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4 The International ler ten years before to force. lon and prom Hts has been developed’ (OHCHR, Fact Sheet No 22, p 3) i vith tterence tothe ope Uhelestuments reconsidered n more dered np inthe United rend owing oa he nt of heap Nations ut standards of rights was always on the agenda, In the General Asse Hi caren meeting. In Reso! fe United Nations adopted bold step towards creating an Internationa 41 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights G, and ide A. psx jon wos adopted without a dis Saud Arabia, ADecaration oft not, by det tt has Se Is argual ated in the Charter are now so widely acepted t ‘whether because they constituted a codifice leyhave acquited the orceot cus accepted as re Universal Dee rights instromen he Universal Declaration havecrystalizdinto custom: dec TRS enbs payeans axe axdoad it uaa ka paataisere42 10F nyo ypeondde LL proj pe HopEDIB! jo s2ueua0u 3 9925 U3 snoi391 10 apn o wonoword a tuo uonganend si avon! ho sapnay respsas “ZL de nen pat 240 Jo A214 epuedx9 s1 on ‘ip 30 wopeptno} “cents gure yssuou os eps 9 94 re ces ears 1 7eUEROI pu sue juss 0K3 2 21 ‘poousrion panoput are 1, SB n sy uonezepag resontun 2h fod zvone 8H 08 ST 12TH HH ye oy Aienbe jo aaimezend atn wt teen ise azo S24 UO ‘pantoaut in youtuoo e ayeqnoyie oF S4295 ase aid se jewuowepuny puE ue Joy tsa stontn 0 woroswond 2M 24915 revs soqaye 18 agpard eh SO}2s1) ‘unaq se 1 pue Aap 342 fu ayer suoneng DEHN 3 aorad pur seo no sem (96 esronquny ap 40 Aas meee say wean se 70902090 OL ere}90 Te on Ae 24) 321939 quay deur pue may stat aqui) syseg ain 4294 8 srs £660 vu ‘anne sooueape Tupyeut Ut fqeeppag fessoatun 310 1 oe. fry vow ona EU AL ‘uewnt 0 prey att ve Kamas {yo raya put adoos 2 Jc poms) 348 pu tuo SUEY we ‘aqonp: eu op dtaau pue SuySrouo sats Aweus Jo swaUNDP aAnMAsUOD 3 i se pas uaeg sent UOReIErSG 1eSBAqun) at, TuAUINASU sys HELIN eursyuy ajqeaqdde Aquo att 23 Aes wonese9g Tet og siumuaso9 revoweuye ay Foyle 20/pue puss ou ane ses KUEHY 10} uonesepeq essaqiun ayn jo a2uepodus} a4, 2 th 041994591 ps IE 2 eo stat ayqeees st wOnese°G [etoat¥ af 30S ALL soyer saga typseds Jo wopaoy sun09 1 191 20 Pa oda s9uoua40 ut ansteutaned 5 430 uno reuoneura popnppues sasnep AayoU 248 ipaq restoarun, jpnetuayy Jo yuaiUe9 aif WO STSUASHOD e SPU or dn wesyey) a yoo earaqt 1!30u98 Jo ved e oe) Ost Wdosoyd wma « "ye} Jo woysajord © js uonese>9d estan ute vmuny oula NOUR MULE to respect and protection 95 ‘States ate obliged not to conespondence, attempt to secure democracy, i and publ service i included in Art 21-7 adequate standard of tving, heal fi It development of and Peoples Righi juman Rights, go much further, articulating. ‘the community and State. ‘The terrationa Bio Human ghts 41 415 The Importance of the Universal Declaration ‘education in Chapter 20. ‘The advent of compu “the Universat Dec High Commissioner for Hurnan Rig luding Akuapem Tw, Asante, tua, Samoan, Scots Ga ly universal. In many countries, events such as independence from colonial powers ofthe Fitieth anniversary of the Universal Declaration ‘woRDunRSE sap 40) Assop0u 249 ateReN9 “uIKA PounysuD swep224] pu YB 2K 01 2L2I9;1 uw “sieuaxo> om 242 u2amIag svar oy 241 8 sp “sHAeNgO. Kut IO3 {sy6a fog pe wep wo vena) Rone (ei ww wrung vised an uf pamuons ais 29 01 BaD A 0) nso few se mo 19 seins done weno) had AO a on ue HIF ‘aus soumpne w Sdoxs esx ain aye ot SeRARGU HMBC) Hora J sunyeu paarsoiod ayp 129gas01sop!e851 ‘3F61 UoRese}9q TesHoatUN Bp Jo s1a;eAp a Aq aes! 30 ¥2-€ sh UI potea “KSION) SIF TINO ue E95 ppue (4090 od pue euopeu ‘aueseq uonesepag Les euonewoiuy fF syBy vou yo euoneU IL aL yp aynoraygennain eoxdde enp euodl poteuinsoizpun aq touue> LoMerePaG fSHEAN) aN JO ‘onyes Sujnupuod aun Arucnbastio; s:98NUn sueaW ou Aq sta2ueIda33e1 Anjiss 99 pinom wonesepaq lesz9anu ayp em soyeap ata yo adou 2tn sem aT 9961 40 squeUaA> JeUOAPUZAILT SUOHEN paHUn ayL Z> “goo2) suone1q9}99 esi qnop on “st ov sates soquiayy evepag minut yo saan 3 OPHON HL, Jaye] s1¢94 sno} 44 Thelen Bio eran gh the bet he United Nations, the African Ch {eron Hunian and Peoples’ Rights, and the FU Charter on Fundat 421 A family of universal rights? be exert by everyone a society, These rights are essentially those 4 he Feneh and merken Decaations Sah ts very ecogeed. ied th social rights may be fess read jon, the rl a safe and roup nights rights Rights of peoples or soltdarity rights as they are so ng, cteasing prominence-—for example, ve to develop Natlons adopted the Dec encapsulates rsrument he ents rows 10 self-determination, Arguably, i © inclusion of self. er than a foray Into collective dierent geneatlons of ght is are indivi i he me yran Rights 45 and fernational Covenant on Economic, Soc 4221 Overview “The Interna i, Social and Cultural Rights nal Covenant on Econo! partes to: option ofleglatve measures. [ile 2) \ding on the goodwill and resources of Identified we processes which are discussed in ‘The Covenant. ded Into five parts and runs to thirty-one: July 2008, 160 States have ratified the Covenant. socal sights. Natural ns provided In Art fenational Covenant on Clv an adequate standard of| cultural life including the protection of the le Internatlonal Covenant ott Economie, Sc tes are required to send per 1. 2}duex9 405 "e>Heuny o saves pan 0} popance you ancy sarens padojaap sa8se} oun Jo Aucus ‘peapul “(600% AIMf 40 st suone>gnes 211) popuorus seat se rndod se uasoxd rou “snodat jo n Jo wonswuouydumy onowuouday cz suonen jo aeseet (2 Ayyouyes jo da2u0o 949 oF wars yensed eu Benue] uo sroip asizead pur ssajoud a f Kolus oy sonuouyut arp sos sepiaoud cz By ‘S| ‘uonedqsed o sys nessou “6861 Uuontiaaiog suoneN pontun atn 49 KIqeraprsto> uo popuedeo I skate uy) i spun sigag se paraayoxd 39 0} aye u>y Aq paiesoape se sion asn pute sin 5 za) ‘noqguo9 no 9] SL, og HY PANEL josd at 0} apetn agua pe 1 I sse pamaasst uot > Bay vows og evenew>r au. jy soned Sunzesi409 uo sqM0 a uo “Na 3 mu2Kg vee ep10395 40395593 xan pe oF Mops uaag staadso Ate soveis Suome 5 Kqeseu 10) S008 eiapsuodos 35044, (01 UY) 1 pouuistien Siu.0 ys sea fpoq Asostausdns 0g ‘Iwouodg uo iq Jo uopeznea124 une> te! 95 pu aeHOKIONG 3H 30 ‘1am sodas 2ypouad rou2.