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Joshua McCloskey

Gokce Tekeli

WRD 111

15 September 2015

Project Pitch Script

Crime is a pivotal problem in our city, state, country, and all across the world. Not

surprisingly, crime is also a problem here at the University we call home, the University of

Kentucky. College students are some of the most vulnerable targets for crime and it is crucial

that university officials take different actions to help prevent these crimes and change criminal


In 2014 alone, there were over 3,000 crimes that occurred at the University of

Kentucky. That is a committed crime for one of every ten students. Granted, it is likely that

employees or outsiders commit some of the crimes, but students still greatly outnumber

employees and visitors. It is also important to note that this statistic only includes crimes

committed on university property and does not include crimes committed by students off

campus. Of the 3,000 crimes reported in 2014, over 400 of those incidents involved theft. That

is an average of over one incident of theft per day. There were more than 70 reported incidents

of physical assault and 9 reported cases of sexual assault (University of Kentucky Police

Department). Disturbingly, in 2015, 24,382 students took a survey (many people in this room,

including myself, likely took this survey) and 1,050 of the surveyed students reported being the

victim of a sexual assault, while only nine were reported to authorities. The results also indicate

that 37.5% of these assaults occurred on campus and 74.6% were committed by another

University of Kentucky student (Lexington Herald Leader). This statistic goes to show that the

number of reported incidents is just the beginning as a monumental amount of crimes may go


The root of all these crimes involves two major elements: alcohol and drugs. The total

number of crimes involving alcohol on campus in 2014 totaled 432. There were just over 150

drug offenses on campus in 2014 (University of Kentucky Police Department). An important

note is that only ten of these documented alcohol incidents involved an under aged person in

possession. I and I hope everyone here realizes that more than nine University of Kentucky

students have possessed alcohol in the last week, let alone all of 2014. I can remember walking

around campus with my friends after the basketball team defeated Notre Dame in the elite eight

last March and seeing way more than nine different students with open alcohol containers and I

would presume many to be under aged. This again goes to show that the idea that many crimes

go undocumented applies to crimes involving alcohol as well.

It is the lack of enforcement of these minor crimes that is causing the staggering numbers

in more serious crimes. It is a proven medical fact that drugs and alcohol inhibit one’s smart-

decision-making and judgment. It seems as though campus police officers are reluctant to even

document alcohol offenders. It is as though they brush it under the rug, because after all they are

college students. The University of Kentucky is a dry campus, which means there should not be

alcohol anywhere on campus. These are laws that simply aren’t being followed. If students feel

like they can get away with things like under aged drinking, or drinking on campus period, then

they are more likely to feel like they can get away with more serious crimes. There were police

officers all over and around campus the night of the elite eight game and none of them were

concerned with stopping the students drinking alcohol.

There is a clear solution that is bound to help the problem of crime at the University of

Kentucky. Instead of giving surveys and making students complete online “prevention”

programs every year, university officials need to start real change. All laws and university rules

need to be enforced. The mentality that students get second chances because they are in college

needs to be changed. If one is old enough to commit a crime then they are old enough to do the

time. Start enforcing everything from parking violations to crimes involving alcohol. Tow cars

if they are parked in the wrong places. Suspend students caught with alcohol. Crime will never

be completely cured in any setting, but the degree to which it is enforced and punished can

always be increased. Emergency boxes are not enough to scare criminals; those do nothing for

crimes that are committed in a parking garage or a dorm room. If everyone comes together as a

university and understands the stakes when laws are broken, then positive promising change in

the rate of crimes at our school can begin to occur.

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