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It is my belief as an educator that everything I plan, teach and

discuss with my students should help them to reach their fullest

potential inside and outside of the classroom. I understand that every
student comes from different backgrounds and has different values,
ideas, emotions and abilities that make them all uniquely special. I
believe it is important to create a classroom that celebrates each
students uniqueness while also fostering cooperation and
understanding among all students in an environment of support and
positivity. By celebrating students diversities and recognizing what
strengths they bring to the classroom helps students to feel
empowered to share their unique talents and abilities with others. It is
my belief that students can learn more from one another than any one
person can tell or show them, and as a teacher I want to encourage
each student to bring forth their ideas and skills to add to the
classroom and challenge their peers.
To reach every student in the classroom and ensure that all
students can understand, comprehend, and feel challenged I will
create lessons that will reach every type of learner. By providing
visuals, having hands-on materials, including auditory aspects and
incorporating movement throughout the day I will appeal to the variety
of learners in my classroom. I also realize that I will have students in
my classroom with varied needs and abilities and I will allow for

adaptations in every lesson to ensure each lesson is accessible for

every student. I want for my students to always feel challenged by the
high, yet reasonable, expectations I have for them, while also providing
them the materials, time, and resources they need to meet and exceed
those expectations.
Education is a field that is always changing and requires constant
adaption on the part of teachers. Historically, many strides have been
made in education to bring us where we are today, with major court
cases like Brown vs. Board of Education, allowing for integration in
public schools, leading education in public schools into a more diverse
and inclusive future. With more recent changes, including special
education reform and new laws for ELL students, educators are
beginning to focus more on the specific needs of each student on an
individualized level. By creating IEPs for students of both special needs
and students of gifted abilities we are now recognizing how we as
educators can reach every students and create adaptions to make
learning in the classroom possible and challenging for all students. I
believe that realizing educations historical past has lead us into a much
more inclusive, caring, and individualized future, but I also realize that
as an educator I will have to constantly adapt to changes and will
continue to do what is best for my students.

Political influences in education also have lasting effects in

schools and create new requirements for teachers at every level. With
standardized testing a constant focus for teachers and students alike it
is easy to get caught up in making all testing formalized and focusing
material to what will specifically be on the test. However, I believe that
it while it is important for students to realize the importance of the
tests, that sole focus in education should not be on standardized test
preparation but rather on material that will prepare them for all
aspects of their future. The Common Core standards used today, to
promote a focus on college and career readiness for students, helps
teachers to better create lessons based on knowledge and skills
students will need to be successful in the real world. I believe that
using these standards to create meaningful and engaging lessons
based on fostering conceptual understanding of material for students
will help them to be successful in all their future learning opportunities.
As a teacher I realize that there are also many social aspects to
education that have important influences and need to be taken into
account. Recognizing the needs, abilities, and means of the school,
school district, the community, the families, and ultimately the
students is vital to being an effective teacher. I believe that being
aware of these aspects is key into understanding what students will
need to be successful as well. Realizing the emotional, physical, social

and intellectual needs of each student, being aware of possible issues

that arise (in and out of the classroom) and being willing to adapt to fit
these needs is imperative. It is my ambition as a teacher to create a
positive, respectful and safe classroom in which every student can
truly be successful.
My hope as an educator is to help my students to take charge of
their own education and foster a love for life long learning. Creating a
respectful and professional relationship with students, parents, other
staff and administrators is vital to be a successful teacher promoting
success for their students. It is my belief that creating open lines of
communication for parents, school faculty, and most importantly
students leads to an attitude of respect and cooperation. I believe that
as a teacher it is always most important to advocate for what is best
for a student, and to work together with others to create a plan and
report on progressions to ensure that all students needs are being met.
It takes a community of people in a childs life for them to be truly
successful and it takes that community of people working together and
communicating to ensure that success.