-Ase91996 3 sm euanog atn 49 po sue oe IMAM AKL OF witha few nota -dopinion of the C 4234 Cond ing observations Despite the signif 0 the expectations ofthe original propo. it took to complete the Bll Isa nega fe It has taken to secure 1 we ICCPR an barely comply wi permit States to dectare The tematonsl Bao Human fights 49 and Poltical Rights does enable the Human Rights Committe to recetve individual olations of s though only against those States have recognized the competency ofthe Committee the foundation of "Nations. Many organsand bodies wi ‘withthe protection and promot “organizational structure of the United Nations in respect of snow necessary toexamine te an ight CASES ‘larga Peart (1980) F 28 876 (2a Clr 198 96, Abed in (18 TC) eps te READING Craven, M, The Intemational Coven {ts develope (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1985) rights" (2007) 290 281-306, ide, A et 1902. tary (Oslo: SUP, 1 Fights A texthook, 2nd edn syosog Jo sh Ue TY FO ng an wo 22H tuo ayume> an ‘sang sure 29t sano) YBIH SUOREN paurun 949 2PIsSUOKY (908033) DUNES pos poe sraouorg aun #14 ayo suoneN: pain. 2p 30 Atquassy (2399 318 Ap wey Uo sodas mn upon Jo aati apEs © Bupoqurs 91900 KO. ten aimonuys jeuonezjue610 SuoneN pariun at Jo MalAraA0 UY ES sn uewna jo vonousoal pur won 1 suefio-qns io pue SHOR ‘uewsni aas9sad pe aromsord sq parle stsque4pou ua japun we ayenniep 0} poured? 24 feat Japunste8io pue soypoa syst wet nu att passrosip SUIAeH S pec fsotUN HOH HIN uojua005 YB suOLEN para “sta uewnn, seated owe) seg pte deasng 1 Aya) ¥ AAU @ Sh, — 10g Avourery iy vewn 62 LOT) suns aunt vurwany yor ap, pues fePos Pe KOU " “UHH UBD) HH “ose "SHOHO :839105) {A242 BOS BS saya Jong muoneanrt aus aH OHO) sess HEU 30} UEBSMLRUOD eH 702810 ‘peg Te) Us pz MWD HID 8 cone -anwlapen nu pu By ‘voy won maa "song ope, :p101N0) M07 Ass Slo LEM (e002) suoct pue UEP oF AR spe 'y “Ansan 6 Regional protection of human rights tic nature of the world today, In he fundamental requizement of ould enjoy rights free from discrimination tures should be celebrate ‘the Job of providing s “diverse society than in 263). Moreover, strengt 's developed by the United Natlons ty for regional human sights systems the United Nations only provided {01 t of regional rights. General Assembly Resol 82/127 called on States to constder the estabilshment of rego for the protection and an rights, Not atl reglo and enforce texts and any toni are also relatively homogeneous wit has obvious advantages, Howes {international aw. They arecreated by Wea nsus, Accondingly, regional systems exist under ems as regard, fot itness to many of the sa ‘example, enforcer 6, Drafting and adopting texts Regional ter seeks to embody a uniquely Aitcan concept of human and peoples’ Independent States are regio some instances). texts of regional systems ate, This presupposes a reasonably developed infrastructure and thus system less inwiely than that of the United Nation as proven most sucessful 612 Accessibility yu uewn jo uonsojend euséay 99 £8. sy urwny jo uerai0e uot 188 Regal protection of human gs logical progression of the lematlonal/regional law. However, law and repeatedly asserts is rote ‘of the Euro ined a very long history European systein yet the In the region democracy has been a priority i cess. States of ‘been relegated in in response to serious ‘over the years, using re stuatlon, individu in concem, their use i of rights -Ainerean Court provided a com ie Youngest developed reg 's to be found in Africa, Even more than the Americas, Africa has-a history of oppressive regimes and serious Against sult a violent and often undem: attempts to consolidate hi should perhaps have However, the Aftican system has succeed eglonal system for the protection of human tights, The Conan sion has tecelved fr of complal Fegional systems, channelled through non governm Frequent ight before the Afran Commission concern ture and the right to privacy as deliberated on by continued existence, the Afican many Issues In p ‘an body of human rights mat ined in Chapter 9, 63 Other regional initiatives the Organiza ns for rink the rights ipported by effective 7 Fegonal protection of hum 4 The Arab League eague of Arb Stats was eablsed In March 1945, theeecuton of agreement concluded by Menbe Sates countries (Att 1363 (7/10/44) Fe Arab States inthe Middle Fast and Northern Africa fof the Member States of the League of Arab States adopted ‘condemning eto onany nen every three years, ensuring when operational. Rs s the ‘best opportunity Ina generation to advance protection and promo: nostly now achieved) and ea Convent iatves of the Buxdojaaap 30 usigeso {BUEYD UEIsY Ue SOON Jo E10 “(c661) Aquap91 0}, =I, jeog8a1 navy © Buydoresap uy 501 ndse aun pauteni0> W 6eF MANOS Jo UORNETDOSSY aL, newuasaidar areas snsuastes) Fama i seuten Uesy ued tn puokg ‘upjsy-enuy “quaseud 12 2729U0 Arepopnf any yo 20u9puadaput 7 vg foreman “o3 i nop ursdosrg st wep 1 Jo a8 ang axoge vapTED Aq PU e219 oF Aan sein 1 syuared 44 | ‘| | | | | | | | sajuojo0 sou9} 212 Uo} usury aos Aqensouy ate 21041 “orda4 tt J0 TPE a 4 ssaidane a pun poxdope 16 SG uum o donojd eu fay ‘i . ‘x89 vewngo vores rior 06 92 Reson potecion of hun Highs ). At the tine of writing (mld 2009) fof democratization aud ‘develops Securingagreementon ‘stablishinga huma and with varying Jing human rights in the eharter a considerable achievernent 78) Seres A, NOS ECHR). fon on tre Competency of he Court to glean Advisory Opnlon 1, 