students will make two candy corn fact families and color them.
Differentiation: If students finish early then, they can work on page 37
in their math books. The early finishers could also make a haunted
house fact family. If students are struggling with the candy corn fact
family, then they only need to make one.
Transitions: The teacher will call students to the carpet by their group
names and have them go back to their seats in the same fashion.
Management: If students are getting too loud, the teacher will ring the
bell or clap her hands in which the students will respond by clapping
The teacher will ask some of the students to share their candy corn
fact families by saying their answer out loud and then writing it out on
the board. Once the students finish their candy corns, they will go to
page 35 in their math workbooks and cut out the fact triangles. The
teacher will come around to the students and demonstrate how they
can practice subtracting and adding their fact families.