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Ghid - Completare cont UCAS

Personal details
Is your permanent home in the UK?
Date of first entry to UK
Area of permanent residence
Residential category

1 September 2012
UK Citizen or EU National

Reference numbers
Unique Learner Number
Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) Number
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) Number
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Number
Student support
Fee code
02 LA,SAAS,NIBd,EU,Chl,IoM or Student Finance England
Student support arrangements
EU Team
Criminal convictions
Criminal convictions
Disability/Special needs
No disability
Please give details of any special needs
Below honors degree qualification
Add new school/college: Numele liceului (trebuie sa scrii numele liceului, nu vei gasi liceul tau insa o sa
trebuiasca sa dai click pe My college is not in this list si apoi il vei putea completa manual)
Add Qualification: Litera D: Diploma de Bacalaureat Romania
Date: Data la care ai sustinut examenul de Bacalaureat
Grade: Media pe care ai obtinut-o
Module/ Unit 1: Materiile la care ai dat Bacalaureatul ; impreuna cu data (si nota).
Test de limba engleza:
Add Qualification:
I pentru IELTS
T pentru TOEFL
O pentru Other: Other English Proficiency (CAE)
Personal Statement:
Trebuie sa dai copy-paste la eseul tau: trebuie sa aiba maxim 47 de linii si 4000 de caractere.