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Republic v.

Feb. 17, 2005
Garcia, J.
Short Version:

Gregorio Agunoy, Sr. filed an application for Free Patent covering 2 parcels
of land in the Sta. Rosa Cadastre in Nueva Ecija. 9 years later, he was
issued the free patent by the director of lands.
The heirs of Eusebio perez caused the annotation of adverse claim on
the OCT.
Thus the Register of Deeds of Nueva Ecija registered the Free Patent
and issued the corresponding OCT in the name of Gregorio Agunoy, Sr.
Hence this petition for review on certiorari.
1. WON the Republic is the real party-in-interest and thus that Agunoy
had acquired free patent over the subject lots .(No)
2. WON the title over the subject lands is valid for having been acquired
in good faith and for value. (Yes)

Petition denied. CA affirmed