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Child Portfolio

By: Ashley Bradley

Running Records

Running Record #1

Date: 10/12/2015
Time: 1:20pm-1:24 pm
Where: On the carpet during story time
Area of observation: Social/Emotional

Jamarion took a toy away from a child during story time. The other child yelled No!
Thats mine! The teacher said You got up so they may use it. Jamarion looked at
the other child and smiled at them and made a fist with his right hand and held it up
in front of his face watching the other child. The other child said Stoooop iiiiittt and
looked down at the floor. Jamarion made an expression on his face with his eyebrows
going down and his eyes almost squinting and a very tightly closed mouth and he
shook his head from left to right four times. The teacher said Jamarion you need to
stop. It is not nice to do that. Jamarion shook his head up and down and handed the
toy to another child and then sat down with his legs crossed and his hands folded
together in his lap and looked up at the teacher reading the story.

Summary: Jamarion is showing the use of is social/emotional development by

communicating with another child and a teacher. Jamarion should be able to verbally
tell the child that he wants the toy, but instead he decided to use his body and face to
communicate to the child. When the teacher spoke to him he did not verbally
communicate with the teacher but made eye contact and shook his head to show he
understood what she told him and then physically corrected his body. He was able to
demonstrate that cognitively he understood directions and what both of them were
saying which is developmentally appropriate however he needs to work on his verbal

Running Record #2

Date: 11/2/2015
Time: 1:10pm-1:13pm
Where: Group time on the floor during Daily News
Area of observation: Cognitive

Teacher says We are going to be practicing the letter L. When you make the letter L you go down and
across the teacher used her hand to make the motions of her words as she says them. Jamarion watched the
teacher make the letter in the air. The teacher then said Now I am going to tell you where to write the letter
and I want to see you practice making the letter L with your finger. So take your pointer finger out! Feel free
to say it with me if you can. Jamarion looked around the room and kept his hands in his lap. The teacher
turned and used a marker to write the letter on a paper she had on the bulletin board as she did this she said
Write a letter L on the ceiling. Down and across. Jamarion looked at the other students and watched as they
did the action. The teacher then said Write the letter L on your shoulder. Down and across Jamarion took his
right pointer finger and followed the directions of moving his finger down and across. The teacher then said
Now on your leg; Down and across. Jamarion moved his right hand down to his leg and made a line with his
index finger down and across. The teacher then said Lets write it on the floor now. Down and across.
Jamarion then used his right hand to move is index finger down and across. The teacher then said Ok last
one lets write it on the ceiling! Down and across. Jamarion leaned back and looked up at the ceiling and
lifted his right arm straight out above his head and moved it in a down and across motion. The students would
say the phrase Down and across. When the teacher did, however Jamarion stayed quiet and did not say a
word during the activity.

Summary: Jamarion exhibited his abilities through using is cognitive development in this running record. The
teacher is working on teaching the children how to write the letter L. Cognitively there are many things
occurring in this running record. Jamarion is working on following directions, learning how to write the letter L,
large and small motor skills, and language development. Jamarion is showing he is able to follow directions
and use his finger/arm to write the letter and make it correctly according to the teachers directions. He is able
to make the down and across motion and follow the direction as to where to make the letter as well. He does
not however follow the direction to repeat or say the directions with her. He still needs to work on his
language and verbal development so he is able to verbally participate in the activity as well.

Running Record #3

Date: 11/30/15
Time: 12:50pm-12:53
Where: On the carpet at group time
Area of observation: Physical

The teacher played the good morning song on the CD player. She said I want to hear all of my friends singing
and doing the actions to the song please. Jamarion stood up and watched the teacher as she did the motions to
the song as the song called out. Jamarion stood with his hands at his side. When the second chorus was about to
come on the teacher walked and stood in front of Jamarion and said come on buddy, I want to see you do it. I
know you can! Jamarion smiled and as the song started the second chorus he did as the song said. The words of
the song were Ill jump up high, slap my thigh, touch my nose, wink my eye, stomp my foot, tug my ear Im so
glad that youre hereIIIIlllll JUMP up high, slap my thigh, touch my nose, wink my eye, stomp my foot, tug my
ear Im so glad to be here! Yeah! As each action came Jamarion jumped both times using two feet to jump and
landing on them when he came down, he then slapped his thigh using both hands and hitting his legs, he used
his right index finger to touch is nose, he winked his right eye both times and stomped his right foot, he used his
right hand to tug his right ear lobe and then when it said Im so glad to be here! Yeah! He jumped up in the air
and pushed his right fist into the air. He then sat down on the ground and crossed his legs and put his hands
folded into his lap. Through the whole song Jamarion remained silent.

