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Scene One:
Animation immediately evokes a sense of surrealism with cartoon. Images
provoke a feeling of decadence.
Changing colours represent changing scenes and aspects. Lines flow down
from different characters on the screen symbolising that they are like puppets
on a string.
Symbolism of revolving door is symbolic of the different facades that Abagnale
chooses each time he appears.
Symbolism of the spot lights shows a love of performance however the quick
movement out of the spotlight shows his ability to evade capture and move to
the next performance.
Non-diegetic music throughout is reminiscent of bluesy/ jazz music from
classic detective films. It creates a suspenseful mood.
The text caption Inspired by a true story is juxtaposed sharply with the
previous cartoon/surreal like animation. It breaks the feelings previously
evoked as we realise that this animation in fact is a reality. The sound here too
changes to static, breaking the dreamy jazz.
The static and black and white television also helps to establish context.
Begins with a game show titled To Tell the Truth immediately setting the
scene (show within a show). We see Frank William Abagnale introduced as
the. Most outrageous imposter and The youngest and most daring con man in history. Here the adjectives and high modality words give weight to
Abagnales achievements, and immediately positions him as a cheat in the
Game of Life. However, a litany of occupations gives weight to Abagnales
achievements and positions him in a favourable light in the eyes of the
audience. Thus, he is positioned as the charming imposter.
The game show set up enables the audience to become a participant in the
game as they too learn to seek the truth.
Kitty asks Frank, Who was it that finally caught you? At this point we know
the ending before we have seen the story (i.e. we know that Frank loses the

Scene Two:
A jump cut moves the audience from the set of To Tell the Truth as the real
Abagnale is revealed to the audience. There is a flashback back to Marseille
1969 where Carl Hanratty from the FBI is introduced. Hanratty looks the part
of the archetypal detective.
The rain and dark costumes help to establish a shady atmosphere.
A point of view and isolation shot from the jail positions the audience to view
Abagnale as a dangerous criminal. The imperatives given by the French police
to Hanratty, do not open the door, do not pass him anything through the
hole further increases the sense of danger.
This element of danger is completely juxtaposed against the pitiful coughing
and unkempt man in the cell who begs for help. The high angle shot further
enhances Franks vulnerability.
It is interesting to note that we see Carls face through the bars, symbolising
that he may be a metaphorical prisoner of society where Frank is freer. This
type of shot also allows the audience to empathise more readily with Frank.
We see that Frank is not from France, but America. We see what a brilliant
actor Frank is as Hanratty believes that he is dying, and tries to extradite him
more quickly to America. It is important to note that Hanratty treats Abagnale
with a sense of respect and almost awe-like appreciation as he helps Frank
and demands a doctor.
As he is taken to the hospital the audience is not sure whether to believe the
description of the dangerous criminal given by the French or Hanratty. The
pulling of the curtain heightens audience tension. The pulling of the curtain
also evokes connotations of a performance, as when the curtains are pulled in
a stage production the performance begins.
The audience sees Franks move to escape however we sense his capture as
the camera slowly moves from a long shot to a close-up to symbolise Franks
world closing around him, effectively resulting in his ultimate loss in the game
of cat and mouse.
The tracking shot of Frank crawling through the jail and then surrendering as
the French officer holds a gun to his head once again shows that he is weak.
The high angle shot of Abagnale splayed on the film pose almost resembles a
crucifixion. A reverse low angle shot of Hanratty standing over Frank finally
shows that Hanratty has obtained his goal of catching Abagnale clearly
positioning one player as the winner and the other as the loser. Frank
acquiesces, Ok Carl. Lets go home.
Flashback jumps to 1963. We learn that Frank Abagnale Senior is an
upstanding man in the community, volunteering with Rotary since 1919. The

mise-en scene is dark and the American Flag and polished dcor sets an
environment of rigidity and formality symbolic of the adherence to social
rules and conventions.
Franks father receives the prestigious Life time membership to the Rotary in
the presence of the Mayor Robert Wagner and the club President Jack Barnes.
We assume from our introduction to Abagnale Senior that he is a successful
game player and one who is honourable. The absence of women (aside from
Paula) indicates that the club is dominated by men.
Frank Abagnale Junior, sits uninterested picking a label from a wine bottle.
From his costuming, we get an impression that he attends an elite private
school. Franks mother Paula is beaming and happy. Frank seems genuinely
pleased with his fathers mention of him in his acceptance speech, as shown
by his expression and smile. For all intents and purposes we see the Abagnales
as a happy close-knit family.
Frank Seniors analogy of the two mice drowning in cream acts as
metaphorical advice in the Game of Life. Frank Senior describes himself as the
second mouse (not giving up and churning the cream into butter). Frank
Junior gets a determined look on his face shown in a close-up, as his father
receives a standing ovation. He embraces his father before the screen changes