2/6/2004 (BCH, ram Syste for Honan Rights (Oxfout rd edn (Conn: Wester, 1998), ve Unvasal Declaration of toman lectbn of human ighis 93 Region Rights Progress and obstacle’ (1998) 163) Netherands Quart of Human Rights 287-314. [Nalm, AAA, ‘Human tights nthe Ara Woe egal perspectve" (200) 2303) Haman igs and Popes’ igs (Leen: Kluwer, 1997) ts Documents an Resources (The Hague Kw, vo, ey affect counts’ respect for hman rights” wor—the Commonwealth Secrtarat rope 95 72 The development of European human rights protection ‘Human Rights were high on the agenda ofthe new organ stan 109 34 5 Bu ate “Kquassy AeeyuoUNe Lot atoms ‘Oepoup Jo yore 40 suonsanb sapssuoa ue> 908 ‘9661 22415 aunpavoud BuLoduou e pastaraxe 8 “e102 Key sonst ‘wet J0ad10j aes ag ium suopspap dope Aes Aau4L“S429m Jo 21d spuane outs ki ayes s9qu an ax Jo kp: ave sane sadouna jo Aeva1oas a, (adoang yo uy J0 worreptisuutos9s a4) uo ArquiDssy a tesayan-Aieya1995 aus ce dom) oot Mn and Its Trotocols, Such opinions tobe extends be asked to lunes the belng raised by applicants isters. Cases decided before Most cases decided thereafter are decided of the Conven tophy. Fuope 103 1981, 52 cases were seferred pending beforethe Court. By plains, By 1997, 4,750 co the Protocol before t entered Into force. October 1997. In teams of to ‘of Human Rights beca (Gee Figure 7. terms of the 31 October 1999, tf 1 of appl Protocol. Note ‘the Court has been Cyprus v Tukey. 7.53 Individual complaints Following the en force of Protocol 11, became compulsory forall Contracting States. could elect whether or not to recognize the jurisdiction of the Court especialy t ngs jeuapore ssonbor uauipal & ‘ued eatayin (oF Uy) 19qIUEN ys autH UT UO 1 Aye ote at 0 38pn| oo x9 Ue SApNPDUT 1AqUIEUE PUELD aU equioy puary ay, vee 0 pauayat wad qnuow-aanip pagioads 24 ‘ase> 02101 uso ved 049 PMNS 19qUIEUD us ‘enn a1e ynor ueadon {6¢ W¥) ast aN YOAPNNS 9q.UED ye atoas 01 duane oste ‘ua doneShsoauy we 40 panos 999 et J oy puatuh rede sao20q if uous suypoanoud a jo ates Kut 484s 2th 0 Yas osre axe ese “AxassuApeUT yo SupUl © 46} LARK 39 sAeve so suosEay ‘Tes| USIP Jo spunoAf OM) 23° Sm uopaneype vot! {wou suojuaao’ 9 9 a4 jap st2se>Y Uo}suntzo> axa Jo aateRoro4d 3th saa aanruHoD axp'spadses Aue peur sures coaggy 5820014 yo sse> ays 30 tas sol samy stopiad ‘uonuaation aun jo, {e138 y “sap0ud es no} SoU ye a1 aa £9 ; 5 roms ys “sums a wey ww ups SUSININSOTILLINOD, —— 4 pay wi ‘anv ‘feu = —t— Hoge sans 1ssHpy | sa60rs sno) yy ese ue enpINpOY CZ amb 4 teauaipnt aH) oe aasarenuias “STON earn ovat “TILLIMINOD = seautyoava soant auLsIOas sory wean sone weadaing ee Beg HIU dom $0 I A A (2 panel of five judges decides on whether the case raises a serious ques. ion or application of the Convention and thus should tion for Security and Cooperation in Europe Europe, this body i nization with fifty-five paticipating States and to have blennial (every two ye structure in 1994, the new institutional framework and seflected tn the decision to launch the proces st ion In Europe (OSCE) in 1995, The OSCE worked in a Europe wh 12, and indeed eaiphass on security. ‘democratic civil soceties based 01 promoting 3 coope democratic and peaceful socel joneering work ofthe Organization of American and strengthening emergent democracies in a preca ou of Suns wv epuae sams kets 10} pao ath 8 “fy weeny] WOU reno atp jo sou ny aq 4H Hoy Un at 20} swuEUIaBUe mio ueadoang “wosup, weadong sat 919 JO 28 iw 82 109 weadoara yun, ueodoung ae 8uyaq owt} AME UOT, Ueadomng aU uolun uvedoing £2 ‘adoang jo }puno9 aq) pe suOHeN pau, uy uayeapun ate eypots 39x} e Bunaassprenor svo}fa "Sem je yaUeG souepin newoIdip 19 yno SBUIED 2aheU ins (21143080) expau snsmed ‘es poser st eipayy at Jo wopaar4 uo aatenuasarday, ie iuapiedapur‘2y)# Buu YORAIASU 596. eupayy aya so wopaa.d uo annewuasasday au £9 vvanosd s€41 3950. rou jo ans wes jord 01 Buus Atop 5 pu su 0 Anuar ax jo uorowosd pue en yo ane Uwojearosang 917 2qn4 Ul SSMUOUIFY TeUOHeN Jo useq Apesie 1a page & “ratotssMOS UBL aM apn, ‘Aoemoydp annensaaaud st so quaun TW aH "3080 sadsoad we siuopsay pu sin 128 Jo suiays{s seDolUap pUe suORD9|9 294} spHEN.ON BUSsBITOIS seis odds 01 saday 3950 1 Bupfoyjen Supequies yenbs 1apus8 Supa ‘pom ae ona arewdoxdde Supdojasap uy sores sso} auuresfoxd Suruten aaisuayndino9 # sme ado ose af (pouzouo> sores aqh Jo wsenbar auy e) sabre Kap Busou A lu epuatajas pue suondia paupuny © punose paatnsq0 $8 3250 3A saHeIS UHL suonmnsti ayeouiap pure stot sa aay Jo swssis Jo USTITIgES eyduia ajqesapsuo st 2104) squanbasuoD ‘erg ew) sIyBu ww aujou ud ese soUye pass Koe20u9p ovuoy «i si2yau pue saan 53350 cuemny 3 1 e341 SUORD9f9 394430} ny Ue pu suoRMNSUY INeMOWRG 30} ADH}O ALL uewny pue suonmnsul anerowIg 40) a21H0 auL C9 Jo aus 2240 atn Hoy peajona 5 ado G01 ee ee ee ee el 110. Europe 7.74 The European Court of Justice and human rights effect, forced a change in approach by the European Court of Jus 29/69 Stauderv Un afforded the Court the opportunity to acknowledge the Impact ances were brought to the following year in Open Door Counselling ly States can be pa ‘the European Court of Justice opined that ‘as furope 111 7.22 Constitutional recognition of human rights in the European Union freedoms, The Treaty of Amsterdam respect to human sig and Fundam European Court of Justice wit European Conventiout. Fin ty of respect for human rl nyssavons sey adoung uy uorressdoo) pue AsM395 Jo uote eID aU jatto> weadonrg ayn aznave sans FEROS 2uisauppe 0 Kea amos 5508 ue euoriny uo ssyet(9 usadonra ath pue saNOUIH euONER ‘uo vonuaAwoD WoNaueds aL AU a yeaa pe "e295 >1WwOUODa adoang Jo ypunep au 12xaM04 -wapa>asd rePIPnL 545 © Uo s9p0q ‘uojuido agizeds ase> 01 ayBiem sous sPpe siuauiBpn{ uato “QaNQNOU PONTO? 