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Talent Acquisition- The Challenge Ahead

Institute of Banking
Personnel Selection
IBPS House, 90 Feet, D. P. Road
Near Thakur Polytechnic
Off Western Express Highway
P. B. No. 8587 Kandivali (E)
Mumbai 400 101
Tel : + 91 22 28543275
Fax: +91 22 28542073

Mr. M. Balachandran

Dr. A. K. Konar
Dr. V. V. Gavraskar
Prof. V. K. Chilana
Ms. Ayesha Martin
Ms. Deepa Oak
Mr. Amrinder Dabir

Dr. M. L. Dutt

This is a special edition of Suchayanika on the theme of the seminar conducted
by the Institute on Talent Acquisition and Management on 31st May, 2011 at
Trident Hotel, BKC, Mumbai. Eminent personalities from the banking fraternity,
industry, academia and consulting firms graced the event with their presence.
The guests of honour were Mr. M. D. Mallya, CMD, Bank of Baroda
and Chairman, IBA, Mr. M. V. Nair, CMD, Union Bank of India and
Chairman, Governing Board of IBPS, Dr. N. K. Raghupathy, Chairman, Staff
Selection Commission, Dr K. Ramakrishnan, Chief Executive, IBA and our
Director, Mr. M. Balachandran. The keynote address for the seminar was
presented by Dr K. C. Chakrabarty, Deputy Governor, RBI.
This special edition encompasses the speeches delivered by the honorable
guests, gist of their presentations as well as some memories of the seminar in
the form of photographs. The seminar was an open forum where experts threw
light on some of the critical issues faced by the Banking Industry and how these
issues can be tackled. Some of the issues discussed were acquiring the
right talent, training and retaining high potential human resources. In addition
to these, most of the employees in the banking industry are superannuating in
few years and as a result, the entire industry is going to witness a crisis of
dearth of manpower. High potential employees are reluctant to relocate.
Another important issue is sinking values like loyalty and integrity due to high
mobility among employees. Integrating talent management strategies with
acquisition is the need of the hour.
Finding a solution to all these and many such problems would not
happen overnight but this seminar has certainly provided food for thought to
everyone associated with the banking and associated industries to find
innovative solutions to these existing problems.
We express our gratitude to all the dignitaries and participants who managed
to be a part of the seminar despite their demanding schedule. We
ensure organizing
enriching events
contribution from experts from banking/non-banking industry in the near
future as well. Happy reading!
With Best Wishes,

The views expressed in Suchayanika are

not necessarily the views of the Institute of
Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) or the

M. L. Dutt, Ph.D.

organisation to which the authors belong.

Suchayanika - Special Edition

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