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Unit: Poetry

in Motion

Lesson: 6/7 Figurative Language and Illustration

Year Level: 5

Key Learning Area: English/Visual Arts

Curriculum Outcome: Understand, interpret and experiment with sound devices and

imagery, including simile, metaphor and personification, in narratives, shape poetry, songs,
anthems and odes (ACELT1611)
Explore ideas and practices used by artists, including practices of Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander artists, to represent different views, beliefs and opinions (ACAVAM114)
Learning Intention (WALT): Use and understand figurative language and represent your view
through illustration
Success Criteria (WILF):
An appropriate illustration
Merged and uploaded your pdf


5 min

Now we are going to illustrate your poem and create

your book.
You will need to:
Type your Poem
Illustrate your Poem, scan to school student
drive, then add it to your document
Save your document as a pdf file in the student

Notes and Resources

Remind students to consider colour, line, shape and

texture when illustrating. What story do you want
your illustration to tell?

Main Content

Notes and Resources

25 min

Allow students to work on task.

Poetry in Motion Webmix

Monitor progress and gauge readiness for next step.

10 min

Once several students are ready show them how to

merge pdf files using
Show students how to upload their combined pdf to
These students can then teach others how to do this.

Poetry in Motion Webmix

live booklet

(Alternatively stop class and show all students at

10 min

For students who finish, have them look at examples

of artist statements and write one about their
illustration, justifying how their illustration enhances
their poem.

Poetry in Motion Webmix

Chris Jordan Artist
25 stunning book

Artist statements do not tell viewers what to think

about artwork but give additional information. It
conveys an artists thoughts and ideas to the viewer.
It helps to answer questions such as why the artist
used a certain media, why they chose to make the
artwork and even the techniques used.


5 min

Show students some of the completed books

Notes and Resources

These books are now

Ask authors to read their poem and explain how their accessible anywhere you
have an ICT device
illustration enhances their poem
simply by using the URL
They can be used on
laptops to show parents
at the Campus Open Day.


Symbaloo Poetry in Motion Webmix