54 soumnauios) soins uonepaidde yo uirew Bujssarppe row sm padojeaap seu 194 anamor sdoyeaap pur: shonaten saaeees Ca eee sey ui puss ELL oon sewn ayn wos9 1-186 Jo YoHDAIOId aun sazNsua yOR}w uays4 e padorenap sey ado nf satesoduranuos suoneN pawn st au Jo A40M2tn spade: nue pinot wag Suojsnjruoy sz 1 s12%09 "wonedna3Q put bg 10} wowausess jelous e Sin ue uautkoyduia uy wuauseon yenbo ams sia) ssanoeria passed mou se, 30 18¢q 4 WO, (ius os.es95:¢12y) a pue uoneiuap.o renx3s Buppniou 'Spunosd yuarayp yo wowed eo) ed Hos a1 UI suojsJo%d woReUTELDSIP- OU Jo HIS 949 poplars ‘ow sey Ayyunruiwo weadoing. uioxy “Wo ‘rear ave] Aunnnuto; so suors}aosd Mu 3th fo 3pew 99 01 se on (61 ydeuD) 420m 0} ave aso, siupsznnsuy joa 0 ssa0ons som ps 1 epardope sey uc 0M SupouoId aK iva seu sorun usadoang a pany wy slog s}ouady aq, '9 su8irewawepuny uo o> (Yaa) Louady au. “poUstigese sea (Oa/00z/¥91 woIte;A#ay) 1047 WHEN. usd ai sour 5. s01e4 a4, ‘Soo9) uy sug pus “swuaunsop o1 88938 ‘uojuc) ay yo uonezado axa sta stash 1 Aq pasteape uonssioxd wi won UL a 114 earope urope 115 san Rights Quarterly 68-93 in the Baropean legal order (2000) 21(8) for a coherent buen ght ste sani the BU Chante of Fundamental Rights (2001) of tndividat petition: Report ofthe value ropes Court of Human Rights’ (2002) No 246 (199). ‘Wildhaber, "The European Convention on Human Rights and intenatona Law” (2007) 56 he rc of Hina Rigs Tterational and Comparative La utr 217-32 weasites ns (European Vator), ‘eutopaeu/polAoiondexen-te—Inde for Buopean Union Soca Afar. ‘wo. org—Oxganzation for Secult and Cooperation In Eutope. we osceorgfalhr—OSCE Office for Democrat nstiion: ‘05 orgfhenm—-OSCE High Commissioner on Nation in Europe (Dordeeh: Manus Nibol, 1999) 8 The Organization of American States ‘Membership of the OAS, yfive Member States, ton was not supported by any enforcement machinery. was formalize ate with the work ofthe inter Amer Intersil te American Amerian States oil of revolution. Democracy, 38 ‘The Oiganzatonet ‘uphold human rights. Powers of detention and arcest appeared o thousands of people dirappeared without tace, and evidence of systematic torture mf feedom of expression was widespread, Gover sometimes this due to problem was developht 8.2 The Declaration and the Conventions states refers to the les thereafter, However, mn was required, In content, broadly included encom also sets outa nut les are varied rangia 1d protection of to vote work (408 XXXD which Hinks and pa as for 3s that the Co. Not ali Member States of the OAS have ratified the Conv feo have a signlficant role in shaping sis evidenced by the work oft spo soyedns 03 35us}paq0 anp JO 2 J ese ssoueread ‘uy sisuaaifie vojpenxe Sip ‘usa ane & uns 2} seoueseadesp 922103 ay uy pauyap are sapuestodesip p22%0d ‘guosiad yo sapteeaddesip a3ION2 atdoad jo spuesnowt 96 oovog uo uontanun at taco pe Agquassy T22u29 310 vps suong po 2ou0roxddsta 2204 2 0 UonUardo) UOrH=UN- 4 EYES f yo uonypenxa pe rein at Sut re suomeBayre aumuoy Jo asa) (ER yuausanioju9 se ys aqu>soud oF ago ey SOREN, pan aul 210 J sayeis duets uy wayqoxd ayQeIoe se yoads pue reus 103 pauado sew woqnuaatoD ranaig 0} wousnvo wooaaurysew VER aud ws¥OouL squaunnist pue suopUaAUOD 494110 F2 yy uewnne 54 Jo adoos aun papuedss yo au 8 pa uondsoxa ou 10201014 ‘qr "wort 20) yure fouapusy 34) AID (0661 Ayouag yr92d 0 _stoqy 01 sy6iy wun Uo u9nv2%uny vessauy a oye! EEE Genk. seis Uevauy yo uonemueEBO 5 oo.ous ath pure LORD ‘19m s9}e§ OU TANANOH "e961 (opayes uos so o7e14) sy iny) fu 000s DAUEUEDD JO oY “agri sty Uccny wo woyni9sUeD UO>MILY 340-2010 OUANPPY VEE sjo2oqosg euorPPY €zs fo scojeopumustucs 2aas24 01 HOISSIBLEED yestaxdeaoo s 2unp2201d si 982 0H fang 40 020104) 24 4 POP ry oS © pasayoo are sn 0 tas yo uonenqes payeyep &01 ses stuses woRLAAt fur yo sta eeqU35s9 a 30} 99451 LO PASE 33H idatg uaasd vee) panies 109 30 Buna9Hx HARLAND “6S pu paidope sea wopesepeq ath apts apes ‘oflenues) sare’ ustare jo ss9NsTE F430 UO vonuaauoy ueslamy ay, 778 sans jou jouoreru60 ML BLL 120. The Organization of anescan Sates £243 Inter American Convention on the Prevention, Puishment and Eradication of Valence against Women (Convention of Belém do Fars} 1994 CConvertion was adopted proved more popular insoat time as that on Forced Dlsappearances but women pervades every ‘of soctetyregardtess of class, race or ethnic group, income, culture, level of eda | sexual, explicitly inctudes violence in the tolif. bert, integrity, freedom front torture (Art 4). The dutes States Convention ae spelt out in detain As 7-9, states agree violence against wonten, from Contracting tates, 8.244 Inter American Contention on the Blminaton of al Forms of Discrimination mination of All Forms ed. Undoubtedly this, 8 considerable advancenient on the other asa result of wnt. ‘rious non discrimination intiatives adopted by the European C 83 The institutional framework 831 The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ‘he Organization ol Amescan Sates 121 letions in accondance therewith, More re “American States and exercises the American Convent {and Imbued it with added responsi evelopment ofthe Com sion was established in 1959, coincidentally (of Europe, by reso eign Affals (OEA/Ser. C/I). 1960 with ‘of gross, systematic volations of ing these reports and sa 23.2 Structure ofthe Commission tn accordance with the C who are‘persons of recognlzed competence n the feld of (Art 34). They ae appointed by the General Assembly of the OAS to Je, four year, enesrable term of office (rts ‘Member State and, as with similar (Ast 39), Is primary cole {Ast 150, amended, Charter of the OAS), lng under the Convent ig functions of the Commission derived ‘both fom practice and from the OAS Charter itself of Procedure clealy siferen cedure whlch the Cos tow, Indeed, Art 1 of the Coinmisson’s Statute defines ituma ‘The rights set forth tn the American Convention on Human Rights, the State Parties tzeeto;b) The rights set fort a sy -sase9 (saoueneaddesia. wemnpuon) zsuree 22” {yor au Ae tet) 91 01 Pass SACD & £2 any Spee bs 9 J0 900 SoBe (AED | snd ove ost) fend bu (unpu sod000' ag) Kune FDIS | sn ns ash sue eouppe ut snindn pu se Ke nee 0 SUH 13 breeoy 94) SPADE io wes6paeoupe | anpavoxd Azosinduioo © fa noc at 01 W803 AE S35ED lug womyoy Jo supssqusog pe eH yo vaqtunts et} payee 909 2net uso ainno asteBe 9 aye saves Sun}senuog 10 UoIsTu dag woot aaron 952 uoqieagne! wos ‘rovesypnipe pue Losiape pure 3/pue "ur 30 1x90 21 ony 28¢9 © 3 paBas s} nos) 24 0 {usn9c) pasoxdde 3196 amparosy Jo S48 vn sannevuasardos pa raato3 2 a eB zh. 