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Ginkgo biloba

Lucas Mozelli Padial

Ginkgo biloba is one of the oldest trees

that has news, with fossil records
dating back more than 250 million
years ago.
For a time it was considered extinct,
but rediscovered in Japan in the
seventeenth century. Seeds were
taken to Europe and later to North
America and today you can find ginkgo
biloba trees worldwide.

The ginkgo biloba was the first plant

to sprout after the destruction
caused by the atomic bomb in
Hiroshima, Japan.
They are deciduous trees, that lose
all their leaves in winter and reach a
height of 20-35m.

Now a days Ginkgo biloba is one of

the most commercialized medicinal
plants in the world !

The drugs made from this plant can

be used to:
Improve blood flow to tissues and
Fight cell damage by free radicals,
acting as a natural antioxidant;

Improve memory;
Inhibits the proliferation of
aggressive breast tumors;
Reduces ringing and improves sense
of balance;

But their therapeutic efficacy, in

general, don't have scientific basis !
alternative formulations. But would
they be as effective as manufactured
pills ?

The answer is NO !

To obtain the same amount of a

single tablet of 120 mg, you need 20
capsules of 200 mg of ground

Now, if you liked this medicine and

want to buy one, feel free, because
that does not grab me, nor with