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501 Webster Road Lot 83, Auburn, AL 36832 | C: (502) 758-8321 |

Graduating Veterinarian dedicated to the optimum level of veterinary patient care and improvement of the
veterinary clinical profession. Driven by a sincere and genuine compassion for animals and animal
owners, seeking to improve both the quality of life for the patients and the human-animal bond. Dedicated
to veterinary care of small animals, horses, food animals, and exotic companion animals. Strong interests
in internal medicine, equine lameness, and animal nutrition, with thorough knowledge of physiology and
pharmacology. Strong leadership ability, frequently teaching and mentoring other veterinary students.
Considerate and professional in working with animal owners, demonstrating appreciation, empathy, and
respect for each and every individual. Hardworking and eager to serve others, consistently performing
duties with the maximum level of effort and dedication.


Physiology and Pathophysiology

Client Communication
Ability to Teach
Clinical evaluation and treatment planning
Small Animal Internal Medicine (Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Neurology,
Elective Surgical Procedures
Physical Therapy
Clinical Pathology
Preventive Medicine
Animal Nutrition
Equine Medicine and Lameness Evaluation
Small Ruminant Medicine and Preventive Health
Practice Management

Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Member: 2015-present
Society of Phi Zeta Member: 2015-present

Phi Kappa Phi First Year Professional Award Recipient for 2012-2013, received in December 2013
Auxiliary Justice, Student Board of Ethical Relations 2014-2015
Salsbury Veterinary Medicine Scholarship 2015-2016

1. Resident Assistant - 07/2011 to 05/2012
Eastern Kentucky University Housing
Richmond, KY
Served as a resident assistant (RA) at Eastern Kentucky University. Provided
mentorship, housing assistance, hall rule enforcement, and companionship to the
students in the residence hall.
2. Pre-Veterinary Student Intern -

01/2011 to 03/2011

Advanced Animal Care

Richmond, KY
Worked as a pre-veterinary student intern in the internship program offered by
Advanced Animal Care. Performed technician duties while working with
veterinarians and veterinary technicians, including bloodwork, fecal exams,
vaccinations, animal restraint and monitoring, and observing surgical procedures.
3. Sales Associate/Cashier

- 06/2007 to 07/2008

Feeder's Supply Co.

Louisville, KY
Worked with pet owners in a local pet store, providing information on available pet
foods, pet hygiene and grooming, accessories for pets such as toys, and exotic
companion animal ownership. Also performed cashier and stocking services in the
pet store.

1. Pending Graduation-Doctor of Veterinary Medicine: Veterinary
Medicine - 2016

Auburn University
Auburn, AL, United States of America

2. Bachelor of Science: Biology- Pre-Veterinary Science 2012

Eastern Kentucky University
Richmond, KY, United States of America

Personal and professional references available upon request