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Rather than cooperation OAS embracing 1s key objective tedevelopment. respect (8 Chapter 23). 43.4 The General Assembly The General Assembiy is ke principles 3 This was developed further in 200 at Quito, Ecuador, “he Organization of American States 125 4.35 The Inter-American Commission of Women ty-four delegates meets every two y Vs rights’ advancing equality of participa and women In all aspects of society. Associ mi functions ate carried out by the Permanent Secretariat and delegates rout the hemisphere. Support and recognition of national wonten’s move. 5, from grassroots to govern inltial stages of the operation ofthe syst xt. The machinery established under the Convention could not ealing with gross violations of fundamental ri In Europe since the cancluston of the Second World War. Sec power were often dismissive or even pts at external tlon. State of Emergency and, 7, were regular oceutrences especialy when 1 fr in the aftera Com astate ican system 4s unusual tn that 1d themselves subjected to Invest ts (a ion, even signature of fom those States whlch, 1g cases brought before i jon, At a consequence, different States are sub. residual povees, suonems sh 2 Aq pasn aq ue Luojstsoud st paar os 2neu sa48is 2489 O4, (Ze HY) Uo udojaaad yesRaxu 105 1BUNe. ns saqueg aig “sores BuN>e ‘oy Sunes Aanp tersus8 ou sujeiuo> ojeuiuy 1oyi0 Auew spodes—uonuanuo) 73 1s panjosut asorn yo S99} 28 to quauneaiy Stmpesocr 40 uewnyLy pu ano 30 yo surg atp unin s20;|H000 8 (09 Hoan at “Kygenue "v0 yaH0H{ “WHT 1 axa sn uonuaAu0D ax pages _suoneN ‘ato iruosa vwepny 1210 Argendiesjwsersis 1 Alde ues sampanodasetnsy Wy aun seuDDeIeKp ag pe wows mn aun rewiog pue aiand 3 uo worssjunuod weDpyy att Kq 7240) tnjssanons au0un Aiqesapysio> st ssapoud au, “WOU rs Aue so Suyouuows Jatpany pure siz0d31 PaeP L-suodar palgns ‘us poupunty @ wet au0x Yoouapun faiog 342 205 pUE UNIS FUPLON Wx (@o02 s2qu929q) eerUef PUE saad Aa a ayeig vy a8ueup © be pte pauzsouoD ayes A jo snuaos9ynboe au 33091094 se[dt40> Ob asuodsar uf woReBHsAAU yo SPAY yeoniiod ayy, TepueUg 51 wos 109 att 50 440m 943 UO yuLHIs OD 224 seis ven vonemunB0 24h oqesuaduo> pur abuetues yo wopeinunu09 B a tes pe voneysay su spur seureyeg 3 tus amu ee ONES nos ani «qn ang an umd gu a eg sg APY SYO 8 LE ‘nu emu au Jo Seon pio UeRRDUTERP © ENE? sare epson ss eos Pu gr apne pue ates 7 a7 PAY pn paw 5a sy puna aim suonerrs “Suseey jee uojoa Anends 01 we pu “an 01 wi ev ‘Sind 594 vo uo} YUHLNOUDD “ap pe nuniss ue Knagos pauve pue Burddeupe one Suoejon poy ay) vo Uo Ue finaq 200 9 “quonbaD UEDVDAY He 3M PTE! 1H Se EULER a9 = Kn ‘Abs pape akey poo ga ir ueuur 7 UOKeOH «yO aglexo Ue 889 SK, : coo {ago '592-21.289 Zo/Re ou voday sowoyog 2410 gaeanwounny a woPo0> 40} sunpanod uwoosay suonepu war atp Jo aymels aut 1H} PEAqosO1 Se pads puoras iqeiunoa2e ujewas 128 Me orgentaion of American States 543 Convention—inter-State complaints tons may the benefitof any instant case. Th Ea | Figure 8.1 Convention india compan. ‘The Oxganzation of American Sates 129 denied access to domestic remedies or otherwise prevented from exhausting them (Art 46). 8.44 Convention—individual compl ny 1399 10u svoouL, japuss usp seve q uoyevapun SUI je acts © Jo Aapaydivo> ayy “AIgerau “si U8 josuopejoys sos pue snewas% jo mopeys ang Ho} Suan wows Jo a1? Jin at aadmoqt “nat 129d ase SBS smORUaNED A} SessaoKT SHOWER 2 UL 199 pue uno a4 Pe ite parod uoq a8 ur ‘apiaraos: says uwuny Supsoi0xd pe 2 funn ape uso eo se sal8oRl "apeDap 3 asa Jo ano ax a40 uEnorn eA ‘uesqany ay ‘spose Aueuy Up for day. © paseyd seq 3y “uosso1 a4) UF AA Due Suldoyosop tt papoavons sey sis UeDHSNEY 0 ot sng wewn|t jo uonesePoC fs!onRU 3 lags io po1eyar HojssunvOD aun JO uod>y FeNUELY 800? 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It was designed to reflect African concepts of 's phraseology and unde jonale. in 1998, Charter was agieed-—the Protocol on the Establishment of an African C AMiica, the AMtic has played Union, formerty th inent tole in developi je contribution of this to text ‘some ways considerably less developed interparts yet peshaps Its greatest success joungest systent of the f Mrtean system Is passesa numberof Portuguese, and Spanish) ch traditional and customary laws and rules that are ‘peoples in Some areas In some respects, the region thus appears less homogenous ‘Europe or America. However, there is aco tights, The Organization of African Unity (Oat ‘wake of rapid and widespread decotonizattoi ued to facilitate int ins for the néwly eme rovide a fo ican polley vis-b-vis thied States to be fo fe sole priorlty when the Chi the c ates wll ramunity and soctety tothe ind ‘peoples ght 92 The African Charter and other instruments as served as a talking vening region 1op for African States 12s dlsplayed tights abuses by closing decade of ates intervening systematic and gross violations 9.24 The African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights The Chater (often referred to a5 tered into force In 1986 ies the African concept of rights bbe accessible to Afican opty: it is siiking ariong intematonal and reglonal instruments Emphasis on human and peoples rights and its eatalogulng of the duties of the State. A