Summary: During this running record I was able to observe Jamrions physical development. He was able to move
his body to the motions of the song and was able to do so correctly. His physical development is where it should
be for his age. He had a slight problem the second time he tried to snap his fingers, but was able to get it the first
time. He also demonstrated his cognitive development by following the verbal directions of the song. Jamrion did
not verbally sing the song so he developmentally is not where he should be for his language just yet.

Anecdotal Records

Anecdotal Record #1

Date: 10/19/15
Time: 1:50pm
Where: On the carpet at group time
Area of observation: Language Development

The teacher lead Zoo Phonics for the class. Jamarion followed
along saying all of the 26 letters and the phonetic sounds they

Summary: Jamarion was able to verbally say all of the letters to

the alphabet and make the phonetic sounds after the teacher said
them out loud to the class. This is developmentally appropriate
for him to be able to do language wise. He demonstrated that he
is cognitively able to process and understand the directions and
repeat the words and sounds he heard.

Anecdotal Record #2

Date: 10/26/15
Where: On the carpet at group time
Area of observation: Cognitive

The teacher played a song that the children had to follow the
directions to the song. The song was in both English and
Spanish. Jamarion followed the words to the song and waved
his hands in the air, shook his head, stomped his feet, and
shook his hips.

Summary: Jamarion demonstrates his cognitive ability to follow

verbal directions. He should be able to follow simple directions
by the age of 4 which he is. He is also able to demonstrate his
physical development by moving his various body parts.

Anecdotal Record #3

Date: 11/2/15
Time: 1:20pm
Where: On the carpet at group time
Area of observation: Cognitive

The teacher held up pictures of body parts. She told the

children to place that body part on the floor. Jamarion looked at
each card and placed the correlating body parts onto the floor.
He placed his hands, head, knees, and elbows on the floor to
match when the teacher showed the card.

Summary: Jamarion was able to demonstrate his cognitive

development by following verbal directions and looking at the
pictures on the cards and processing the different body parts to
move to where they need to be.

Anecdotal Record #4

Date: 11/9/15
Where: Table top activities
Area of observation: Physical

Jamarion used his right hand to pick up buttons and lace them
onto pipe cleaners one at a time.

Summary: Jamarion demonstrated his physical development by

working on his fine motor skills by using his thumb and index
finger to pick up buttons and lace them on pipe cleaners. He
was able to pick them up off the table and line up the pipe
cleaners and slid them down. He was able to use his hand eye
coordination to find the holes and line up the pip cleaners as

Anecdotal Record #5

Date: 11/30
Time: 2:50
Where: House area during center time
Area of observation: social/emotional

Jamarion and another child were playing in the housekeeping area. The child
brought Jaramrion a plate with play food on it. Jamarion said Where is my apple?
I asked for an apple! The child walked back and got him a pear and he looked at
it and pretended to take a bite and said This is what Im talkin about! then
pretended to take another bite of the apple. He then brought his plate over to the
sink and said to the child I have to do the dishes so we can make more food.
The child moved over and allowed Jamarion to have space

Summary: Jamarion is able to demonstrate his social/emotional development by

interacting in the house area with another child. He is using his language
development to speak with the child and his cognitive development to pretend
the is eating an apple and making food. He is able to demonstrate that he is able
to cooperatively play with a peer and has the ability to communicate verbally
with others.

Art Projects

Bear Face Project

This project focused on using fine motor
skills to cut and color.

Hibernation Cave
This project worked on using fine motor skills such
as pulling apart cotton balls, cutting and coloring
as well as following multiple step directions.

Giving Thanks Project

This project was for them to work on their cutting and
coloring skills as well as trying to get them to color
things correct colors and understand the concept of
oranges are orange, bananas are yellow etc.

Self Portraits

Meet my Student

This is Jamarion. He
is 4 years old.
This is him with his
art project. He was
very proud of his
work and wanted
his picture taken
with it.

