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Megan Neely

Persuasive Speech
COM 314
Topic: The importance of adopting dogs from the humane society and other
shelters in hopes of stopping the actions of puppy mills.
Scenario: I am the Outreach Coordinator for the Humane Society speaking at a
shelter seminar, and persuading potential dog owners to adopt a dog from the
Humane Society or other shelters, instead of pet stores or other breeders. By
adopting from shelters that are focused on protecting dogs, you can help to
support the Anti-Puppy Mill Pledge to shut down puppy mills in this country.
Main Points: These animals need our help, reduction of dog overpopulation,
anti- puppy mill pledge.
-By adopting dogs from humane societies and other shelters, you can be the hero, the rescuer,
and the loving family. (Although shelters treat and take care of dogs, it does not mean the dog is
living a happy life, which is why adoption is crucial.) While at pet stores, although dogs appear
to be living happy lives, they are most likely bred at puppy mills or done so illegally by
breeders.) Buying from stores or breeders shows support for these torturing mills.
-Many shelters overpopulate, leaving millions of dogs on the street every year. By adopting from
a shelter, this is making room for more dogs that need to be rescued. Shelters are fighting to take
down puppy mills because puppy mills are what is causing overpopulation.
-Because of mistreatment and overpopulation, I propose the Anti-Puppy Mill Pledge

***Focus on: time limit, intro and conclusion, Monroes Motivated Sequence,
presentational aids.
Monroes Motivated Sequence:
Attention: Get the attention of your audience using a detailed story, shocking example, dramatic statistic, quotations,

Story about Buddy, the puppy-mill-bred Golden Retriever.

Need: Show how the topic applies to the psychological need of the audience members. The premise here is that
audience needs are what motivates action. Go beyond establishing that there is a significant problem. There are many
problems that are not particularly relevant to your audience. Show that the need will not go away by itself. Use
statistics, examples, etc. Convince your audience that they each have a personal need to take action.

As potential dog owners, it is necessary that you are aware of the extent
that these dogs need you, the dog overpopulation problem, and the puppy
mill controversy. All of the above represents the importance of adopting
from shelters, opposed to stores or breeders.
Satisfaction: You need to solve the issue. Provide specific and viable solutions that individuals or communities can
implement to solve the problem.

Adopting from a shelter and signing the Anti-Puppy Mill Pledge

Visualization: Tell the audience what will happen if the solution is implemented or does not take place. Be visual and

If you adopt from a shelter and sign the Anti-Puppy Mill Pledge, not only
are you rescuing a dog in need, but we are also one step closer to shutting
down puppy mills. (If you sign the pledge, you are a supporter of animal
protection and will not adopt from a pet store.)
Action: Tell the audience what action they can take personally to solve the problem.

Go to your local shelter today! Adopt from our society and give a dog a
loving family and home.


Intro: Attention

h ttp://
I want you to picture the scenario I am about to tell you. A story of the sadness,
weakness, and torture given to a puppy-mill-bred dog, who will forever be scared by the horror
faced while living at the mill. Its something you cant even compare to living, because sadly,
most dogs are tortured until their lives end at these puppy mills.
A two-year-old Golden Retriever named Buddy, unfortunately, is living with constant
fear from his experience at the puppy mill. As he is currently staying at the local shelter, Buddy
was rescued from a puppy mill in a raid by authorities six months ago. Buddy lived in a wired
cage, only large enough for him to lie down in one position. He wasnt fed, bathed or given
disease-preventing shots. He lived in a garage with 53 other dogs, all living in individual tight
cages, while covered in their own feces. On top of these conditions, the mill owners beat them
regularly as their form of training, and unnaturally overbred the females until they couldnt
move. Buddy was one of these victims, struggling for his life everyday. Authorities and a
crime-fighting shelter organization came for his rescue. Taking eight hours to bathe, Buddys hair
was finally rid of feces, and he was given medication for his almost-blinding eye infections and
near death pneumonia. He was taken to a local shelter and this is where he is, currently. Buddy
needs a home, and more importantly, an owner who can love Buddy extensively to make up for
his terrible mistreatments.

The overbearing problem here is that Buddy is far from alone in this situation. As the
Outreach Coordinator for our community shelter, I am here to explain to you why adoption needs
to occur at humane societies and other shelters, and NOT pet stores or other breeders. Pet stores
and breeders are likely to breed dogs from puppy mills, which are unsafe, unsanitary, and
life-threatening for dogs all over the country. Today I will explain to you the reasons for why
these shelter dogs need our help, the overpopulation problem of dogs everywhere, and the
proposed anti-puppy mill pledge that all members of society should take. All of which are
support points for humane societies and shelters in this country, and reasons for why we should
take that step ahead for preventing dogs like Buddy from spend a life of suffering.

As potential dog owners, I can advice you to adopt from shelters and not a pet store. Your
adoption is a crucial for the life of the dog. We need to help these dogs because these dogs need
us to survive and to live happy lives. When adopting a dog, it is necessary that you are aware of
the extent that these dogs need you, aware of the dog overpopulation problem in our country, and
aware of the puppy mill controversy behind the scenes. All of the above represents the
importance of adopting from shelters, opposed to stores or breeders.
You will save a life: A shelter pet is more than one in a millionshe's one in 2.7
million. That's the number of adoptable dogs and cats who are still euthanized each year
in the United States, simply because too many pets come into shelters and too few people
-That also relates to the overpopulation issue. By adopting, not only are you giving a dog
a home, you are allowing more space in the shelter for dogs to be rescued from the
-Price. Much cheaper because all first vaccinations and spay/neuter costs are included
with adoption price.
You help in fighting puppy mills. What are puppy mills?
10 Signs: h ttps://
1. out-of-state puppies (stay away from pet stores, and watch if the puppy is from
Midwest states)
2. Where are the parents? If you dont see its parents, its most likely a second hand sell
for unknown reasons.
3. You cant meet at the kennel. When the breeder says, lets meet somewhere else,
thats a clear sign its a puppy mill breeder.
4. Many different breeds. Good breeders can only take care of two breeds at a time-max.
5. Multiple litters, a lot of puppies
6. Is the puppy healthy? Puppy mills do not give their puppies vaccinations
7. Promises of specific size, temperament, or characteristics. They will be broken.
8. Cleanliness. Puppy mill puppies smell like kennels and have dirty coats
9. Contracts.
10. Giving you a puppy that is too young. Puppy mill breeders do this often to avoid

feeding them and giving them shots.