Scene Three:
Moves to a family scene at Christmas. Frank Junior and his mother are
dancing. We hear the loving story of how his parents met. The room is in soft
pink lighting suggesting a warm atmosphere. Paula spills wine on the rug,
Frank junior goes to get a cloth and returns to watch his parent s dancing he
is framed in the doorway. The wine resembles bloodshed which is symbolic of
events to come and how the game will change for all characters.
Franks embodiment of a typical teenager is highlighted as his father wakes
him up, bringing him breakfast. The mise-en-scene shows aeroplane wallpaper
and Flash comics on Franks bed.
We see that Franks father may not be the responsible man that people think
he is as he lets Frank skip school to attend a very important meeting with him
in the city.. He asks Frank if he has a black suit, alluding to the importance
of appearance when playing the game.
Frank goes with his father to get a suit and we see his father tell the store
attendant Darcy that his son has to go to his grandfathers military funeral
with planes flying overhead, 21 gun salute in order to then try to gain access
to the shop before opening hours. He then magically produces a locket to try
and win over Darcy to get his way. Frank Junior stands quietly, and seems

impassive next to his father. We see Frank and his father shown through the
bars and this seems to be becoming a motif. Frank Seniors charms work as
Frank Junior is later shown to be wearing a suit. This confirms the importance
of the ability to play-act in order to win the game.
Frank does not play the part of the chauffer well, as we see him hurriedly
exiting the car and clumsily opening the door for his father. He is oblivious to
the game being played by his father in wanting to appear successful to gain
money from the Chase Manhattan bank.
Franks father makes another game analogy asking him, You know why the
Yankees always win Frank?
Franks reply, Because they have Mickey Mantle is incorrect revealing again
that Frank has a limited knowledge of how to play the game.
Franks father replies, No. Its because the other teams cant stop staring at
those damn pin stripes. This quote indicates that deceptive and diversionary
tactics are necessary to win the game. Frank mirrors this philosophy later in
the film. Enforces the idea that we learn to play our game through
observation and emulation of others.
The audience learns that Frank is being investigated by the government for tax
fraud and is subsequently refused a loan. This shows that his deceptive
tactics have failed, and that his game is up.
It is interesting that Abagnale Senior described describes his unresolved
business with the IRS as a misunderstanding, he further pleads, Im not a
criminal. All Im asking is for you to help me beat these guys.
The bank manager replies that It is not a question of winning or losing. Its a
question of risk. This quote reveals that all choices and games involve an
element of risk or chance. If you risk too much you could lose all. However,
you have to risk to get ahead too.
Music is more sombre. We see Paula crying as she leaves her house and life of
luxury after Abagnale Senior does not get his loan from the bank. The car also
has to be sold. Juxtaposition of new crammed apartment to the old grand
spacious house. Shows the different positions that the players of life come
from. It also shows what happens when our risks fail.
For Franks 16th birthday and his father gives him a checking account with $25.
Frank examines the cheque book closely, and we see a close-up of the book
with his name on it. The chequebook equates to membership into the club.
Therefore he can now play the game (of life).Frank has 50 cheques.

It would appear that Franks father has accepted his familys fate. The
question is raised as to whether or not he still resembles the second mouse.
Scene 4:
Frank has also had to change schools. He still wears his jacket despite not
having to wear uniform. He still chooses to wear it in order to look the part.
Franks vulnerability it shown as he is pushed into a locker. He is mistaken for
a substitute teacher so he assumes the role by writing his name on the board
and instructing the class to take their seat. This shows that a split second
decisions and chance can change our path of life.
In a twist of irony Frank makes Brad (the boy who was taunting him) read in
front of the class, revelling in karmic justice. Brad has lost this game and the
audiences empathy lies with Frank.
When the real substitute teacher arrives, he fools her into thinking that she is
not needed. The fact that he is able to fool both adults and students alike is
indicative of his ability to play the game.
Franks parents are called in after Frank has been pretending to be a
substitute teacher - successfully continuing his charade for a week.
Throughout the week he held a parent teacher conference and begun
planning a trip for French. We see that he has authority and cunning but he
is somewhat made appear vulnerable again by the bars and the shots of him
outside the principals window.
He confronts a girl about folding a note to put in her pocket so that it is
creased and looks real like her parent wrote it. Again revealing that Frank is a
master at observation.
Franks mother shows disapproval for Franks actions, but his father laughs,
indicating that he is privy to Franks game, and encouraged him to play.
As Frank returns home chatting to his mother about his school day he is
shocked to find Jack Barnes in his home alone with his mother. There is visible
shock shown on Paulas face and she stammers, Remember Dads friend
from the club? Frank is visibly upset and looks around and finds that Jack has
lost the Presidents pin. (The fact that he immediately finds a small object
again shows that Franks observation skills are exemplary.)
As the pin has come off it is implied that his mother is having an affair, as
Abagnale Senior couldnt provide her with the lifestyle she is accustomed to.
Youre not going to tell him are you? The question implies that Paulas
game is up. The lighting also illuminates her, putting her under the spotlight
to be scrutinised.
A High angle shot showing Franks sadness and vulnerability. Franks mother
buys his silence ($5 and then $10), revealing that she feels guilt. She is trying

