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Grade Eight Social Studies 2015-2016

Ms. T. Schrader
Welcome to Grade 8 Social Studies. I am really looking forward to teaching you!
With your hard work and my help, this will be a very successful year for you.
Below are a few important details about my class. Please read them and ask your
parents to read and sign below. Thank you.
Respect for all members of the class and courtesy to one another is a central
component of this class. I will treat you with utter respect and I will expect you to
treat me and every other member of the class in the same way.
Everyone in this class has an equal voice and everyones ideas will be heard and
Course Description
The 8th Grade US History course will cover the various stages of development of
the United States as a nation. The course will begin analysing the American
nation in the Founding Era of the 1730s and the Civil War of the early 1860s. The
course will move through to the modern era beginning with the Industrial
Revolution of 1870 ending at the growth of the US as a key international player.
The course explores a wide variety of factors (economic, political, social, and
cultural) that shaped the formation of the United States. It is set up to analyse US
History while comparing and contrasting with the current events of today, where
possible. Analyzing and drawing key parallels between past and present day
events will help students grapple with the world affairs of today that are
occurring all around.
You will be assessed throughout the year in writing, presenting and analysing.
All of your class work, homework, participation and effort will contribute to your

At the start of the course, I will spend time finding out all of your strengths and
the areas which need improvement.
All of your grades will be recorded on Power School, so you can check your
progress throughout the year.
Materials Needed for Each Class
You must come to each class on time with all the necessary materials:
a. A poly-file
b. Your blue exercise book
c. Pen, pencils, eraser/rubber, and ruler.
d. Scissors
e. Glue stick
f. A memory stick (1 GB or more)
You will be given regular homework and, in preparation for High School, you
will be given challenging and varied assignments.
I will help you with the planning and organisation of assignments and I will
expect them to be handed in on time. I am always available for help. Just come
during a set extra help session, or if that is not convenient, please feel free to ask
for an alternative time to see me. I will always make myself available, whenever
If you miss class for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you
missed by contacting one of your classmates, checking the Ms. Schraders weebly
website (, or me via email. No excuses.
Late Policy
1) I will not accept late daily assignments. If we are working on a project that
is to be completed in class, it will be due at that time, not later on. An
assignment or project handed in after the class period in which it is due is
considered late. I am generally an understanding person, however, my
patience for excuses is limited.

2) If you are absent on the day that an assignment is due the assignment is
due the first day you are back at school, even if your class doesnt meet on
that day.
3) If you have an extended absence for health or family issues, we will come
up with a reasonable and flexible schedule for you to complete your work.
4) Homework assignments and projects will be worth half credit if turned in
after the due date. Anything later than 48 hours will receive an Incomplete
or Zero grade, depending upon the assignment. Assignments and projects
must be turned in, no matter what. If a student regularly forgets a piece or
pieces of work, parents will be contacted and students will be held during
a recess or in an after-school detention to complete the missing work.
Re-take Policy
1) Students may re-take a multiple choice TEST that carries a weight of 2025% of their grade, if they previously scored less than 70% on the multiple
choice TEST.
2) A student re-taking a TEST may only score a maximum grade of 70%.
3) Students must complete the re-take TEST within 48 hours from the date in
which they received their original TEST result. If the student does not
arrange a time with me to re-take the TEST and sit the re-take within 48
hours, the students final grade will remain unchanged.
Course Policies
1) Cell phones are to be turned off during class hours without exception. If a
cell phone is being used during class hours: on the first offense it will be
confiscated for the remainder of the day and parents will be notified; on
the second offense it will be confiscated and for the remainder of the day
and given to the Principal where the student will be required to request it
back from the Principal. In either scenario, the student will receive a red
2) Academic dishonesty includes cheating on assignments; discussing
contents of assessments with your peers before final grading has taken
place; lying about the work involved in class (plagiarism, taking credit for
someone elses work, etc.). If you have questions about what plagiarism is,
please ask me or any other 8th grade Teacher.

3) This course will require the use of technology, thus having a role to play
within the classroom. With this in mind, please read over the ACS
Appropriate Use Policy for Technology in the Student Handbook.
4) I would like to encourage regular communication between students,
parent/guardians, and myself. While I am open to email communication,
there are many opportunities to meet personally, especially with students,
throughout the school week. Students should not use email to avoid
direct conversation with me, nor wait until the last possible moment to
address questions, get help, or express concerns. With that in mind, if you
do email me student or parent/guardian please leave your full name in
the subject line to help me locate your email more quickly. My email
address is tschrader@ Thank you.
If you or your parents have questions or concerns, you can see me after class or
your parents can e-mail me ( or phone the office to
leave me a message.
Date: ____________________________________

Signed --------------------------------------------------- ( Student )

Signed -------------------------------------------------------( Parent /Guardian)