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Final Revision project 200 points, divided

Various Due Dates up until December 11.
Over the last 4 weeks of class we will deeply engage in the revision process. This involves reseeing a previously submitted project, deconstructing and then reconstructing it to engage a new
vision and deep understanding of what you are capable of accomplishing (or learning to
accomplish) on the page. The primary goal is perfect articulation of intention and analysis of the
rhetorical strategies at play. What were you trying to accomplish and why? What does it mean?
The secondary goal, then is the perfect execution of that perfect intention.
It begins with reading and analysis. You have to know what you are working with, and decode
whats expected of you before you can successfully execute an assignment. You will also need to
analyze your writing style to determine your strengths and identify what you can work on. Only
after these are completed can you make a plan to fix your essay.
For this project you will work with 2 completed essays: The Apologetic Narrative (the Landlady
piece) plus one other. The other can come from any class or assignment this semester. ALL the
following criteria MUST apply:
1. Written/composed/constructed by solely you. (No collaborative writing projects)
2. Previously submitted for a grade (or external judgment/evaluation) between August
24, 2015 and November 6, 2015.
3. Academic prose (poetry and other creative writings play by additional sets of
rules that we are not getting into here)
4. You acknowledge a possibility for improvement AND are willing to change.
5. Your emotional connection to the piece does not inhibit accepting criticism and
advice from your classmates.
For each essay you will produce a revision packet that includes all of the following: rhetorical
analysis, prose analysis, revision plan, annotated rewrite and a perfect finished copy. Here are
detailed instructions for each component and the graded value, provided in the order of
completion. Completed projects must be submitted through Bblearn in 12pt Arial or Calibri font.
All documents should be double spaced. Due dates are on the accompanying calendar.
1. Rhetorical Analysis: (30pt) Analyze the assignment instructions for the essay
prompt/assignment. Compose a 2 page detailed description of the rhetorical situation.
Your analysis should:
Include a summary of the assignment with class title
Articulate expectations of audience and genre.
Identify the purpose -- both the instructors purpose (including outcomes and
course expectations) and your purpose.
Articulate your underlying motivation for the assignment what is at stake?
Note any implied criteria or underlying assumptions that are not overtly stated
in the assignment instructions.

2. Analyze your prose (30pts) Compose a 2-3 page description of the style of your prose.
Try to look at your writing in general terms, not under the umbrella of this assignment,
but in general terms. Do NOT make any changes at this time. Only report and describe,
and offer possible suggestions.
Talk about elements of cohesion (the old-new contract), and quote at least one
successful example from your paper. Identify at least one area where cohesion
breaks down; make recommendations for how the problem could be
addressed. Identify recurring errors that interfere with readers understanding
of your point. and
Talk about concise language. Quote at least one successful example youre
your essay. Identify an area where you need to decrease fluff.
Miscellaneous: Talk about at least one element of your style that is a strength
or successes. Try to identify at least one recurring error that interferes with a
readers understanding.
3. Make a revision plan. (20 pts) Before writing the plan, you should be away from the
paper for at least 48 hours. Compose a bulleted check list, with boxes that you can mark
when done.
Identify clear steps to approach the paper first globally, then paragraph level, and finally
sentence level.
Prioritize Writing is an ongoing process; there is always something to tweak or adjust.
Make sure that the necessary components are done first.
4. Annotate the Rewrite: (100pt) Turn on Track Changes. Make changes according to
your plan. Self-reflection will be annotated in footnotes. Note why you made the choice
you did, what you did, what kind of issue you were correcting, and the effect it had on the
overall paper. Always note areas that surprised you, for good or bad, or changes that led
to unexpected results.
5. Submit it. When you are satisfied with your rewrite, submit a digital clean copy (20 pt)
and the annotated version together through Bblearn. All final packets much be received
before 5:00 Friday, December 11.