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(Lateral Beam Deflections)

Buckling of Columns
Lecture #28
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Hibbeler, R.C. (2011) Mechanics of materials. 8th Ed. Prentice Hall.

Problem 28.1 Buckling

Considering two cross-sections having the same area,

determine which performs better against buckling,
= 200
Calculate the critical buckling load

Problem 28.2 Buckling

The aluminium column is fixed at its bottom
and is braced at its top by extensible cables so
as to prevent movement at the top along the x
axis, If it is assumed to be fixed at its base,
determine the largest allowable load P that can
be applied. Use a factor of safety for buckling of
FS = 3.0. Take
= 70
= 215
= 7.5 103 2
= 61.3 106 4
= 23.2 106 4