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How Joseph Smith Preserved the Plates

Joseph Smith didnt write much about how he protected the gold plates, but some people close to
him left records of what really happened.
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Many people are familiar with the account of the appearance of the angel Moroni in Joseph
Smiths bedroom [] on the evening of
September 21, 1823. It was then that Moroni [] told young Joseph [] about the existence of the Nephites record engraven upon golden plates
[ ] that Moroni had hidden centuries earlier.
Joseph later obtained the plates, and by the power of God he was able to translate them. Thats
how the Book of Mormon came into existence. However, not everybody knows what Joseph and
his family had to do to keep those golden plates safe from enemy hands.
Andrew H. Hedges reviews some of these harrowing experiences in All My Endeavors to
Preserve Them,
[] published in the
Journal of Book of Mormon Studies,
[], which is one of the periodicals
published by the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.
Joseph himself [] never provided a thorough
account of this experience, but people close to him wrote about what happened from their point
of view. One of these events occurred when young Joseph was trying to bring the plates home.
Deciding on the best and safest route where he would be undetected, he went through the woods,
but he soon realized that even there he wasnt safe. A man appeared behind him, ready to strike
him with a gun. After Joseph was able to escape from him, he encountered a second and a third
man, who both tried to assault him in the same way. By running with all his might and eluding
all three men, Joseph was finally able to get the plates to the safety of his home.
This is just one of several accounts about Joseph or his family fighting to preserve the plates. The
article also relates other similar experiences, such as Joseph hiding the plates in a log and having
a special chest built for them.
In his struggles to preserve [the gold plates], writes Hedges, Joseph no doubt . . . learned
much about the ways of God and man that would serve him well in the time to come.
Read All My Endeavors to Preserve Them.

Source: Journal of Book of Mormon Studies

Annalisa Olivieri, Mormon Insights
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