to take away her risk. It is ironic that she tells Frank to buy a record. Franks
mothers record is now blemished. The viewer again empathises with Frank.

Scene 5:
Repetition of the scene opening (with Frank walking through the door calling
out) evokes a sense of dj vu, suggesting that once again something bad is
going to happen. Frank comes home from the streets and finds Dick Kesners
coat and hat on the couch. Dick alludes to lifes rules stating to Frank there
are laws. Everything in this country has to be legal.
Frank is shocked standing in the kitchen, bathed in the spotlight of the kitchen
light. Franks mother says several times Nobody is fighting, Frank. note the
connotations of the word fight. If there is no fighting it is implied that there
is no winner and no loser however in this case there will be as Frank is asked
to make a choice between his mother and father.
Franks grandmother is introduced and is affectionate to Frank. She is speaking
French and this emphasises his lack of understanding of what is going on.
Paula is pleading with Frank to make a decision about who to live with. Frank
Senior is seated, relaxed and comfortable. Mum is frantic and talking quickly.
These both suggest that there is a game of custody being played between his
parents there will be a winner and a loser. Frank is in control of the game
he will decide which parent wins and which parents loses. He is told there is
no wrong answer. However, to move forward in a game a correct answer is
usually needed.
Zoom in on Franks face. Then moves to a montage of shots of Frank running
through the streets. Camera zooms on his face, to reveal a distraught Frank.
Frank takes a chance buying a ticket to Grand Central Station.

Scene 6:
Flash-forward to Frank and Carl in a hotel room, where Frank is handcuffed to
the desk. He asks when he can call his father, suggesting that Frank chose his
Dad in the game of custody.
He also wants to stay in a suite on the other side of the building because
those rooms have park views. On the other side they have suites that face
the park. This quote suggesting that Frank has taken some steps backwards
in the game of life. Frank is no longer in charge of the game he has lost the
extravagance of winning.
Flashback to previous scene. Frank is kicked out of the train station after two
of his cheques bounce. You are a god damn kid. Go home. Frank sits in the
window, altering the birthdates and names of his cheques automatically
making him 10 years older.

The soundtrack becomes lighter woodwind instruments creating a

whimsical, intriguing atmosphere.
Frank tries to cash cheques with no success. He tries a variety of different
stories and experiences continued failure. He has not yet mastered the game
as the bank personnel are sticking to the rules.
Frank is looking beaten walking along the footpath, very boring and grey
monochromatic colours. The scene becomes brighter as the taxi arrives;
orange colour is splashed onto Franks face as the car pulls up and the diegetic
laughter and slow motion creates a sense of hope and becomes surreal.
A pilot steps out and we are hear a non-diegetic voiceover of Frank telling his
father of his plans to become a pilot in a letter. Dear Dad I have several
promising interviews reaffirming that Dad was the winner in the custody
Children asking the pilot for an autograph shows that they are held in high
regard. They are glorified in this scene.
Frank is learning the rules of the piloting world and taking notes on the
language, uniforms and customs of pilots. We see that Frank has become
better at play-acting he is believed when he becomes a school journalist. He
again through chance accesses a copy of a license.

