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Meister Eckhart, (Love Poems from God page 105) How Long Could it Flirt

How long can a moth flirt

near the mouth of the flame before their lips touch
and the moths soul
becomes like
the sun?
And does the moth then die? No.
In serving God, one is transformed into Him.
What lovers would return to us,
what lovers would not unite beyond belief and annihilate
their separation forever if they
had the power
to do so?
That power our Lord has.
How long do you think you can just flirt with Him before you
dissolve in ecstasy?
Existence spins on His potters wheel;
all is being shaped into the Divine.
What lovers would
not want to die

Ct timp Ar putea Flirta

Ct timp poate flirta o molie
Aproape de gura n flcri pn cnd buzele
lor s se uneasc
i sufletul moliei s devin ca Soarele?
i atunci molia moare? Nu!

n slujirea lui Dumnezeu, ea se transform n

Cei iubitori la noi se vor ntoarce,
Ce iubii nu s-ar uni dincolo de convingeri
i s-i anihileze separarea,
dac ar avea puterea s o fac?
Aceast putere o are Dumnezeul nostru.
Ct timp crezi c poi flirta cu el pn s te
dizolvi n extaz?
Existena nvrte roata sa ,
Si toate formele se contopesc cu Ea.
Care iubii nu ar vrea s moar mbriai?