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English Grammar

Dragi prieteni,
Materialul 50 English Grammar Exercises acoper 50 dintre cele mai importante structuri ale
gramaticii limbii engleze. Pentru fiecare dintre acestea, v-am pregtit cte un exerciiu nsoit
de explicaii teoretice i de trimiteri ctre alte resurse utile. La finalul materialului, putei gsi
rspunsurile corecte i traducerea tuturor exerciiilor.
Prin parcurgerea acestui material i prin rezolvarea exerciiilor, vei reui:
S v sistematizai cunotinele de gramatic a limbii engleze.
S identificai zonele n care suntei nesiguri, pentru a le putea consolida.
S dobndii cunotine noi prin informaiile i trimiterile din cadrul exerciiilor.
Ca ntotdeauna, v stau cu drag la dispoziie pentru orice ntrebri.
Numai bine,
Alexandra Drghici
0721 956 775

Publicarea, distribuirea i reproducerea total sau parial a acestui material sunt interzise.
Utilizarea sa n scop didactic este posibil doar cu acordul autorului.

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1. Irregular Plurals (Forme neregulate de plural), p. 6
2. Quantifiers for Countable and Uncountable Nouns (Cuantificatori pentru substantivele
numrabile i nenumrabile), p. 7
3. Comparatives and Superlatives (Forme de comparativ i de superlativ), p. 8
4. Adjectives ending in -ed and -ing (Adjective cu terminaiile -ed sau -ing), p. 9
5. Possessive Adjectives (Adjective posesive), p. 10
6. Possessive Pronouns (Pronume posesive), p. 11
7. Object Pronouns (Pronume cu funcie de complement), p. 12
8. Reflexive Pronouns (Pronume reflexive), p. 13
9. Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives (Pronume i adjective demonstrative), p. 14
10. Indefinite Pronouns (Pronume nehotrte), p. 16
11. Prepositions (Prepoziii), p. 17
12. Prepositions of Place (Prepoziii de loc), p. 18
13. Prepositions of Time (Prepoziii de timp), p. 20
14. Coordinating Conjunctions (Conjuncii coordonatoare), p. 21
15. Correlative Conjunctions (Conjuncii corelative), p. 22
16. Connectors (Conectori), p. 24
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17. Word Order (Ordinea cuvintelor), p. 26
18. Interrogative Clauses (Propoziii interogative), p. 27
19. Question Tags (ntrebri disjunctive), p. 28
20. Negative Clauses (Propoziii negative), p. 29
21. Imperative Clauses (Propoziii imperative), p. 30
22. Relative Clauses (Propoziii relative), p. 31
23. Present Simple (Prezentul simplu), p. 33
24. Adverbs of Frequency (Adverbe de frecven), p. 34
25. Present Continuous (Prezentul continuu), p. 35
26. Past Simple (Trecutul simplu), p. 36
27. Used To Past (Trecutul format prin Used To), p. 37
28. Past Continous (Trecutul continuu), p. 38
29. Present Perfect Simple (Prezentul perfect simplu), p. 39
30. Past Perfect Simple (Trecutul perfect simplu), p. 41
31. Present Perfect Continuous (Prezentul perfect continuu), p. 42
32. Past Perfect Continuous (Trecutul perfect continuu), p. 43
33. Future Simple Will and Be Going To (Viitorul simplu Will i Be Going To) , p. 44
34. Modal Verbs (Verbe modale), p. 45
35. Causative Verbs (Verbe cauzative), p. 46
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36. Stative Verbs (Verbe statice), p. 47

37. Inseparable Phrasal Verbs (Verbe frazale cu particul inseparabil) , p. 48
38. Separable Phrasal Verbs (Verbe frazale cu particul separabil) , p. 49
39. Passive Voice (Diateza pasiv), p. 50
40. Reported Speech (Vorbirea indirect), p. 51
41. First Conditional (Condiionala I), p. 53
42. Zero Conditional (Condiionala 0), p. 54
43. Second Conditional (Condiionala a II-a), p. 55
44. Third Conditional (Condiionala a III-a), p. 56
45. Articles (Articole), p. 57
46. Adverbs of Manner (Adverbe de mod), p. 57
47. There, They're and Their (Structurile there, they're i their), p. 58
48. Antonyms (Antonime), p. 60
49. Commonly Confused Words (Cuvinte ncurcate n mod frecvent), p. 60
50. Idiomatic Expressions (Expresii idiomatice), p. 61

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n continuare, gseti patru exemple de exerciii din acest material, cu rezolvri i traduceri.
Cumpr materialul integral pentru a accesa toate cele 50 de exerciii.