Scene 7:
Franks confidence is still building. He is nervous about being suited up by the
Pan Am suit fitter. There are elements of truth in his story as he tells the fitter
that it is his first week on the job.
Frank is insignificant when he is the phone box trying to get hold of a uniform
and becomes noticed by everyone when he is wearing the uniform through
the streets and is revered by a young girl on the street. This shows us that
several types of players of the Game of Life automatically attract attention
and attain status.
When Frank is in the bank we see the bank manager who has previously
rejected his request to cash cheques. The bank manager introduces himself to
Frank. This suggests that Frank is getting the upper-hand in the Game of Life
and that he is now in the club. There is strong juxtaposition of the treatment
of Frank in his uniform and out of it.
Franks deception is evolving, as seen in the letters he is sending his father.
An honest man has nothing to fear. Im trying my best not to be afraid. This
quote reveals Franks awareness that he is playing the game and being
purposefully deceptive.
It is ironic that Pan Am is described as the most trusted airline, but will
become a playground for the greatest imposter ever.

The high angle shots of the planes in the bath and the cheques on the floor
show us the increasing complexity of Franks forgery. This is metaphorical of
Frank upping his game. This is also accentuated by the repetition of the string
instruments and the pitch ascension.
If I work hard, I will get my wings soon. Frank is not engaged in
honourable work. Juxtaposition of hard work vs. honourable .
There is whimsical woodwind music when he is preparing the cheques. Franks
deceptive cheques are being prepared in the Bible. It is incongruent and

Scene 8:
Frank is asked by the stewardess, Are you deadheading? Once again, Frank
accepts the offer and steps up his game. He is not seeking it, it comes to him.
You have the dramatic irony of Frank saying, Thanks for giving me a lift,
We are reminded of Franks real age when he asks for Milk on the plane. The
close-up shots as the plane is taking off show his fear and youth.
The voiceover of a letter to Franks father also reveals his cleverness in that it
has elements of truth e.g. He has metaphorically graduated in his job as he
has taken his first flight.
He is relaxed and comfortable moving through the plane. Frank finally charms
Marci with his mustve slipped right off your neck line. There is verbal irony
in her question, Are you enjoying your free ride?
The quick succession of money alludes to how financially successful Frank is
The serious faces on people talking about money alludes to the idea that
money dominates the game of life it is a game, but a serious game.
Frank is becoming bold with women. Frank is a player.

Scene 9:
Once again, Frank uses his charm to work his way behind the scenes and is
collecting large amounts of information. Frank realises the importance of
rules, customs and practices in being successful.
Recurring warm, orange light on the girls that Frank are connecting with
highlights his natural charm in the game.
Cuts to Hanratty and the police officers Hanratty is not taken seriously by his
colleagues, it was suggested that he is feminine. He is the butt of jokes.
Elegant restaurant meeting with his father. His father is out of place in the
restaurant and Frank has to encourage his father in this unknown world of

Frank Junior buys his father a car in the hope that his Dad will go to his Mums
house and pick her up. Frank is continuing to play the game of custody.
Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. Which mice am I? Abagnale Senior is
losing the game of life and refuses to accept the assistance of his son.
Im fighting for us. Frank Senior becomes sad his words dont seem to
match his actions (e.g. closing his store etc. He did not want his shop to be
taken so he just shut the doors and called their bluff.) Again, the question
arises as to whether or not he is actually the second mouse.
Soft jazz, bubbling champagne sharply juxtaposed to Frank Seniors financial
Its not what you think. Im just the co-pilot. Frank is being hesitant /
reluctant. Hes afraid he might be found out by his dad. The use of just
demonstrates that Frank is downplaying his role. Perhaps, Frank realises that
his choices have been guided by others.
Frank Senior: The rest of us really are suckers. By calling himself a sucker, he
is admitting that he is not the second mouse and that Frank Junior is the
winner in their evolving game of life.
Franks destination of Hollywood irony suggesting that Frank is going there
because that is where all the good actors and big players live and succeed.

Scene 10:
The scene opens with two FBI agents in the car, joking and being casual. They
are wearing glasses, dark clothing. FBI and Abagnale are both playing a game,
they are both undercover and masters of disguise.
The camera zooms out to reveal a serious Hanratty driving the agents through
suburban streets setting context
Hanratty tells a joke Go Fuck Yourself to reinforce that he is serious
investigator and that he takes his game of cat and mouse very seriously.
Hanratty is playing a different game to Frank and the other FBI agents.
Hanratty becomes excited when it is revealed that Frank is still in the hotel,
The Tropicana. The name of the hotel evokes a sense of the exotic. There is a
tracking shot of the girls by the pool adding to the exotic nature of the setting.
The Catch Me if You Can music beings to play as Hanratty counts up the
rooms building suspense.
The other FBI agents played down the significance of Frank. He is just a
paper-hanger not a major criminal player.
Frantic camera movement building suspense, Hanratty
Hanratty is franticly moving around and yelling. With his weapon he should be
in control of the game.

