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1.Chief Priests plan to kill Jesus

2. Satan enters Judas
3. Judas seeks to betray Jesus
4. Judas denies planning it to Jesus
5. Judas arranges the sign in advance
6. Judas kisses Jesus
7. Judas is remorseful
8. Judas tries to return the money
9. Judas is rejected by the chief priests.
10. Judas throws the money in the temple
11. Judas hangs himself

1.Chief Priests plan to kill Jesus

What was their motivation?
Jesus had stirred up the crowds
Jesus challenged their authority
Jesus was changing fundamental things about
their religion

2. Satan enters Judas

What does this mean?
Judas left a foothold for Satan to enter.
He was stealing from the treasury (John 12:6)
It could have been because of Gods sovereign will that he betray Jesus.
Did Judas let him in or did God allow Satan to use Judas?
We dont know but either way God did allow this to happen.
Does this mean that He never was saved or does it mean he lost his
Strictly speaking Jesus hadnt died yet so saved and salvation are tricky
words, however, we do know that Judas had a very wrong view of who
Jesus was and what His plan was on earth.
Judas was a zealot who was very passionate about the Jews throwing
the Romans out. It is likely he was following Jesus because he believed
that this would be His plan. So perhaps he was disillusioned by who
Jesus really was. He likely followed an idea rather than a person.

3. Judas seeks to betray Jesus

Who is the initial actor here?
Judas went to the religious leaders by himself.
What does this action say about Judas heart?
Judas was likely angry about who Jesus really was.
Judas was not a close follower of Christ.
Or he was separate because he was possessed.
Does the amount of money matter?
Zech. 11:12-13 Prophecy
It was the price of a slave- possibly an insult.
Judas had been stealing from the disciples treasury,
so he did have access to money so strictly speaking
this isnt really a big amount of money.

4. Judas denies planning it to

What does this show us about his heart?
Judas was possibly still possessed.
How does this show us what Judas doesnt
understand about who Jesus is?
Judas doesnt understand who Jesus really is.
If he had known then he wouldnt have lied
because he would have known that Jesus
already knew.

5. Judas arranges the sign in

When did Judas leave the Passover/ Last Supper?
He left after he ate the bread but before they
sang hymns and headed to pray.

What does it mean that Judas chose a kiss?

It meant that Judas was a follower of Jesus and
that they had a close relationship (close in
terms of follower but not necessarily close in
terms of relationship.)

6. Judas kisses Jesus

How would this have made Jesus feel? (apart
from betrayed)
A kiss is normally a sign of love and close
relationship and Judas turns it all around and
uses it for betrayal. Im quite sure Jesus would
have been disappointed and grieved.

7. Judas is remorseful
Why now?
It could be that the demon possession is over.
It could be that he realized (after Jesus was
convicted in his first trial) the full ramifications
of his decision.
It could be that once he was truly alone he
realized all hed given up.

8. Judas tries to return the

What difference does this make?
Judas was a thief and it is likely that money
was a very big deal to him so yes returning the
money would have made a difference. But
then on the other hand, it didnt change
anything at all.

9. Judas is rejected by the chief

Should Judas words have affected them?
If they had cared at all about justice then they
would have changed their plans when they
realized that Jesus was guilty but it just shows
that they had planned this in advance and
even if he was innocent, they would still follow
What does this show about their motives?
Their motives were pure evil.

10. Judas throws the money in

the temple
Does this have any significance?
Judas doesnt want anything to do with that
decision or act. But since they wouldnt accept
it he had to cast it away from him.
They wouldnt accept it because they had only
used him as a pawn but they hadnt really
depended on him to help them follow justice.
Also, the money wasnt welcome in the temple
and they couldnt use it for Gods work there.

11. Judas hangs himself

What does this mean?
Judas was a follower of Christ in terms of
physical location but was he a follower of
Christ spiritually?

Did Judas go to heaven?

Are we the judge of this?
Do you still go to heaven if you have
unconfessed sins?