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Jesse Anderson

Sean M. George
English 1010D.03
30 November 2015
The Best Truck
In the world today there are three heavy duty pick up truck manufactures that stand out
from the rest. Those three are Ford with the Super Duty, General Motors with the Chevy
Silverado and GMC with the Sierra, and then finally Dodge with their Ram. These companies all
make good trucks that will stand strong through the test of time. When you see the work that
some people put their heavy duty pick up trucks through,it is quite amazing how well they will
last. And its not just one of these pickups that will last through the work,because time and time
again, people have different experiences with the different trucks. When it comes down to it, the
type of truck that people want is mostly personal preference, and chances are the one they choose
they will be happy with it. Although, in this essay I will prove why the Ford Super Duty is the
truck that keeps its customers happy time and time again with three simple points. The first one;
Ford has the biggest market share out of the competition, the second, point is Ford is innovative.
They figure out what people want before people know they want it. And finally, Ford has the
strongest frame out of the pack, so people can haul what they want when they want; with these
main points it will be known why Ford is the truck of choice.
There is no surprise that Ford dominates the market share for heavy duty pickup trucks.
They have been tried and true, in a study done by Even with Ford being the
truck that has gone the longest without having had an updated done to them, they still dominate
the market for heavy duty trucks. This is what they said,

Construction, government fleets, electrical services, transportation, airport

services and more are dominated by Super Duty pickup trucks, but our
experiences with Super Duty test vehicles have left us wanting more, especially
when compared to more recently updated competitors. In both of our most recent
heavy-duty comparison tests the three-quarter-ton and one-ton Challenges
the Ford Super Duty came in last place. (Williams)
Even though the Super Duty is ready for an update, it doesnt
mean that it is out of the race, because it still owns most of the
market share of the heavy duty truck market as seen in the graph.
The only reason they own it, is because they have proved
themselves in years past, so the people are paying for the name
that they know is going to give them the support they need.
Another study done by Popular Mechanics, talks about how Ford may not be the fastest
truck out there, but when youre looking for a truck, you want it for more than just speed, you
want a combination things. The new Super Duty may not be the quickest here, but a truck is
more than just a motor. And it was the Ford's unmatched mix of comfort and smart, workfriendly features that helped it edge out the competition. There's a reason Ford owns 50 percent
of the heavy-duty truck market. (Stewart) These studies just prove that Ford is not the best
because of what it has up front, but because of the long run. It is going to be the truck that will be
there all the way through, and not going to fail when you need it the most. Thats why it owns so
much of the market share.
The next point that is going to be discussed is how it is innovative. Ford knows what the
people want before the people know what they want. One instance of this is with the keyless

keypad entry. Many people think, How could this be useful in my life? or, Ive gotten along
fine without it forever, so what would be the point of having it now? But, Doug DeMuro
explained it best, You probably cant fathom how such a thing could help you. Its like when
you buy a dishwasher. After a while, youll never know how you possibly got by without it.
(DeMuro) In reality its not something that could be understood about the luxury of it until it is
enjoyed. This is just one of Fords innovations that made peoples lives easier, and they didnt
even know that it would make their life easier. Another thing that Ford did to make peoples lives
easier, is to redesigned the 6.7 Power Stroke in 2015. They changed the turbo on it, and in doing
this, they provided 40 more horse power and 60 ft-lb of more torque. But, in driving the previous
model engine, more power wouldnt have crossed anyones mind, because they has so much in to
them to begin with. The reason this make them the best, is in the results of a test drive that they
did. This information was recorded by ENR. ENR had the opportunity to do repeated laps up
and down a 7-mile section of Interstate 64 near Beckley, W.Va., known for its steep grades of up
to 7%. Switching between Ford F-350 and Ram 3500 models towing identical twin-axle
gooseneck trailers loaded to capacity, the Super Duty repeatedly pulled ahead of the Ram going
up the hill. (Rider) As seen in the information recorded with Fords new innovation, the truck is
able to out do the competition with ease and comfort. With this point coming to a close, the most
important thing to realize about the innovation of Ford, is it is always moving forward. With the
debut of the 2017 Super Duty, there is a lot of good things coming for Ford to continue making it
the best truck on the market.
The last point that is going to be addressed in this essay about Ford being the best, is
about their beefed up frame that they released in order to do more of what the people want to do.
The one thing that the beefed up frame did for people, was allowed them to not only to be able to

tow whatever was put in their way, but they also had the peace of mind that came along with
owning the truck that Delivers the best in class rankings on the attributes that matter the most to
heavy-duty pickup truck customers.(Ford F-Series) With the best in class rankings, comes the
ability to do what is needed, and not have to have to worry about something going wrong or the
truck not being able to perform as expected. With that comes satisfaction. That is why, Super
Dutys customer satisfaction with overall quality tops all competitors with a rating of 83%. That
compares with 77% for the comparable Ram and 73% for the comparable Chevrolet trucks.
(Ford F-Series) That is just a few of the things that makes the Ford the best truck, because in
order to be the best truck, the customer must be satisfied with what is bought.
Finally, what must be discussed, is others that may disagree with this essay. They might
say GM or Ram produces a better truck than Ford. And, some of those reasons for GM might be,
that the GM truck has the best features that produce the most wanted qualities in a pick up truck,
which may be true for some. ENR did a review on these truck and this is what they had to say,
Denali model came trimmed out in soft, supportive leather seats with contrast stitching-including a heated steering wheel and heated-and-cooled seats. Even so, all the new HD pickups
are capable work vehicles. (Van Hampton) Even with these luxuries, the Ford still has all the
same features in the comparable models. So, these are nothing Ford has not incorporated into
their pickup trucks.
The next differing view that some may argue, is that Ram has the Cummins engine and it
is the best. A lot of people you talk to will say it is better because they put Cummins in semis.
But, the problem with this logic is the motors they put in semis are different than the ones they
put in the pickup trucks, so their argument holds no water. I mean, sure they have the same name
stamped on it, but that does not mean it is the same motor. Compare the numbers. The Cummins

puts out 385 hp with 865 lb-ft of torque, while the Power Stroke puts out 440 hp with 860 lb-ft of
torque. So, the numbers give away which motor is the one to have, and that is Fords Power
In closing, the people of today need to get a lot of work done, and that means they need
to have a truck that is going to stand with them to get the work done. All three of the major heavy
duty trucks will get the job done, but one stands just a little taller than the rest, and that is the
Ford Super Duty. This truck does it all. Three ways that it stands a little taller, first its owns the
largest portion of the heavy duty truck market, next Ford is always innovating, and finally Ford
has the frame that is going to stand strong to get the work done that is needed. This is how Ford
is able to keep their customers happy, and provide the best truck for everyones needs.

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