Frank does not miss a beat in introducing himself as Allan Barry and accepts
the circumstance (or offer) of using the blind man and Murphy getting into the
The five seconds, ten seconds conversation shows how quickly the game can
change. Both Frank and Hanratty are aware of the impact that time has on
Frank tells Hanratty to hold onto his wallet to demonstrate his boldness and
to let Hanratty know that he has the upper hand in the game. The changing to
the music and the close up of the hands on the wallet is dramatic irony and
heightens our awareness that Hanratty has lost the first round. He has again
showing that he has mastered the art of deception as he outsmarts a fraud
Franks wallet fake labels he has played his winning hand.
It is ironic that Hanratty dislikes humour but is essentially the butt of Franks
The scenes switches back to the FBI office. Hanratty revealed that he plays
the game honourably in admitting his mistakes.I made a mistake. Despite
his first round defeat, he still has belief in his ability to win stating that, The
worst thing a paperhanger can do is show his face as there is now Nothing
for him to hide behind. These quotes intimate that the game has become
harder to play
Hanratty is established as a master player. You practically wrote the book on
bank fraud. This makes Franks achievements seem all the more grand.
Hanrattys boss tells him, Dont put yourself in this position The position
of being humiliated. This reveals to the audience that Hanratty is playing the
game of promotion and that there is a fear of failure (rule of life).
Hanrattys response to his boss is to repeat his Knock Knock joke Go fuck
yourself implied answer shows a similar disregard to Abagnale for rules and
authority. However, he plays the game without breaking laws.

Scene 11
Newspaper article. Pan Am pilot (some nut - The Skywayman The James
Bond of the Sky,) Frank shown from a high angle vulnerable. Intertextuality
to film. Paradox of Abagnale to fictional hero. Makes his achievements seem
more grand. Becomes the ultimate hero/player in impersonating Bond
Then replicates James Bond racy 007 theme song. Car fast. Chord strikes to
build a sense of suspense to what is going to be the next move in the game.
Tropicana hotel setting is evokes within the film indicating Frank has already
been living the Bond lifestyle.
Close up of shoes, womens high heels and Franks masculine shoes.

Lyrics Cannot disguise mirrors action/plot

Hanratty in the Laundromat provides a stark juxtaposition to the opulence

experienced by Frank. The women accompanying each of the men is also
contrasted, with Franks supermodel that was on the Seventeen cover,
Hanratty old women.
Jumpcut to Frank and supermodel. Man like you can buy anything he
wants He buys a deck of cards at the hotel gift shop.
Wanna see a card trick.
If you saw me at the souvenir shop how much would you pay?
I really dont know indicates hesitancy in game of seduction.
300,500, 600 Go fish. $1000. If the price is right you can buy your way into
the game.
Cash cheque Gives woman check. Dark screen look of love. Frank
ultimate winner wins $400 from what is essentially a worthless piece of paper.
Switches back to Hanratty pulling out pink shirts symbolic of Hanratty losing
the game and takes away some of his masculinity. Surrounded by older
women little boys shirt
A look that time cant erase symbolic of the earlier line by Hanratty that he
will catch Abagnale because he has seen his face, and heard his voice.
Scene 12:
Switches seamlessly to Hanratty in office shows dedication to job.
Phone call This is Hanratty Merry Christmas. Indicates that they are both
determined to win their respective games, but it also shows that theyre not
winning in all aspects of the game of life because they dont have families, kids
etc. There is no place for them to be.(Sound track references Hawaiian
Hanrattys office is dimly light, dusk with the faint glow of the small Christmas
tree, suggesting that Christmas is of little significance to Hanratty.
Hanratty also refers to Frank as his Secret service man, Barry Allen.
Immediately given away that Hanratty knows it is Frank on the phone.
Frank says he is trying to track him down because he wants to apologise for
what happened in LA.
We cut to Franks apartment. He is sitting relaxed, feet up and the overhead
shot suggests he is relaxed, comfortable and in control. Sitting beside him is
his glass of cold milk. He is in uniform.
Hanratty asks to meet Frank face-to-face to bring the game to a head.

Hanratty doesnt want the apologies.