Self Portrait #1

This was his first

self portrait. I asked
him Could you
draw me a picture
of yourself?

Self Portrait #2

The lines were

rather faint as he
picked to use a tan
crayon. He said I
am brown so I am
using brown to
draw me.

Self Portrait #3

I asked him again

to draw me a
picture of himself
and once he was
done he pointed to
the different parts I
have labeled as to
what they were.
(Head, body, legs,

Cutting Smaples

Cutting Sample #1

I gave him the

paper and scissors
and told him to cut
it however he
wanted to. He
decided to snip the
edges of the paper.

Cutting Sample #2

The teacher gave

them paper with
lines to practice
their cutting on. He
was able to stay
almost entirely on
the lines.

Pictures of Jamarion


Using a marker to
work is fine motor
skills and practice
writing his name
during table top
work time.


Playing in the
construction area
with the people of
professions. He was
using the doctor to
save all of the
people. He is using
his imagination and
dramatic play skills.


Playing with play

dough during
center time. He is
able to use his
cognitive thinking
to figure out how to
get the play dough
through the holes
in the toy to make


Building a
spaceship to fly
around the room.
You are unable to
see the other
children at the
table, but he is
building spaceships
with other friends
for social/emotional


Crawling on the
floor to work on
getting his wiggles
out during Daily
News. He is using
his large motor
abilities to bear


Writing Sample
Jamarion is
practicing his
ability to write
and follow lines.

PALS testing 10/5/15

Summary of Portfolio

In what ways did this portfolio (observations
and artifacts) show growth in this childs

This portfolio shows the child has growth in areas of social

development by showing him playing and communicating with
both teachers and children. At the beginning of my time in the
classroom he would not speak much to either the teachers or
children and often times would act out physically instead over
verbally. Towards the end of my time there I was able to see
through observation that he was starting to verbally communicate
more. At times he would start by acting out physically, but with
reminders would then start to use verbal communication to
convey what he wanted or needed. I was also able to see some
physical growth with his fine motor skills in his cutting samples
and his drawing of self portraits. His cutting became more exact
and he was able to stay on difficult lines and had determination
that he was going to finish. His self portraits slowly started to
have more features of a person and less of circles and squiggles.

Did you feel that the portfolio you developed

showed a true picture of this child and his/her
development? Why or why not?
I personally do not feel like this portfolio gave a true picture of this

childs development because he is a child who was being tested for

possible special needs and they were really trying to get him
figured out. Depending on the day and his mood would depend on
what he was willing to do for you and what he was actually able to
focus on and do. Sadie wanted me to work with him because she
thought the one on one would possibly help not only him, but
possibly her. She thought that maybe by me working with him one
on one that I might notice things, which I did, however when it
comes to showing growth in his development I did not notice there
to really be much of a change in growth, just more so different
levels of concentration throughout the months. I also feel like with
the time span I was there it wasnt really enough time to really be
able to see some of the thing progress.

If you were the teacher in this class how would you

use the information you have compiled for this

I would make sure to take note of a lot of the

behaviors I have seen and noted. With

looking back at them possibly being able to
see things that trigger him or what makes
him happy or excited might be able to give
me better ideas of how to work with him. I
also think I would use it to show his parents
pictures of what he does so they are able to
see things he is doing and what he seems to
enjoy in the classroom.

After completing this assignment summarize

your experience. Where there any
frustrations, any ah-ha moments?

After finishing this assignment there was a sense of relief for being
done with it and getting to see a final product of such a long process.
It was nice to see all of the different pictures I took over the months
and with that I was able to notice some of the things he enjoys to do
on his own. I noticed that he really likes to do things by people but do
his own thing still. He likes to be in control and often times will act
things out physically instead of verbally. He has the ability to be
verbal, but either chooses not to use it to communicate at times, or is
possibly more comfortable using actions much more. When I was able
to get him to focus on what tasks needed to be done, if he enjoyed
the tasks such as cutting things, he would do rather well. If he didnt
have an interest in doing whatever it may be then he would act out
and not want to do and distract others. He seems to get distracted
very easily if there are multiple things going on around him. They
dont have to be major things, in fact they could be rather small; but
once distracted getting him back on track can be very difficult.