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SEPTEMBRIE CU ROZE SEPTEMBER WITH ROSES VICTOR EFTIMIU VICTOR EFTIMIU NICOLAE BRETAN Tempo rubato (1887-1968) a St Sint ul - fi-me-le ro- ze, sep - tem - bri-c, si sint C3 ~ Now here are thelast ro-ses,Sep - tem - ber'sfad-ed flow'rs. The ni-firi de smir - nd in ge - md-na-te-n vints - sers of rich myrrh, caught on the wind of car-ly fall fe fu - — mori po-te - Ii - te se fea - géna-ngrd- di - nd: A- stilled ____per-fumes a - float here, 2 - flost___ here in the gar - den, The Ss pe mur-gul teamnei pu - ne mi - res- me-lor sur - di - ni, ‘au —tumn dusk sub-dues your sweet scent, late ro - ses of av tumn, bi-e @ f -~ we a ur S-a ga- tit, lu ber crowns her - self with full - blown gold-en to - ses, ze in-fla-ri - te ce scad. in as- fin - fit, ba ses that at twi - light close all_____ their pet- als tight, To si—___re-nas-c3_ mii - ne din in ce mai pa- le In © = pen up each day- break with er pal-er col-or, Pale 2 @-u-ro- re sin - se de per-le si____ 0 to- sts at first dawn - ing a glow of pearl and SSS S55 i Su-ti- le noas - mi-nind y - sor Sint fir - tle smiles are late wey ro = ses still in bloom, On aa ae