Their conversation is about how they are working on Christmas day and we
are told that they have no families to spend time with. They are both married
to their jobs and cannot win the Game of Life. Very similar but different
approach to the game
You do not feel sorry for me. Hanratty to Frank.
People only know what you tell them, Carl.
Im really sorry I made fools out of you. I really am.
How did you know I wouldnt look in your wallet?
The same reason that the Yankees always win... Deception. Playing
a part in the game.
No one bets on the uniform

Ill tell you what Im sure of. Youre going to get caught one way or
another. Its a mathematical fact.
You had no one else to call laughs situational irony.
Hanratty wins the second round.
Close shots to emphasise reflection.
Melancholy music playing 3113 showing that Frank has lost the game. Shows
that he was being truthful to Hanratty. Music is symbolic of the fact that he is
sad that Hanratty did not believe him. He has played the game of deception
for so long that he is now not believed when he tells the truth. Reveals that
once we are known to play a particular role, we are often judged by our past
actions. Dramatic irony
Hanratty alone in booth. Barry Allen The Flash. Now get this he reads
comic books. We see a more childlike side to Frank. Superhero qualities
reinforced. Both characters Bond and Flash are quick and experts at
Hes a kid. Our unsub is a kid- narrows down to New York because he
mentions Yankees.
Hanratty finds Franks mother. Frank is a runaway. Paula plays down Franks
cashing blank cheques, saying that half of the kids his age smoke dope. What
he did was a felony
Music and zoom to extreme close-up of Franks face over three shots shows
Hanrattys contained recognition that he has caught Barry Allen.
Paula offers to pay out Franks debt reveals oblivion to the game being
played. Paula also playing game mentioned that she married Jack. New
identity Mrs Barnes.
Age revealed as 17. So far its about 1.3million dollars.

Scene 13.
Tropicana atmosphere again. We see Frank at the centre of the party. He
embodies the ultimate play boy party image.
Irritated - Christ Terry - This is Italian knit. Watch where youre going.
Mastered the game and character.
Lance Applebaum.
Brenda is upset shown by close - up. Frank shows her genuine regard. Again
he becomes an opportunist, as Brenda gives him knowledge about being a
doctor. You have a pretty smile. Do you know if they are hiring here at the
Dear Dad, Ive decided to get off the road for a while, Ive taken a night job at
the hospital. Non diegetic while forging another document.
Feels good to have my feet on the ground and wake up every morning in the
same bed. The same game can become boring.
Rhetorical Q Who knows, maybe Ill even find someone to settle down
with? Symbolic of loneliness.
In the past theyve always let me choose my own nurses. Makes fun of other
doctors, Assumes authoritarian role convincingly.
Intertextual reference again studying to be a doctor. Enforces premise that
Life is an act.
Whereas most of us are voyeurs in terms of watching storylines and events
play out - Abagnale becomes an active player. He is the characters and the
roles that he watches.
The game of love the nurse is climbing all over Dr Connors Frank panics
that he has to go to the ER. He frantically walks in coughs at the sight of
Frank is handed some a medical device, which he uses to wipe away his own
sweat, showing us that he is nervous, isnt sure what to do. Frank is
comfortable in the game of being a doctor until he has to perform. Frank
becomes queasy at the sight of the blood using the medical device to
comfort himself.
Low Angle Shot to show vulnerability.
Language of concurring do you concur? Frank is showing that he doesnt
have any knowledge. He uses ambiguous language to get him out of the
He manipulates the other doctors to the point that the intern thinks he
didnt something wrong into making the diagnoses on his behalf.
Frank is fully in control, despite not being in control he then walks off,
vomits into the hand basin. The close up shot of the janitors closet, suggests

that Frank is keeping his skeletons in the closet. This symbolises Franks
skeletons are still in the closet. The blood almost gives him away, but he is
able to escape yet again.
Hanratty is Abagnale Seniors house. Hanratty is back-lit to shroud him in
some mysterious Frank Senior's house. Perhaps the light is shining through
onto Hanratty to show that justice is being revealed.
Frank Senior attempted to play Hanratty by giving him a colourful story about
Frank having enlisted in the Marines. Frank Seniors game is given up
Hanratty find the letters that have been sent from son to father.
I would never give up my son is juxtaposed to the close-up shot of Franks
address, clearly giving Hanratty the upper hand.
Frank wins the game of love, when he beds Brenda. Brenda is losing the
game of love she had an abortion and got kicked out of home. Frank
attempts to sort some things out.
Contrasting scene Franks Dad wont give up Frank and yet you have Brenda
having been kicked out of her home, because she had an abortion. She comes
out to Frank the cloaking of the bed sheet around her head symbolising
virginal / nun-like she is booted out of the house. Therefore, Frank has the
support of his parents in playing his game of life and Brenda has the opposite.
The emotive language of please, please, dont be mad at me. Brenda is
confessing to a liar. A lot of irony playing out. She is confessing her sins to a
chronic liar some people are better at playing the game than others.
The midshot of Frank comforting her.
Frank makes another snap decision and asks, Would it make a difference, if
you were engaged to a doctor? Frank is going to help Brenda to re-establish
the relationship with her family. He is recognising that family is an important
aspect of the game of life.
The brutality of her honesty, appeals to his emotions because he doesnt
confess to anyone. She has really struck a chord with him.
Get permission to marry you? Cut shot to guns coming into the house symbolic of the pending nuptials, makes you think of a shot-gun wedding. The
audience know that Frank isnt sincere in his motives although there may be
sincerity in his connection to her. He feels sorry for her.
Guns crossing paths symbolising that perhaps, Hanratty and Frank are
crossing paths yet again.
Dramatic music moved into a more whimsical music lighter.
Hanratty spots the Dr Certificate hanging on the wall.

