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NEVER BE ALONE Words and Music by SHAWN MENDES, SCOTT FRIEDMAN GLEN SCOTT and MARTIN TEREFE Moderately 4 = 100 Gm B By (taste..) promise that one day T'll be a = round_ —— Mitkeep yousafe I'l keep you sound {92014 Sia HaresPublenng. Rebel One Punishing Shaun Mandes Publenngane CopyrantConto ‘Aegis ter Sect Har Pubsshngane Rebel One Puborg avis by Kosa Pablo AeA, “Kings Ressrevesbtenalonal Copan cies $ Authorized for use by Gm now itspretay Gm vale Tet me hold $ about for + ay And B don't know how down ta stop or slow it now there are some things we need to Eb And T__can't Authorized for use by apiece of my heart And makeit all_your own Sowhen we are_ a= raF 7 RAF OF dl cil F DIFE Gan Eb << YY You'llnev-er be a-lone You'llnev-er be a- Bs Gm Pe cS cr eee $ Authorized for use by wi nofty.r

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