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The Game of Life Related Text Deng Thiak Adut Unlimited Western Sydney University.

Title: Deng Thiak Adut Unlimited Western Sydney University (2015).


Was Deng Thiak successful at the game of life?

What challenges did he face?
Has Den followed lifes rules?
Which rules / customs / practices would he
have violated in order to succeed?
5. What role did Western Sydney University play
in his success?
6. How did his autonomy assist?
7. Think of the challenges you have faced in your
life? How much would you risk in making your
life better?
8. What role did chance play in Dengs life?
9. How serious is Dengs Game of Life in Sudan,
compared to the game he plays at University?
10.Was fighting for the rebels a good thing for Deng?
11.Compare the landscape of Sudan with the streets of Western Sydney. How are they
12.Comment on the use of colour in Sudan compared to Sydney?
13.Compare and contrast the film shots and how they affect the responder.
14.What is the impact of Deng being filmed from a long angle when he is in Western
15.How does the depth of shot differ from Sudan to Western Sydney?
16.What is the significance of the shot of the sky at the end of the advertisement?
17.Why has the composer chosen to begin the advertisement on a cold, frosty morning?
18.Is Deng given an extra life in his game?
19.This ad suggests that everyone can start a new life. Can we all start a new life? What
factors influence new beginnings?
20.What is the significance of Deng looking to his mother in the closing shots?
21.Why is his mother the only character to make a demand?
22.Make a list of colour, movement and body language that shows the difference between
life in Sudan and Western Sydney:


Area of Study: Standard and Advanced Outcomes:

1. A student demonstrates understanding of the relationships between composer, responder, text
and context.

3. A student develops language relevant to the study of English.

Deng Thiak Adut Unlimited