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Kailyn Levi
Jean Coco
ENGL 1001: 64
6 December 2015
Music and Emotion in Victim-Impact Evidence
In this piece of work, its explaining how music is most definitely apart of the way
we feel, or our motive for having certain behaviors. In this case, music being used in
court when presenting evidence has became a big issue. Music appeals to peoples
emotions, and emotion is sometimes used over actual thinking; hint the phrase, heart
over mind. Music is emotionally driven, and is what in fact crafts our emotion. Is it fair
to present musically tied evidence to a jury? Should the jury be trusted to make the same
decision as if there isnt any music presented with it?

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Pitt study of depression among teens finds associations with music. A study
released from the University of Pittsburg School if Medicine shows that teens who are
drawn to do nothing but listen to music, seemed to become depressed over time. Along
to help with the researchers, Dr. Primack was also apart of the experience, in order to
prove the theory further. After many compare and contrast, the results still came out to be
that, music was in face a sign of depression.

Levi 1
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Studies shown at Melbourne University show that teens who listen to head
banging music are often at risk of having depression. Most young people listen to a
range of music in positive ways; to block out crowds, to lift their mood or to give
them energy when exercising, but young people at risk of depression are more likely
to be listening to music, particularly heavy metal music, in a negative way, was Dr
Katrina McFerran's perception after her five year study on the subject at hand.
Inevitably, she agrees and thinks the problem at hand is in fact getting worse.
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Personal Experience
Stephen Milbrath is a sixteen year old high school student, in Pearland Texas. He
suffers from clinical depression and has known for about 4 months now. Unlike what
various studies have shown, Stephen uses music to cope with his depression, rather
than lead him towards the disease. When I listen to music, it sets my soul free. It
feels like Im connected to a whole different world, and nothing can break that
connection. He goes on the explain the improvement that hes made over the past
few months.

Levi 1
Personal Experience
Sofia Hordam is a freshman college student who has dealt with clinical depression
since the age of 15. She believes that music either makes or breaks her. When she listens
to music, itll either pep her up or be a damper on her mood. She says since shes still
struggling with her case, she feels as if any little thing will have some type if effect on
her. She trys to stay positive, and even keep her choice of music positive too.