further notable feature Is that, unlike other nstruments States ate not permitted to derogate from. al Instances of \g missions to States jowever, the motives and of a5 sonte have unfortunately added tn Togo ie entty Into force of AU ceased to exist ened ‘The primary ted Integration of the co! ‘between African countries. fe realization of the 924 The opprooch ofthe Charter gional organlzations the OAU adopted an Integrated approach states that the parties are convinced thi mterestingly, se passuppe st ijdiv09 ) T56t saga 50 002) $1 W356 payer papas unajoneg us ON) ‘sprue au ‘oparapio pue wep ainsi 2 pu) sem 2261 (co 29 203 11 pgs aaa (Dal poe DLP suygord eau’ poe uonenes pononut Ain 261 worn ues “ 6961 W2UNFY U) swarqorg aaBnj—y Jo spadsy ayppads ay Gulusax09 topuanuoy NYO ays Zzs Ainp ear} 9p £2: jes9 woysad 03 pasmbas s enpraip (9)21 BY Ui pameddrostes ERY Jo A aru kqseosnosar djusouo>s aun uonez oj09 so suo} wou 2,eU voun wep >uL 9EL 138 ~eAian Union ‘and assstance- factors respecting and ca comre=nity; preserving and strengthening al vas; and contributing to the promotion and achievement 2002, tas he chtid (are 42), tee of Experts has competence The oe GS i ce ud work towards the goals to-enfore all the agit fon the esta for whieh Is (Court of Justice with the Court on Hi fess, in January 2006 it proceeded 9.4 The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights 0 ond functions 92.1.1 Comp The Afican Commission, a body of eleven independent experts, was created in 1987. Members serve in ther fortheir inorp Auofen ) Sanseour Te fo 10 wojtestaduroD yo siapso apn} aueud 14g saydoad so weu pug noo 919 In foore181229 te8ay pave Aue Uo st (EU yo20}018 fevaso on >ypstan sey SYR sa}doaq pure UEWINyL Jo NOD ‘uno mou ay vor2ypunl posodays 276 ase ju8sa}8 € 0 po29s Ata 0 “sulsKs ueadoun 2tf ja sans] Ropy7eq aut PIOAe TUN sm PUR ese 1 sovesypuy sdewsad sig, stustiautodde wwwusjo 40 afryap # vadxo 10M s20p 314-2014 PUE srebK xis fo a0 yo wis pagsaseud sou Jaye uoRDalear Sus jurado pue aoupiadwo pazmio092 esojaiat sys. 9500130 fry set saHRO 04) PPA 24 591 90 HOH} 3n9} ‘suas yequdestoo$ urewt 9 wo} 3014) ‘Sapa j jo urSio wp ug 9q M4 HNoD Net au 1H pue aon AGU AY 0001044 866 stoop Aue 40} 31geH IPM 2410 fapun syueBe ane 99 ftsno}sord 20 fadapuy ay 105 uoysisoud Pa 3661) poqunsard st (61ea( om Azpaa s98pn| no} Ayec9sa) 2221 J potted 30 peg au jo92 jo pue 1 fo Aupedeo jenptaipuy ue wt 2959503 PAE yn sejdoag pur u 8661 2H, ‘uno mau jo uojsoduas pasodars V2 aououada pus aguayeduso> 2H2peDe ‘qovo1e14 9002'S BY) 1020104) 866 10} paptsond se wsnsKs pro, aka Hus abseps0998 | papM|az0> pu POIBPIS ange pe 2ansnf yo MED ueDIAY ayy Jo UoR>eS siaBHy Wen im sina. s0ido2a pure wewsny Yo.UNod axp aojaq SurpUEd uyproooy ‘uoneredo ul ujewe: une Let voun vesun 9a pisord “2onsnf jo uno UEIY sufi sajdoag pie sewing, ida sieadas (XENIA TENASSY 20q) 11483 ‘odope sea shy Ueungy pu aaqsnf jo tor) EUV etn josie e159 01 papipep au seu AV aU RAODIO}Y 94 SE 35ED stseq euonieio! € uo pazoxdde uaaq aaey Sapa! yuanbasqes S00 9002 Asenuel uy s2%pn) {uy ap ov poraiue vaUy sovouod jo worun 34, 9 15 J0u se MO 24 \adtezro'xa pawujodde Aiquiassy anu, “bone Avenuey ueBune2429 sn ‘uone>qunutH0> jen Fy steak ove Aaa saves 3 HOR NON WOME paijun au 0 8509 uo 199u yDea tps Sens suUo|Ss96 99H OH 20} 289K BIN STRAW UOHsSIANHO: a vojsuwen ay yo sBumzayy ces 19 uy) suis sajdoad ps 1 Katy 0 195u} U0 42 The atsan ain 1d Afvicanintergovernmental organizato ‘and individuals of relevant accredi can have reference to any applicable law accs:te as such by the parties Intemational treaties. Provisional measure =~ 38 can also be ordere ‘mechanison in some human and peoples’ ie: cases, 93:24 Towards the future Obvious. the operation of the merged Co-" will be determinant on the Rules ‘of Procedure adopted by it when i 1s nals sé, However, It clear that ‘ts ensisaged thatthe new Court, as the essing Court, will work alongside t ‘Commission in protecting human and pe hts within Africa desp _Beographical locations. The ness merged Cou= is tanovative, combining functions anced separately In other intemationa) :ad regional systems. Nevertheless it he potential fo bea major contributor {sands human rights in Africa. Given the scacity of work forthe existing African “ourt of Human and Peoples’ Rights, forthe proposed merc: Court may be its first case. There- more cases a body primary and internal + between the organs of the AU and/ ‘he Alcan Union 143 933 The Assembly of Heads of State and Government “The Asseinbly of Heads of State and Government Is te political organ he domain of politieal actors. Naturally, enforceinent is {dependent on the collective pol softly” ‘been sanctloned by the then OAU also makes political and diploma AASSEMBLY/AU/Dec.221 (X10) 2009 in whch concer was expressed atthe the president of the Republic ly African counteles were aniongst the resources and dedication to bring cases forwa such a fortunate position (though, as noted, suendunoeapoie (462061, E “i Ki tse sou a abc 4 rures09 ae ‘uopesqunsue> aun ue uodor «edad sqeauou tp wossumuoy au sepoq paws nu 0 PuE SOON WOME unlondde ue, on pear aseu Att Uorssunutog ayp ‘aso eRUpSROSP UI oud pauioouoa ayeas au jo aofou aun 0} ureduzo> akp sutG VoISsHITIO 2A 10 yy jo Antiapy at aenypulysnus woneDtUNUALIOD 109 “BYE ‘uu sigeuoseat © ‘uot 2ns2wop Ho suosoaq-worsia anne st ays4s ODN wedtY at, 50: futo> ytugns 0 suojezuedu0 [ewuawsta\0H-uoN "os UV) JaurettD wasaud 31p OF soMVES SOWS 40 2 lugo, SuonestuntHuo> Tenpyaypus aas=1 On a>UadwOD SEH UOFSSUMLOD 2, yduso> jenpinjpur c's stu (ouve ante oe 3a te pes pmo as ED ere par ato pon Se edu sonveaae> Y -UOBSNLOD : aa ranuy AIUO ayp S| OPUBK A prec ypurung ‘ypurdny a o84OD My ony np oD 9 SOR UEDIY No sueneorn soi fo kava a sep eeeo> = 10 goa eon peop pee fuojo:2401RI857 eouunadg pu ae ese ae uo sven ov uous