3. Comparatives and Superlatives (Forme de comparativ i de superlativ)
n limba englez, adjectivele pot fi scurte sau lungi. Adjectivele scurte sunt formate dintr-una
sau dou silabe. Adjectivele lungi sunt formate din dou sau mai multe silabe. Atunci cnd
adjectivul format din dou silabe se termin n y, avem de a face cu un adjectiv scurt.
Adjectivele din dou silabe care nu se termin n y sunt adjective lungi.
Comparativul adjectivelor scurte se formeaz adugnd -er la finalul formei de afirmativ.
Superlativul se formeaz adugnd -est la finalul adjectivului i articolul hotrt the
naintea sa. Exemplu: cheap cheaper the cheapest
Comparativul adjectivelor lungi se formeaz adugnd adverbul more naintea formei de
afirmativ. Superlativul se formeaz adugnd construcia the most naintea adjectivului.
Exemplu: expensive more expensive the most expensive
Exist i adjective cu forme neregulate de comparativ i de superlativ. Gseti mai multe
informaii aici.
Completeaz urmtoarele propoziii i fraze folosind adjectivele din parantez la gradele de
comparaie indicate (C comparativ, S superlativ).
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1. Harry is __________ than Joey, so be careful who you trust. (smart, C)

2. This is __________ food in this city! We will come to this restaurant again. (good, S)
3. Just because I am __________ than my brother doesn't mean he is always right.
(young, C)
4. To me, tulips are __________ flowers. (beautiful, S)
5. Making no decision is __________ than making a poor decision. (bad, C)
6. Dora has three brothers. __________ one lives in a foreign country. (old, S)
7. __________ peak in the Himalayan mountains is the Everest. (high, S)
8. I believe that philosophical articles are __________ than science-fiction ones.
(interesting, C)
9. Brittany is __________ girl in the world. She is very kind to everybody. (nice, S)
10. We have both been hiking in the mountains, but your clothes are far __________ than
mine. (dirty, C)


17. Word Order (Ordinea cuvintelor)
Ordinea cuvintelor n propoziiile din limba englez este explicat aici. Ordoneaz cuvintele de
mai jos pentru a obine zece propoziii corecte. Majoritatea propoziiilor sunt afirmative.
(Precizare: n topica propoziiei pot exista variaii. n acest exerciiu folosim topica standard:
Subiect, Predicat etc.)
1. comes / Santa Clause / on Christmas Eve / down the chimney

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2. at the flea market / handmade objects / Gus / sells / to earn a living
3. the news / tomorrow / I / will tell / you / at work /
4. the factory / The Prime Minister / at 11 a.m. / is going to visit / on Wednesday
5. Victor / Does / in this city / a brewery / own / ?
6. this chocolate / give / Can / to the kids outside / you / ?
7. presents / Jamie / on his birthday / from his friends / didn't receive
8. for your sisters / Please / beautiful / pick / flower bouquets / two
9. of appreciation / I / a letter / last week / sent / to my high school teacher
10. plays / Edith / captivating / every evening / games / with her children


39. Passive Voice (Diateza pasiv)
Diateza pasiv ne ajut s ne referim la aciunile suferite de un obiect sau de o persoan. n

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limba englez, diateza pasiv are n structura sa verbul to be (conjugat n funcie de

persoan i de timpul verbal) i verbul principal la forma a treia. Detalii i exemple aici.
Pune verbele din parantez la diateza pasiv pentru a completa urmtoarele propoziii i fraze.
Ca element ajuttor, gseti n parantez i timpurile verbale de care vei avea nevoie.
1. Our house _______________ by my father and my two brothers. (to build, Past Simple)
2. The book she gave me as a present _______________ by my favourite author. (to write,
Present Simple)
3. This dish _______________ with a hot sauce. (to serve, Present Simple)
4. The hotel room _______________ yesterday, but there's already dust on the furniture.
(to clean, Past Simple)
5. The contract _____ just __________! We should go out and celebrate. (to sign, Present
Perfect Simple)
6. The presentation _______________ by Aaron tomorrow. (to give, Future Simple with
7. The sliding automatic doors _______________ in 1954. (to invent, Past Simple)
8. Elizabeth _______________ to the police station before we could talk to her. (to take,
Past Perfect Simple)
9. The most beautiful songs I have ever heard _______________ by this radio station. (to
air, Present Simple)
10. My computer _______________ today, so I can't meet you online. (to fix, Present

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47. There, They're and Their (Structurile there, they're i their)
There, they're i their sunt structuri care se pronun foarte asemntor. n scriere, ele
sunt adesea ncurcate chiar i de ctre utilizatorii nativi ai limbii engleze. Pentru a le stpni pe
toate trei i pentru a le scrie corect, este important s nelegem ce nseamn i cnd se
folosete fiecare.

There este un adverb de loc i nseamn acolo.

They're este forma contras a lui they are, care nseamn ei/ele sunt sau care se
folosete cu Present Continuous la persoana a III-a plural, e.g. They are dancing.

Their este un adjectiv pronominal posesiv i nseamn al/a/ai/ale lor.

Alege una dintre structurile there, they're i their pentru a completa corect urmtoarele
propoziii i fraze.
1. Norwegians are proud of __________ country, as it provides a very high standard of
2. Evan was London last week. He went __________ for a job interview.
3. In the evenings, I watch the news while my children do __________ homework.
4. I bought you new pyjamas. __________ on the bed.
5. I'll be at the restaurant soon. Meet me __________ in half an hour.
6. The employees are very upset with the working conditions. __________ especially
dissatisfied with the poor equipment.
7. My colleagues brought __________ own food from home, so we are not ordering lunch
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8. Ralph and Debbie are crazy busy. __________ preparing a breaking news item.
9. What is going on __________? I hope you haven't let the dog in.
10. Can you see the flight attendants? __________ now showing how the oxygen masks
should be used.