Scene 14:
Frank is having dinner with Brendas family. He is called upon to say grace.
Unless of course, youre not comfortable. Dramatic irony when Frank says,
yes, of course. Frank is once again playing a game he is not familiar with.
He recounts the metaphor of the mice in the bucket Brendas mum thinks
the story is beautiful.
Frank is once again channelling his Dad revealing his
Frank is being challenged by Brendas dad in a little of the good old days at
Berkley. Frank is on the ropes, when the camera reveals a close up of Brendas
dad who says, Tell me, Frank, what was the name of his little dog?
Frank squirms in his chair a quick succession of head shots and the piano
chords building up
Frank wins again, The dog was dead. We think Frank is still winning the
game, cut shot to police in the hospital hallway about to enter Franks office.
This shows that the gap is closing Hanratty is getting closer and closer.
All low angle shots on the officers, revealing that the power shift has started
and the game is coming to a close.
Frank is quizzed once again by Brendas dad. So what are you Frank?
Whats the truth? a rhetorical question. Irony of being asked for the truth
Frank will only give a false story. Tell me the truth, Frank!
Frank looks nervous, straight shot.
The truth is sir that the truth is. Im not a doctor. Im not a lawyer. Im not
an airline pilot. Im nothing really. Im-Im-Im just a kid whos in love with
your daughter Dramatic Irony clearly this is a confession from Frank. He is
laying all out on the table.
The fathers response is Youre a romantic. Which the audience knows to
be true, to some extent Frank is definitely a player of the ladies.
The close up shots of Brendas dad = interrogative.
The close up shots of Frank = in control.
Low angle shot of Brendas dad surrounded by the chandelier he looks
powerful! Frank staggers.
Frank asks, what do I have to do to take the bar here in New Orleans. The
father laughs.
Cut shot to the ticking clock showing that time is running out. I think it also
serves to remind the audience that theyll have to wait to see if Frank and
Brenda will be married.
Frank takes the Bar test.
Flash-forward to Frank and Abagnale on the plane. There is some mutual
respect they enjoy playing this game of cat and mouse; this is shown

through the sharing of the clair. Frank tries to play Hanratty for the clair and
Hanratty refuses to give in eats the whole thing.
Frank takes a few more large steps forward in the game of life he now gets
to have lunch with Governors and Attorney Generals. Frank is quickly winning
the game again.
The camera zooms in to reveal the lighted name plate. More light, more jobs.
Gold embossed desk plate.
There is the intertextuality of Frank is learning to be a lawyer from a
Television show.
Frank presents a case to the judge and his inadequacies as a Lawyer are
highlighted when the judge states there is no jury and there is no defence.
His mimicry of the Lawyer in the film does not help him in the game of life.
Close up shot of Brenda and her family watching a television show, they are all
singing along to a tune, Frank reluctantly joins in. The most important point
here is that Frank helps Brenda to re-establish her relationship with her
parents. Cuts to a scene of Brendas Mother and Father dancing- the close up
shot of Frank with the nostalgic facial expressions highlights one of his
vulnerabilities in the game of life- his relationship with his parents. This scene
of Brendas parents unity is juxtaposed to a scene with frank and his father
where his father warns him of the chase- the FBI is on his tail. Franks father
states they ate the cake, now they want the crumbs and we realise that the
address that he stumbled upon was a ploy.

