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As a man of many writings, Tolkien was only known for just a few of them. While being
born in South Africa, he only spent about 3 years there before moving to England. He was later
accepted into Oxford, where he studied language and classics, then enlisted into the army for
only a short time as well. Later in his life he wrote four books that got him famous and he died at
the age of 81 with no illness. For having such a life story, a lot of different works, and such an
impact on literature, Tolkien was only known by so many.
Tolkien was best known for his writings in one particular genre and was driven by his life
events. After being born in South Africa, John and his family moved to England because the
South African climate was damaging his health. John Ronald Reuel was born in 1892 and died in
1973 ( Henry 1 ). Tolkien was born in South Africa but shortly after moved to England ( Henry
1 ). His time being in the war is known to have given some of the ideas in his such as maybe the
trench warfare arose what is Mordor. His experience in the First World War was what sparked
the ideas in his books ( Kroeber 520 ). The first of his writings and one of his most famous was
The Hobbit ( Kroeber 520 ). It took him 15 years to come out with the sequel trilogy, writing
only because of his publisher urging him to which benefited him greatly. The four main novels
that he is famous for are The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings trilogy ( Kroeber 521 ). The
impact that he left was he introduced the meaning of Fairy Stories in his writing ( Kroeber
521 ). In conclusion, these examples illustrate some of Tolkiens lifes works and events.
Tolkien was influenced by many different things during his life that showed in his
writing. He wasnt strongly against or for anything, just the way he wrote suggests these. He was
against the horror of war and trench warfare ( National Geographic 1 ). Tolkien was also against
the tearing down of wildlife for industries and buildings ( National Geographic 1 ). These ideas

arent certain but in his writings, the reader could come off with these ideas. People favorite his
works for the journey in each book ( Scribd 1 ). He believes that what we wrote was the truth,
just portrayed through myth ( Scribd 1 ). Some of the messages he favored showed in his
writings through characters and symbols. The good vs. evil in his books imply society vs. leaders
and governments ( National Geographic 1 ). The Ring in his stories suggest leadership and
whoever finds it will go corrupt ( Leadru 1 ). From these examples, one can tell that Tolkien was
influenced by many and also had an impact on many others.
In conclusion, these examples show how John lived his life. They showed how much of
an impact he and his writings were on literature and the world. J.R.R. Tolkien had many life
accomplishments and as he once said, I am a hobbit in every way.

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