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Capital City Lesson Plan

Adapted for PreK

Topic of the
Questions to

Group Setting:

Small group lesson: lowercase letters

I can identify high-frequency lowercase letters (s, a, t, i, p, n).

Which letters do students know already?

Which letters do students need more support to identify?
How do students describe the letters physical attributes?
How long are students interested in the games?

Objective 16: Demonstrates knowledge of the alphabet Information

a.Identifies and names letters Information
The lesson will occur in a small group of students. This group of students has been
working together to further their knowledge of letters and letter sounds.

Lowercase magnetic letters (s, a, t, i, p, n) in various sizes and colors

Cookie sheet
Folded paper for each child to hide their letters after introducing I have a/who has
Blanket to cover cookie sheet during Whats Missing?


First lesson (Monday)

Last week, we came together to explore some letters. Can someone please remind
friends what we did? [take one to two student responses]
Today, we are going to work on learning a few more letters. Im going to show you the
letters one by one. If you know the name of the letter, you dont have to raise a quiet
hand- you can just say it!
Show each letter. Let students mount the letters on the cookie sheet. Talk about each
letters physical attributes (s- curvy, a- circle with a curved line on top, etc. USE STUDENT
DESCRIPTIONS). Talk about each letters sound, linked to a word
s- spaghetti, snake, Sophia, Sarah
a- apple, Andres
t- tennis ball, Tuesday, Trebor
i- ice cream
pn- no, November, Naomi
Once all six letters have been introduced, let students lead Whats missing? Support
students as necessary with covering/hiding the cookie sheet.
Exit ticket: Present students with the cookie sheet/letters. Ask each student to point to
one letter and give its name before returning to the carpet. Note which letter child
Second lesson (Tuesday)
Present cookie sheet with lowercase letters. Review each letter, asking one student for
the letters name, a word that starts with the letter, and/or a physical attribute.
Today, were going to play a game to help us learn more about these letters. Distribute
two magnetic letters to each child. Keep cookie sheet with magnetic letters in view for
students to reference as we play.
This game is called I have a/who has a. To play, one friend will choose one of the letters
that they have. They will say I have a __. Then, they can ask all friends who has another
letter by saying Who has a __. Friends who have that letter raise their hands. The friend
who started will choose the next friend to go. Theyll switch their letters. Ill show you
how it works.
Demonstrate how the game works. Support students who need help and encourage
students to pick friends who havent already had a turn.
After playing, debrief quickly. Did you like this game? What letters did you have? How did
you get letters from other friends?
Exit ticket: Present students with the cookie sheet/letters. Ask each student to point to
one letter and give its name before returning to the carpet. Note which letter child
names. Encourage friends to pick DIFFERENT letter from the one they chose yesterday.
If students still need support with identifying the letters, or if yesterdays
lesson was cut short, continue to let students lead Whats Missing. Introduce
I have a/who has a tomorrow.
Third lesson (Friday)
Play I have a/who has a again. Depending on students progress, consider giving each
child a folded piece of paper to cover their letters.


Checklist that breaks apart standard (see attached)

Anecdotal notes



Pacing can be adjusted to allow students more/less time to explore the letters/play
each game.
I have a/who has a can be played in small groups within small group to allow
students more exposure to letters
Allow children to explore/make up own game using magnetic letters if appropriate
Magnetic letters in sand table
All materials available in writing center. Support students who want to continue
playing whats missing and/or I have a/who has a in writing center.
Materials available in writing center to make letter collages. Question students
around the six high-frequency letters targeted this week.

Lowercase Letter Notes