Scene 15:
You know what Ill make them chase me for the rest of their lives. Frank and
his Father are very alike. Two peas in a pod. Despite all the de-fading that his
son is doing, he will continue to support him.
Everything they took from us, Im going to get it back. He is driven by the
injustices of the Father and by the breaking up of the family unit. Frank
mentions his mother again, still playing the game of custody / love. Frank
discovers that his mother is remarried he sits in silence. He is shocked.
Frank stands
Low angle shot to show Frank is trying to gain back his control Dad its over.
Im going to stop now.
This is the pivotal moment; Frank decides to give it all up. He is begging his
Dad to tell him to stop Frank wants to be told that the game is up. The dad
refused to give in: You cant stop.
Hanratty, its Christmas again. This time Hanratty is in the office with his

Scene 16
Soundtrack Ill be home for Christmas another indication that Frank and
Hanratty both take their games of life seriously.
I want it to be over Frank begs Hanratty to stop. He wants to abandon the
game that he started, because he is slowly losing. Hanratty refuses to let it be
over because he is gaining the upper hand. This is shown in the relaxed shot of
Hanratty eating and talking at the same time. This call to Hanratty shows two
things firstly, that Frank is getting sick of being chased and secondly, that he
knows that he cant get married he is a chameleon who constantly changes.
He cannot make a life-long commitment.
Frank slowly walks up the stairs and is hit in the face with the lights of an
approaching car like a deer in the headlights.
We all have secrets Brenda; I dont want to lie to you anymore. Franks
coming clean in a moment of panic, the camera is moving around a lot to
show Franks panic. He makes a confession. Brenda cannot handle the truth
she is concerned that he is not a Lutheran
Why would you lie to me Brenda asks Frank. She is crying, nodding along
with Frank.
Frank bails out the window with the music Ill never stop, till I get to the
There is the circular moment of Hanratty discovering the label peeled bottle
referencing the opening sequences of Frank at the Rotary dinner.
The music builds
She pleads with Frank to reveal his full name, which he does.
Hanratty shown from an extreme low shot he is closing in, he has the upper
hand the pointing gun. The curtains are flying; the money is flying under the
door, showing that once again, Frank is escaping like the wind on the wind.
The billowing wind in the room curtains, money etc
Hanratty taking a long hard look at himself in the mirror once again, he has
let Frank slip through his fingers.

Scene 17:
Scene at the airport- Frank realises that Brenda is not there to go with him,
she is there to help Hanratty catch him.
Long shot of the FBI agents. Wide shot tightens on Hanratty as he closes in on
the game.
Next occupation Frank makes a return to his comfortable disguise as an airline
pilot. Once again playing women.
Exotic motif, come fly with me song. Symbolism of flying-freedom.

Women- airhostesses act as a decoy for Frank. Decoy in the game of life, the
close up shots depict them as clearly visible, but they surround and hide
Irony, a kid at the airport has a vehicle ready to pick up someone, he pulls out
a sign which reveals Hanrattys name.
Low angled shot of the plane flying above Hanratty- Frank has escaped again.

Scene 18:
Hanrattys boss makes Hanratty feel like a failure when he states no Frank
you let him get away.
Christmas time- Hanratty is in France
Low angled shot of Abagnale , bathed in light pleased to see Hanratty, bank
cheques flying in the air
Gone from metaphorical cat and mouse to physical cat and mouse.
Irony Abagnale becomes upset with Hanratty for lying to him about family.
Frank states youre going to have to catch me.
Keep pushing that lie until you make it true- Abagnale to Hanratty.
The game is won by Hanratty and we see the real Abagnale arresting the
Hanratty wants Abagnale extradited- genuine care and respect.

Scene 19:
Hanratty tells Frank that his father is dead and frank thinks this is a lie. Frank
convinces Carl he needs to go to the bathroom. Flashback of his father
dancing with his mother. High angled shot of Carl shows he is defeated once
Frank appears at his Mothers house- back to family- the discovery that he has
a sister. Surrenders after seeing his Mothers house- asks to be arrested
Court states his complete lack of respect for the laws of the USA. 12 years
Scene 20:
The visitor to jail is Hanratty wishing him a Merry Christmas, they have spent
so many Christmases together they have become family. When shown a
cheque Carl discovers that Frank becomes a vital tool in the game of catching
Frank is offered a job with the FBI, close up of Frank shuffling the cards
symbolises that he is dealt back in to the game. Frank realised under the
custody of his proxy Father =Carl

Introduces himself as frank Abagnale- significant because he has not done this
before. His new office is like a prison cell.
Frank returns to his false occupation as a pilot, flying freedom. Carl states
sometimes its easier living the lie.
Scene 21:
Frank returns to his job at the FBI
Frank did not cheat for the bar test.
Together they are actually catching thieves, working together.