B00 tod eared fe one ou ps 002 ‘0 98 oste Aen wos ‘SpE von weoury au 9] je MUUQNS Asm Sees Na) 5 8¢ tH aandsp ateg-TUT re Le AA 130 etuoF$as-qnsaq euro UN|aIOS aq UED JHE UT SLL -paysreUND W999 aneK seIpau ey aunsua sn "uoysturtto ayy 0 Aaess9au se 4 josar mmjoeed tn uo siseydusa Ut bo 2DUEPIODDE tH UOpSSJRUOD a4y 210494 pasts Iq WED sUFeKdUIOD ayers a squjeiduio> ‘poster sonsst Au sassy ue suopsanb 0} spuodsar “uodor ayy suasaid anda ah “parapistion stuodos aq piu ie Sumi2eU UosssnUIOD aip 02 anneqUDso!dax © puds sae [aropystion w949 a1e Aat 910}24 pavepino aq deus stro “e>qyy Jo seare amos W aBset> Jo paads oth put sodas jo Zopppeq 1p uaslg seis wow stuodar duos un298 uy swva|QOr age ~tapisuoo pa>uiajadxa sey uoyssjeu9> 249 s91p0q [eUOIROx pul feuoL {Ou se “osaoH1 “uopDipsin! aisqp Ura suoREPUOD aaoidaey 0}, ‘uo> 0 ayes iuoud 04 ans Aout] se won ezqUeRto Bunok e 30} anoU 9 ssanoud reaé-omn sioadsorAuews uy squauunsisty sits wetnt en ‘Atgerap}suo> 51 poyiad Supuods reak-oun ay, soe ay Hy paztUF0>24 ue sus aun oF 9p Rung oF maya e Mal Uaxer SaINsEDUE IO 20 9A snbor says.) 24 JO 29) "u120U00 J ftojeMs Jo UO}ssNDs Ba -3tq 03 suodar ehpraipuy pur a Jo wists e sayeiado won cain. esos 2x9 uous uoReUMo;UI OON “190 UO “s1eiS 01 sysIa UoyssJUNLHOD FuPEUNPer pUe Ru padso oat jeuojeu aup ye 1 eUND 91p 40 aloud af JO jossip "sourarestosd Tu}wen euowiew nox sa iysuiodsasasoyy 98104 sip 42(4, iy veuiny, ayowoxd 0} sapiaisuodsor aney oste SOON ‘sBulisout 21 -and uy uoned pied jo sayz 2uros wane pe uossaunUuoD aq 0} s59208 Kot Ay) IsiTYA ssD0Id Sestomt © 5] WISKS HEDJY OWN UI SOON Jo wonedianEd 2UL fepateur jo Uoyssraruio3 aut 49 payoape ugisuodsor teaBaauy pue Aressapau e sp tuawastonuy OON yet) sapMpuoD ous AHOSHNLIOD, ‘UeDngy ak Jo ssouantioaout pur sassoufeoesaxp ox anp Sey st waisds ueDiyy au U1 SOON 10} past ag weyr pandie aq pjno> y,sa¥paqsouNe AeszMye 1>UDEH SV oun uOuY IML HE 146. Te attcan Unt The aldean Union 147 Individual complaint procedure is, In the words of the amicable resolutlon in Afsica was convened at Grand Bale, Mauritius, adopting a Decaratton and Plan fof Action forthe promotion and securement of human rights inthe region. Much ernacaic Repub of the Congo v Rwanda, B Free kegel Asstance Group and ors Zale, Cases “annex kong Lous v Cameroon, Case $991, 8th AAR, Annex. Mork, Sova an ono Action Rights Conte v Nigel, Case 185/96, ACHPR/ COMMIAOSA/L ‘2002, READING baka, SG Recalming bi 25 the corer fone of fea human sighs (2000) 8() Yale Human Ri opment Jounnat and demests of the Atlan Trotocel on Review 63.93. accept copies of reports filed to United example, aud non-submitting States wi led. Severely smampered by Hs rl often regarded as impot Van der Mel AP, "Me new Aftan Court Tnunsan rights protection mechanism fF aw 115-2, “MB The Atean Union Te Aan Commission ot Human and Peoples gs an fItrational Law (Oxford: 15 laws, mst and nttutions (The son on Human and Peoples’ Rights: Procedures (1998) 20 Human Rights ‘Commission on Human and Peoptes Rigs 10 Monitoring, implementing, and enforcing human rights percelved probe ‘provisions and the mec smplaints will be considered hods of implement s will also be considered, To facilitate a broader discussion and appropriate "Nations system but chapters, ral con expert testimony From selected parties before Issuing an opi binding one, The process, especially with bodies su sig ei2ey Jostitog fy Jo uoReUTT mf UO woR yo 72 9pfy "ap2e0d jevonewa o1 ygns eTeURE woneiaidioauy RujwI9U09 5 sarpoq jevorSar aq pappap stuyerdtnoo ayes HOWL fo 9 saydeuy> 01 x09 panasul ath 995 "Uapams pie ‘Keston “BEUTIEG Aq 922219 j—-aujerduso> au pardusoxd vont Taatiog an oydnymur‘coung jo ypune3 24 dyignd # uy paatoau gon tes pnom ais suet ‘iat ‘dogma stad) 20 wopSiny renin «pop squyeyduros ayers-s0qUt 701 -aiqatyeae wszueypoun Avo juewny pue sys wewnd Supgeuspun yeunoo swe oat 0} fo seu S590005 wonen pau an 6a Sunodo: mL ryssonons axon uasoxd hunoo pure sis seis fo ane UeDHWY 2 pao eUOKTS NY sey suoday St. 24S urwny Bape pu Gunvouayhor GuHoHUor 908 $591 94 dem suodor 10} sma0j # aptaoid Ae jsod femipe a3 Uo sata € W810} 0} KPOG a at sapteyeq ssodsz Jo woRasio14 a4) 20} uoHUaAtI9> qpomaUHEN axp ‘soHensueT AUOUIN 49) 1419 wesdoun pe zap posinbas ax uonuaauog redpuud an ar ayp Buppossono 05 wrasis wuopeanad wiayshs sodas ayy. vot ‘uewny evonewsoyuy SuBursUH 20} 21g ap aun se ‘yas soueps0D0e uF pe *Kq ssapoud sry, soup 2somp go and fenpaIput pe>1PU to. nop reurue3 revopeUDyU| 24 ple paUTEP u99q ancy 5: su uourn Gu 2K poe Bu woUDdur “GINOIWONY OSL 152 Monitor 3 implementing, nd eforcng human hts Georgia v Rutan Federation (2008-9ngoing) IC} online Geog trey of South Ossetis tnd Abner The = 1 ve tnt pos bean 1990 and August 2008, Provisional measures were gidered on 15 October. 2008; by 2 maiiy of et fet ay a fn discrimination, scr a cone wah 25 wel a international hum (uch arguments were posted d fechantsm used to realze i elther throug) tbody, reports to an indepe (Ombudspersons, often is welcomed by 1, para 22 of the Vienna Declaration res that States Forms of Racial Disce stobe esta ns. The Committee of the tate, I or jus fepresented, the Secret he Co adjudicate, pte of th les Is stl spent examining State ie reports. ‘An element of sanction can ascribe to a St nent of ive sanctions being imposed. Th piatnt Is related to the remedies atts accordance law the remedies are primatty political. However, both the European and Amerlean Courts ean and do aWverd financial compensation tovietins of breaches the regional convention, sion requests compensation isaddresed by the violating State but does not specly a effect ofa negative finding provides sufi fast naUonal emedy. Individual complaints can also be directed to some of ims 104 Rapporteurs and special investigators Rapporteus are frequently used by international The activities of