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Reading Response Assignment Choices


I think this setting is important because...

As I read, I felt
Im not sure....
Before you started reading this book/story, what hints did the title give you as to what this book was going

to be about?
5. What is the most important sentence/paragraph/passage in this book? The most important event or feeling?
6. I wish the author had included.
7. Do you like the ending of the book? Why or why not? Do you think there is more to tell?
8. If the book were set 50 years in the future or the past, how would the conflict change?
9. This situation reminds me of a similar situation in my own life. It happened when...
10. If I could talk to the author of this book, I would tell him/her
11. What personal event in your life does this book remind you of and why?
12. Which character would you like to have as a friend and why?
13. I wonder why...
14. How has this story changed your thinking?
15. What parts of the book seem most believable or unbelievable? Why?
16. This character reminds me of myself because...
17. What information or knowledge did you already have that helped you to understand this book better?
18. I chose to read this book because
19. How realistic is the plot of your book?
20. How does the setting of your book contribute to the mood of the story?
21. What was the authors purpose for writing this book?
22. What motivates the main character's decisions?
23. What are some words you dont know?
24. My opinion of (name of character) is
25. Questions I have after reading are
26. What other events, people, or situations has this book caused you to think about and why?
27. I began to think of
28. How does this book compare to another by the same author?
29. How does the part that you read today fit together with the parts that you read earlier?
30. How has the author's style or language appealed to you?
31. How do two of the characters in your book differ from each other?
32. I really like/dislike this idea because...
33. What is the central theme that the story is trying to convey?
34. This event made me think of...
35. I began to think of
36. How does the title relate to the story?
37. I really dont understand the part when...
38. What decision has a character made in your book that you totally disagree with?
39. What type of reader would enjoy this book and why?
40. A quote I like or reacted to strongly is...
41. I wish _______________ had happened
42. This scene reminds me of a similar scene in (title of book) because...

43. Create a diary entry in the voice of a character.

44. This section makes me think about ___________, because...
45. I like/dislike (name of character) because...
46. What ideas do you have about the problem in your book?
47. I was surprised by...
48. Has the book helped you in any way? Explain.
49. Write a letter to a character or from one character to another
50. Which character in your book are you the least similar to and why?
51. What do you think will happen in the next section you read?
52. What issue in your book has caused you to think the most?
53. I like/dislike this authors writing because....
54. Something I learned from my reading
55. Which part of your book are you having the most difficulty understanding or connecting with?
56. What are the problems the main character faces and how are they solved?
57. I cant believe...
58. Give advice for the author or characters in your book.
A prediction I have for what may happen next is ______________. I think these things will happen
because(What details in the section support your prediction?)
59. What questions in this book would you like answered?
60. What issue in your book is the most interesting? Upsetting? Familiar? Ridiculous? Confusing?
61. Im not sure about...
62. This part is very realistic/unrealistic because....
63. I wish that...
64. Which part of the story caused the most intense feelings in you?
65. If I could be one of the characters in this story, it would be __________ because
66. What is the conflict the characters in your book experience and what are you learning about them through
this conflict?
67. This character reminds me of somebody I know because...
68. What kind of people should read this book and why?
69. I love the way
70. It seems like...
71. What historical event is mentioned in your book and why?
72. What have you done that is similar to what the characters experience in your book?
73. What came as a surprise in the book? Why?
74. How would you solve the problem that the main character has?
75. If I were (name of character) at this point, I would...
76. What ideas have you gotten from this book for a story of your own?
77. Which character can you connect with the most in your book?
78. I like the way the author...
79. This character is like (name of character) in (title of book) because...
80. Which character has gone through the biggest change in your book and why?
81. I wonder what this means...
82. What kinds of things should someone know about before trying to read your book, so that he/she will
understand it better?

83. What is the best part of the book? Why? What is the worst part? Why?
84. What do you think will happen next?
85. What have you learned in your book that will be helpful to you in another class or at another time?
86. Write a brief summary of your reading selection.
87. Recount a major event through the perspective of the antagonist.
88. Which part of your book would you like to go back to and re-read? Why?
89. How did the author make the characters believable?
90. While you were reading today, what did you picture in your mind about the story?
91. What has been the most difficult part of this book and why do you think that is so?
92. This story teaches...
93. How do the minor characters affect the main character?
94. How have you changed after reading this book? Explain
95. The character I most admire is ________ because...
96. If you could "jump" into your book right now, what would you do in the story and why?
97. I noticed...
98. I was furious when
99. Why do you think the author wrote this book/story?
100. I think the relationship between _______and _______ is interesting because...
101. What do you know now that you didnt know before?
102. Which part of what you read today were you able to visualize the best and why?
103. What connections are there between the book and your life? Explain.
104. What kind of message does the author want the reader to get from this book/story?
105. Something I would still like to know about __________________ is
106. I think....
107. What were your feelings after reading the opening chapter of this book?
108. Recount a major event through the perspective of the protagonist.
109. How would the story be different if it was told(choose ONLY one)
a. from a different characters point of view?
b. from a narrator?
c. in a different time period?

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