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La musique franaise


"Sobri (Notre Destin)" is the first
single from French singer Leslie's
album, Mes Couleurs. The song
was produced by Kore & Skalp,
who produce tracks in the Ra
style of music. The single was a
great success in France and
Belgium where it almost topped
the chart.
Sortie: 2006

The title literally means "First Fool" in
Ivorian slang. The song contains an
autobiographical account of lead singer
Salif "A'Salfo" Traor about his exgirlfriend who tried to hook up with him
again when he became famous.
Originally recorded in 1999, it became a
smash hit in France three years later,
topping at #4 and selling 300,000
Sortie: 1999

"Alors on danse" is a 2009 song by
Belgian singer Stromae, released in
September 2009 in Belgium and in
February 2010 in the rest of Europe.
The song reached the top position on
the official music charts in Belgium,
France, Germany, the Netherlands,
Austria and Switzerland and also
reached number one on the
European Hot 100 Singles. The song
is currently receiving strong airplay in
Italy where the track is in the top 5.

Sortie: 2009

Sniper is a French hip hop Band from the
Val-d'Oise department. The group
consists of (Bachir Baccour), (Ryad
Selmi), and Blacko, formerly Black
Renega (Karl Appela).
"Sans (re)pres" = without father/point

Sortie: 2003


Kyo is a French rock band with lead
vocals by Benot Poher. The band was
active from 1997 to 2005 with three
albums Kyo (2000), Le Chemin(2003)
and 300 Lsions (2004) and a string of
singles. It announced a hiatus in 2005
without a definite break-up. In 2006, Kyo
was involved in launching "
L'Or de nos vies" written by Kyo and its
lead singer Benot Poher for the Fighting
AIDS charity in 2006. Kyo had a
comeback in 2013 with the
album L'quilibre.

Sortie: 2008

Cyril Kamar, (in Arabic ( ) born January
31, 1980 in Beirut, Lebanon) better known by
his stage name K.Maro, sometimes
also K'Maro, is a Canadian pop
singer-songwriter and producer of Lebanese
origin. He sings in French and English.
In 2002, K.Maro released an album entitled
I am l'ancienne only in Canada. He released
his official solo debut album La Good Life in mid2004, with three singles released from it. He
released his second studio album,
Million Dollar Boy, in late 2005. In 2006 he
released his first remix album, 10th Anniversary:
Platinum Remixes. His third studio album,
Perfect Stranger was released on October 24,
2008. His most recent album 01.10 was
released on April 27, 2010.

Sortie: 2004

William Thongrasamy, known under
the pseudonym Willy Denzey (born
19 August 1982 in Melun, France) is
a R&B et soul French-born singer
with Laotian origins.
In addition to his many hits, he
performed the song "Double Mise
(Bet on it)", used in the movie High
School Musical 2, produced and
broadcast by Disney Channel.

Sortie: 2007

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