country and a matic rapporteurs work in pa sources including in investigators and rapporteurs wil Iscet) €¢ woah Iesraqqun Jo uopeztear aun spreMor AZoM sexpoq suOHEN pauIUA JO TaquINU ¥ sajpoq suopeN payun 1501 ‘81 wowing yeuorfar pue jeu Jo quas!0]u9 a4 9} aynqs}U0D su: jo uauidororap axp pue juc8i0 pue S2}poq 21 jouroad Aq daanoas pre aatad ot ainquitio> 01s} OOSENA Jo antDe!aO WIEUTE. saves 22qUIDW\ E61 Set 6007 Mey\ Joy Teo4 RujsoHO} ap 2510} O14) AUD pI {BqUIaAON Uy pardope sea uORNansHOD su 3[03 PaHDEFAINUT# eH OOSINN (0D8aNM) wonezW06.9 joan poo agU2D5 YovONeDNpY ORON PIHUN ESOL Sq pavean see Jaina swoon payun erst “searing ojuoquy’st waqunou asad 995 pue aoead yedionetzit) sUONEN jauus>etdsp PAO} _J9 suomenys 29npa 01 satis kato s¥ZOs uoReZ|UEHI a1 onoad PU) TST SSABRAY Jo sme at OZ 1561 310 S190 § souo|sTuRUOD URE tN sapmMB yxy UUM FI we Areniqiy uo dnoig Turpom & pue seouereeddesiq Aseunposuy 10 pans0;g uO dnosg Ruppog © apmPUL yuSsaId Ye ssIepUEL! 9) LL “£961 2>uis paydna%0 S51 9461 weuny Supp pue Sunwoucrden Bawoquon 6, very Sup R2 pun Buwouag Susomory HSL {015.2 International Committee of the Red Cross The International Cor vith respect tof a en negotiate rights for prisoners re and ensuring compliance wit va Conventions ate tot 105.3 Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) |e addition to the foregolng, there ate a numberof ny ) whch play a role inthe process. Many of, 1 Unlted Ni educatton, training, and research wa between NGOs a *d Nations’ working groups. The 1 Rights sets aside an afternoon some NGOs operating cover ke asked ine ted Nations Secretarlat to compile alist ce ng Site \d prompt an ind American systems haves ‘panty due to the lagrant vil i t0 take action th Fesources to take forwar knowledge and vidual ynay not. be Forgotten. Although they ittees, there are many ways ion of a Committee and convey tes scheduled for Menitorng,Impomerting, and ef san rights 157 consideration bya Committee, NGOs and other non State actors may Interest tothe secretariat then prepare and submit their submission for of NGOs wil often ing popular awareness concemed hts In general, Greater Crculation of reports thas been one of the ‘commended successes ofthe Co Rights ofthe Child, tt may be pos slble for non-formal meetings nd committee members prior to the 50s may usually be represe rapact on hiuman rights awareness ia State albelt 2 dedication ofthe NGO. to promote and to sand fund les are include. 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Once again, umibers (as oeeyrted ig the nature of the co works carted Prove help Declaration and Prograinme of Action, expressing concern over the ‘growing disparity betwe tue for Human Rights [ 238 twice a year for two- of possible to process the reports and 153 natural prob he curt nerease in workload is ine nber of independent States, Increase In translation costs. guages yet jndgments are pu nas altered thi. In tne Americas, strategies to circumver absence of the necessary increase I Professor Alston recommends able to communtcate in atleast one of E working groups should be obviate translation costs (para 106) bby NGOs such as the North-Sout 10642 Problems caused by lack of funds es have been forced to cancel meetings due ‘uy pant 395 ous somuopeDr anos rein Jo une yestaatuey apis J0-e9p1 ssurpe auyusarop 0 28pm “ss/@siv 200 No) -pogsuponuowndve 99 axe Saypoq yetUOHEUIAWT tL, sanoon Bupanourg V=vaL saagonieys rede 01 vein uojeaueBi0 ax Kq staat 1 pealans smn ‘sso1d Apuenbas} suOREN uAouage yuOUD.H0}U snd o spongt09 aro peg Aue avert ‘peoptiow uy Aua}ogp pasea!ul Ue 1 plnow sojpoq. mau ata vet sreDOAPe reNaBrang (pats 29 stm sannunuuo> an pue (x5 94-7 ew Bq ue Boor sof human rights, fe evidence? The were evidenced by the n Sates thereby end of the day States wishing to pursue a differen prescibed by the at tle that can be done to prevent St choose to disregard so doing Yes. tere are deterents, but no, will always be peopte sulng, What i of para Montorng, oad en 10654 Problems of reports ond backlogs er Slates to adhere to thele 36 ‘would take years to clear the backlog. is clear that nd of reform Is necessary, Ev tnlemselves Natlons High Commissioner fo {goes some way towards ache Moreover, the om the status of para 62) 1g bodies have agreed States vsa-vis their reporting obi ‘geographical {4 Natlons Is often perceived as dstan be permite worldwide of the an Increase in| AysuaGowoy pur wistyeinig 20% ‘uonediojued aBeinoau9 0 sau pue spo suojuido pauosear ‘seo j10q ur APPIN ‘ose ave suojsveq "saonad jenpraipur ean SYS}. weWBNY Jo VORE>BHEY “ayes YAO APU 10} pEHEAp 29 02 papt Jou are suHON “tuner eu] aYeiedo rou s90p 1eGne] ‘salpajmowpe Aysjafeg s¥ aI2¥5 1>e2 Jo Sunzodsou pu soveas Aq 1260d Jo sasnae tod} sienpiapu a vwaamaog aoueteq a Aimjdivo> 99 ue si Su. wpunD suysAL MeN ju aya ve uatveaoxdi oo at (ered ‘wuowdojanap Sunsra we 5 LL 516s vewny Guage pue-Buneuayduy SusEOM sy uy Buoige pur Guruoumduy GUESLENY OLE 172 Mento, ingesting, and enforcing haan ight ‘them at the national level and i & up to individuals to ws ‘OF she enjoys. I Sowsly becoming a realty. Comps millions can apply to th Educa by the State. the suinmary records, and conch treaty Bodies. The avai toStte opted by the 'y of these documents varies considerably ftom State Montring, implementing, and enercing human rights 173. cases Cyrus» Tarkey, 2D 125 (1925), READING. Adham, J, and Said In Larger Featom: Towants developer, sect and Ina sights forall, UN Doc ‘fs 2008, ‘rambul, Ky Stenting the Suprise It oergenthalT,'A court and two consolidated weay adie in A Rayelsy (ed), THeUN Human ‘lghs Tay Syston nthe 21st Century (Te Hague: Kier, 200), fenes apn suonesuntaniog an —Any sto otra —tareropusvonnadsapod as 3/4 sana a yu SUERUO— BORD HOA sauisaam sao fenpreu stOneN. 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