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Rspunsuri i traduceri
3. Comparatives and Superlatives
Rspunsuri: 1. smarter; 2. the best; 3. younger; 4. the most beautiful; 5. worse; 6. the eldest;
7. the highest; 8. more interesting; 9. the nicest; 10. dirtier
Traduceri: 1. Harry este mai iste dect Joey, aa c ai grij cui i acorzi ncredere. 2. Asta e cea
mai bun mncare din ora! Vom veni la acest restaurant din nou. 3. Doar pentru c sunt mai
tnr dect fratele meu nu nseamn c el are ntotdeauna dreptate. 4. Pentru mine, lalelele
sunt cele mai frumoase flori. 5. A nu lua nicio decizie e mai ru dect a lua o decizie proast. 6.
Dora are trei frai. Cel mai mare triete n strintate. 7. Cel mai nalt vrf din munii
Himalaya este Everestul. 8. Consider c articolele filozofice sunt mai interesante dect cele
tiinifico-fantastice. 9. Brittany este cea mai drgu fat din lume. Este foarte amabil cu
toat lumea. 10. Amndoi am umblat prin muni, dar hainele tale sunt mult mai murdare
dect ale mele.
17. Word Order
Rspunsuri: 1. Santa Clause comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve. 2. Gus sells
handmade objects at the flea market to earn a living. 3. I will tell you the news at work
tomorrow. 4. The Prime Minister is going to visit the factory at 11 a.m. on Wednesday. 5. Does
Victor own a brewery in this city? 6. Can you give this chocolate to the kids outside? 7. Jamie
didn't receive presents from his friends on his birthday. 8. Please pick two beautiful flower
bouquets for your sisters. 9. I sent a letter of appreciation to my high school teacher last week.
10. Edith plays captivating games with her children every evening.
Traduceri: 1. Mo Crciun coboar pe hornul casei n Ajunul Crciunului. 2. Gus vinde obiecte
fcute de mn la trgul de vechituri pentru a-i ctiga existena. 3. i voi spune noutile
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mine la serviciu. 4. Primul Ministru va vizita fabrica miercuri la ora 11 a.m. 5. Victor deine o
berrie n oraul acesta? 6. Poi s le dai ciocolata asta copiilor de afar? 7. Jamie nu a primit
cadouri din partea prietenilor de ziua sa. 8. Te rog s alegi dou buchete frumoase de flori
pentru surorile tale. 9. I-am trimis o scrisoare de apreciere profesorului meu din liceu
sptmna trecut. 10. Edith joac jocuri captivante alturi de copiii ei n fiecare sear.
39. Passive Voice
Rspunsuri: 1. was built; 2. is written; 3. is served; 4. was cleaned; 5. has just been signed; 6.
will be given; 7. were invented; 8. had been taken; 9. are aired; 10. is being fixed
Traduceri: 1. Casa noastr a fost construit de ctre tatl i cei doi frai ai mei. 2. Cartea pe
care mi-a dat-o drept cadou este scris de ctre autorul meu preferat. 3. Acest fel de mncare
este servit cu un sos picant. 4. Camera de hotel a fost curat ieri, dar deja e praf pe mobil.
5. Contractul tocmai a fost semnat! Ar trebui s ieim n ora i s srbtorim. 6. Prezentarea
va fi inut de ctre Aaron mine. 7. Uile glisante automate au fost inventate n 1954. 8.
Elizabeth fusese dus la secia de poliie nainte s putem vorbi cu ea. 9. Cele mai frumoase
melodii pe care le-am auzit vreodat sunt difuzate de acest post de radio. 10. Calculator meu e
n reparaii astzi, aa c nu te pot ntlni online.
47. There, They're and Their
Rspunsuri: 1. their; 2. there; 3. their; 4. they're; 5. there; 6. they're; 7. their; 8. they're; 9.
there; 10. they're
Traduceri: 1. Norvegienii sunt mndri de ara lor pentru c aceasta asigur un nivel de trai
ridicat. 2. Evan a fost la Londra sptmna trecut. A mers acolo n vederea unui interviu
pentru o slujb. 3. Seara, m uit la tiri, n timp ce copiii mei i fac temele. 4. i-am cumprat
pijamale noi. Sunt pe pat. 5. Voi ajunge la restaurant curnd. Ne vedem acolo n jumtate de
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or. 6. Angajaii sunt foarte nesatisfcui de condiiile de munc. Sunt, n special, nemulumii
de echipamentul prost. 7. Colegii mei i-au adus mncarea de acas, aa c nu comandm
prnzul astzi. 8. Ralph i Debbie sunt extrem de ocupai. Pregtesc o tire de ultim or. 9. Ce
se ntmpl acolo? Sper c nu ai lsat cinele nuntru. 10. Poi s vezi nsoitorii de zbor?
Acum arat cum ar trebui s fie folosite mtile de oxigen.

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