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Lyme Disease Treatment

One of my long time patients and friends, while living in Pennsylvania was bitten by a deer tick
and came down with Lyme disease. She treated herself with a large number of various things
including hydrotherapy, heat, and cranberry juice. These things all helped but did not cure her
problem. She began adding fresh ginger root in water, about one inch length of an ordinary sized
root of ginger, which you can buy at a supermarket. That also helped her a lot. It was not,
however, until she started juicing raw yellow onions and taking one quarter cup of onion juice
per day that she managed to get rid of all the pain she had been having from the Lyme disease. I
would like to see you try this and see if you can get any benefit from this.

Boala Lyme Tratamentul

Unul dintre pacienii mei de mult timp i prieteni, n timp ce triesc n Pennsylvania
a fost mucat de o cpu cerb i a venit n jos cu boala Lyme. Sa tratat cu un
numr mare de diverse lucruri, inclusiv hidroterapie, cldur, i suc de afine. Aceste
lucruri au ajutat, dar nu vindeca problema ei. Ea a nceput adugarea de radacina
de ghimbir proaspt n ap, aproximativ un inch lungime de o rdcin de
dimensiuni obinuite de ghimbir, pe care le putei cumpra de la un supermarket.
Care, de asemenea, a ajutat-o foarte mult. Nu a fost, ns, pn cnd ea a nceput
stoarcerea ceapa prime galbene i avnd un sfert cana de suc de ceapa pe zi, care
a reusit sa scape de toate durerea pe care o avusese de boala Lyme. A vrea s te
vd ncercnd asta i a vedea dac putei obine vreun beneficiu din aceasta.